Vacuum Clippers Review: The 8 Best Vacuum Clippers

Vacuum Clippers -Featured

Vacuum clippers come in various shapes and sizes, each with its features. Thanks to technological advancements, powerful suction fans may now be integrated into beard clippers and trimmers. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether vacuum clippers work or are a waste of money. Many wonder if these gadgets, …

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5 Best Electric Shaver For Women’s Legs

Best Electric Shavers For Women's Legs

When looking for the best electric shaver for women’s legs, you want to pick devices that provide a perfectly clean and smooth shave after a few passes without leaving any nicks, cuts, or irritation. This standard may seem simple. But in reality, electric shavers must possess a combination of different …

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5 Best Clippers for Black Men & African American Hair

5 Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

When shopping for the best detachable clippers for black men, it may be tempting to go for whatever has the most features or user reviews. However, the hair of black men has a specific structure that any hair care product must address before any treatment can begin. Before we get …

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Detachable Clippers Review + Buyer’s Guide

Detachable clippers - featured

You might be a busy barber contemplating getting a detachable clipper because you work in a shop that serves many customers daily. If so, congratulations to you and your community! You need something that goes through thick hair easily and swiftly. Enter the detachable clipper. Detachable clippers are hair clippers …

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Wahl Designer Clippers Review: Corded & Cordless Clippers


Did you know that Wahl was the first company to invent hair clippers? And today, we bring to you their best-selling hair clippers- the Wahl Designer Clippers.  Learn the inclusions, specs, instructions for use, where to buy, and how much each product is. Also, we will provide honest assessments and …

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8 Best Back Shaver For Men Review + Buyer’s Guide

Best Back Shaver for Men Back Trimmer Back Groomer Review

Part of body grooming is controlling your back hair, and back shavers for men are an indispensible tool for this task. Back shavers are exactly what they sound like – they’re specialized shavers meant for removing hair from the back. Whether it’s for hygiene or style, back shavers  come in …

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The 5 Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Guys Reviewed

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men

Men rarely pay attention to pubic hair grooming. Most of the guys will just do a shady job down there using the closest trimmer or razor around them and get on with their business like nothing is wrong. Whereas your pubic hair is private, keeping the area properly shaved and …

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The Best Electric Shaver For Women’s Pubic Hair

best electric razor for women's pubic hair

What’s the best electric shaver for women’s pubic hair? In this article, I’ll review 10 of the best electric razor for women’s pubic area and give you some of the best shaving tips! Women’s Pubic Hair Shaving Guide Your waxing appointment might have got postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. You …

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Best Epilator for Men: 7 Products for Removing Manly Hair


Using an epilator for men will solve all your manly hair problems better than a tweezer, razor, or even the best electric shaver. If you want to ace your hair grooming skills without tweezing for days or going to the salon, then you’ll need an epilator. In this article, we …

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Waterproof Electric Razor Guide + 8 Waterproof Shaver Review

water proof shaver

There are a lot of things that can be done between showers like shaving using a waterproof electric razor or singing your heart out (we’re guilty of this!).  But as highly hygienic individuals, we use our extra shower time to shave unwanted body hair to achieve that soft and smooth …

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10 Best Barber Case, Organizer, Storage & Clipper Case

Best Barber Case

In order to be a successful barber, you need the right tools. And while you can find all of the necessary tools in a standard barber kit, it can be difficult to lug everything around with you from job to job. That’s where a barber case comes in handy. Best …

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