Best Product For Black Male Hair Growth

The Best Product For Black Male Hair Growth

best-product-for-black-male-hair-growthAs a black man, it is worth treating your hair with the best possible care. With so many products on the market for black hair, one must be aware of the harsh chemicals that some of them contain. It is easy to damage natural hair and cause hair loss or a change in the pattern in which it grows.

The products on the market aimed toward helping black men grow their hair naturally have come a long way. According to some well-noted hair stylists, selecting the appropriate products is one of the initial steps in growing your natural hair more effectively and faster.

These two products have been successful in stimulating the growth of black males. Hopefully, you’ll be inclined to share your results once you have success in trying them. First, let’s see why black men need special care for their hair.

Why Black Hair Requires Special Attention

Most of us black men have attempted to grow our hair naturally without success. The outcome is frequently damaged and dry hair. Our black hair is very delicate and requires very gentle products. It is essential to choose the right products to avoid extreme damage. Products that are natural and free from sulfates will help you retain your natural hair oils.

It is also important to have the right nutrition to support a healthy growth cycle and allow your hair to grow with a lot of moisture and strength. Hair grows at about 1/2 inch monthly without any particular stimulation. Adopting a daily hair care routine will allow it to grow even more.

Folexin For Black Male Hair

folexin black maleThe reason why Folexin works so well to help black men grow hair naturally is because of its potent ingredients. Poor hair growth is often caused by nutritional deficiency. By filling up our cells with the vital nutrients contained in this product, we are giving our hair the best support it needs to grow healthy.

The ingredients include a proprietary blend of some of the best compounds known to grow hair. Biotin and Fo-Ti make up the part of the ingredients that pack the punch!

Biotin supports keratin, a protein in the body responsible for growing healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is found in many cosmetic products for its beautifying effects and in hair loss products to regrow hair.

Fo-Ti is a plant that comes from China used for its anti-aging benefits. It has been part of the Chinese culture for many centuries and it’s still used today as a potent ingredient for longevity. This plant is able to promote hair growth while preventing gray hair, it strengthens hair follicles and improves the quality of the hair.

Plus, Folexin has other essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that will enhance your nutrition and improve your overall health. We have to understand that the way our hair grows is a direct indication of our health status. As we know, nutrition plays a major role in our well-being.

Why Black Men Choose RU58841?

Another effective product that has seen effective results in growing black male hair is RU58841. Black men choose this product because of its gentle action. It works topically, applied on the scalp without harmful side effects. It is especially popular for those that are hitting mid-life and find that their hair is quickly falling out.

The science behind RU58841 is a DHT blocker, the male hormone that destroys hair follicles when there’s a testosterone imbalance. Unlike male hormone replacement therapy, RU58841 won’t change your hormone levels throughout your body. It only targets the scalp, which allows you to gain all the benefits without changing your hormone profile.

The active ingredient in RU58841 is a nonsteroidal antiandrogenic medication that has proven to be safe. Black men don’t have good luck with other hair growth products because they are often full of compounds that affect other parts of the body making your system weaker and ultimately causing a poor hair growth cycle in the long-run.

Instead, RU58841 works gently to protect the hair follicle while allowing the body to continue to be free from altering substances.

How to Start Growing Hair Quickly

For the fastest way to growing your natural hair, start making some lifestyle modifications. Be sure that your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables that have the essential nutrients to support health. Drink plenty of water because poor hair growth is often linked to dehydrated hair follicles.

Stop smoking which blocks oxygen from reaching hair follicles and dries out your system. Get plenty of sleep and exercise and see a physician to see if you have a clean bill of health. Having blood work will let you know if there’s something you need to target specifically.

Finally, choose the best product for black male hair growth that is natural and gentle. Stay away from any harsh chemicals that cause damage to your skin and hair follicles. Growing your hair naturally is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your hair.


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