Best Hair Growth Products for Black Men with Thinning Hair

Hair loss is a very common problem nowadays not only for caucasian men but also for black men as well. If you’re one of these men looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll not only give you the best hair growth products for black men, we’ll also discuss the causes of black men’s hair thinning and hair loss.

Popular Hair Growth Products for Black Men

Why do Black Men Lose Hair?

Hair Products

When you search on Google, you can find very little information about the real cause of black men’s hair loss. One of the possible causes of hair thinning or hair fall is the use of hair products that contain harsh chemicals that don’t only damage your hair but the roots and your scalp as well.


Another reason is wearing dreadlocks that sometimes cause excessive hair pulling which over time causes thinning edges or complete hair loss. And most blogs will tell you that the main reason is alopecia which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss and there is nothing else you can do but take steroids or immune-suppressing drugs for the rest of your life.


But nowadays, more and more studies are coming up linking STRESS to hair loss. During stressful situations, the body releases cortisol hormones which have negative effects on the hair follicles, eventually leading to hair fall. In addition to that, studies have found out that when you’re in a fight or flight mode your body suppresses the immune system or hampers the production of new hair follicles.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Furthermore, the overproduction of stress hormones or cortisol depletes your body of Vitamin C and some other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Vitamin C is one of the main nutrients in keeping your hair, skin, and nails healthy. Additionally, because of the loss of these nutrients, the body will have fewer antioxidants to help fight free-radical damage which can also cause hair fall.

Alopecia in Black Males

Another possible cause of hair loss in African American men is alopecia. It has several types and can affect different parts of the body not only the scalp. As alopecia can be inherited, this disorder is unavoidable. It’s more common in men and African Americans and roughly 147 million worldwide suffer from it.

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How Can Black Men Stop Hair Thinning and Prevent Hair Loss?

Now that you know some of the main reasons for black men’s hair thinning and hair loss, what are the steps you need to take to stop it on its track?

First of all, you should stop wearing tight dreadlocks and limit or stop the use of harmful hair products. Second of all is to lower the toxins you’re putting in your body by quitting smoking, alcohol, and drugs that negatively affect your overall health. Third of all, you should start managing your stress by getting enough rest and sleep. Take some yoga classes or breathing and relaxation classes. Give your body the signal that you are not in any dangerous situation and that you are in a safe space for healing and growth.

Hair Growth Products for Black Men with Thinning Hair

There are a wealth of options when it comes to hair growth products for black men with thinning hair or balding issues.  Here are products you can take in or apply on your scalp to improve your condition and maximize your hair growth results. 

Hair Growth Supplements

Another step to take is to support your overall health by getting the necessary nutrients needed to regrow your hair. Aside from eating fresh and nutritious foods, the most effective way to replenish the bulk nutrients lost due to stress is by taking supplements.

Hair Growth Supplement for Black Men

Hair growth supplements work by addressing nutritional deficiencies in your diet. These are normally filled with vitamins and minerals essential to hair production, such as vitamin E, zinc, iron, and different amino acids.

Hair Growth Topical Treatments

Topical treatments for hair growth usually come in serums, oils, creams, or grease. These items are usually loaded with moisturizers and nourishing substances – usually the same stuff found in supplements – to help repair your hair and scalp.

Topical treatments also often come with a natural DHT blocker. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a leading culprit in both male and female pattern baldness. By using DHT blockers, these treatments can mitigate the damage that DHT does to your hairline.

Hair Growth Medication

The most common names that pop up in hair growth medicines are minoxidil and Rogaine. These two are actually the same item – it’s just that minoxidil is the generic name of the Rogaine brand. This treatment works by dilating your hair follicles, encouraging blood flow and nutrient delivery so that your head can once again grow a full crop of healthy hair.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy works similarly to minoxidil in that it dilates your skin and encourages blood flow for faster hair growth. The key difference is that laser therapy is a topical treatment, and thus has a lower risk of causing side effects.

iRestore Professional Laser Hair Growth System - FDA Cleared Laser Hair Loss Treatments for Women and Hair Regrowth for Men with Balding, Thinning Hair

I hope by now you know what you should do and what you should get in order to address your hair loss or balding issues. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best hair growth products for black men with thinning hair.

Best Hair Growth Products for Black Men

#1 Folexin For Black Male Hair

folexin hair treatment

The reason why Folexin works so well to help black men grow hair naturally is because of its potent ingredients. Poor hair growth is often caused by nutritional deficiency. By filling up our cells with the vital nutrients contained in this product, we are giving our hair the best support it needs to grow healthy.

The ingredients include a proprietary blend of some of the best compounds known to grow hair. Biotin and Fo-Ti make up the part of the ingredients that pack the punch!

Biotin supports keratin, a protein in the body responsible for growing healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is found in many cosmetic products for its beautifying effects and in hair loss products to regrow hair.

Fo-Ti is a plant that comes from China used for its anti-aging benefits. It has been part of the Chinese culture for many centuries and it’s still used today as a potent ingredient for longevity. This plant is able to promote hair growth while preventing gray hair, it strengthens hair follicles and improves the quality of the hair.

Plus, Folexin has other essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that will enhance your nutrition and improve your overall health. We have to understand that the way our hair grows is a direct indication of our health status. As we know, nutrition plays a major role in our well-being.

Learn more about this product in our Folexin Review.

Best Vitamins for Black Men

#2 Hairprin Natural Hair Support

Hairprin - Promote Hair Regrowth and Help Boost Scalp Circulation. 60 Vegan Friendly Capsules Per Bottle - 6 Bottles Supply

Hairprin is another hair supplement that supports black men’s hair thinning and hair loss. It is a hair loss and hair growth product formulated by medical experts from Approved Science.

When it comes to ingredients, Hairprin contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, and natural products that your body needs to replenish the loss because of stress. In fact, it contains healthy amounts of zinc, iron and iodine, and selenium, which are the nutrients that the body consumes during stressful situations. In addition to that it also contains vitamins and minerals to help fight oxidation and prevent further black men hair thinning.

If you want to know more about this product, check out our Hairprin by Approved Science in-depth review.

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Best Hair Growth Supplement for African American Hair

#3 SeaNu Hair Supplement

IVL SeaNU Hair Vitamins, with Biotin, Vitamin B3, Zinc, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Green Lipped Mussel, Herbal Extracts, for Hair Growth Support. 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)

Seanu Hair supplement also contains almost the same nutrients as the other hair growth products for black men above. The only difference is that this supplement, as the name implies, is packed with sea and freshwater ingredients. This includes Green Lipped Mussel, Kombu Thallus Extract, and Chlorella Cracked Cell Powder.

These sea and freshwater ingredients provide some of the needed nutrients essential for building strong and healthy hair. It contains some of the rarest micronutrients you can’t even find in any land-based foods. If the SeaNu Hair intrigues you, we have created an in-depth review of this product. Find it here: SeaNU Hair Review: 1 Product For Complete Hair Therapy?

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Best Hair Growth Shampoo for Black Men

#4 Lipogaine Big 5 Hair Stimulating Shampoo

Lipogaine Big 5 Hair Stimulating Shampoo for Hair Thinning & Breakage, for All Hair Types, Men and Women, Infused With Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Castor oil and Saw Palmetto (Purple)

Lipogaine is one of the leading hair loss shampoos today. It contains 5% Minoxidil which is a clinically proven medication for Hair Loss. Although there are lots of negative reviews about Minoxidil, this product is still worth a shot as it contains several nutrients that your scalp and hair can benefit from.

Just like the other products above, Lipogaine Big 5 Hair Stimulating Shampoo contains biotin, nicotinic acid, castor oil, argan oil, and caffeine. These nutrients stimulate and nourish the scalp to help it regrow new hair follicles and healthier hair strands. Lipogaine offers different types of products for different types of hair needs. Check out our in-depth review of this product: Lipogaine Hair Products for Men and Women Review.

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Best Black Male Hair Growth Products: Shampoo & Supplement

#5 Propidren by HairGenics

Propidren Combo Pack - DHT Blocker & Hair Growth Supplement (1 Bottle, 60 Count) & Shampoo (1 Bottle, 8 Ounces) to Prevent & Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hair. Proprietary Hair Regrowth Treatment

Unlike the first 3 products mentioned above, Propidren’s main action is the prevention of further hair thinning. It contains Saw Palmetto which helps stop the production of DHT, a hormone that shrinks your hair follicle and causes hair loss.

But it also contains certain nutrients that can help grow black men’s hair like biotin, zinc, iron, and green tea extract. And the best thing bout Propidren is it also comes with a shampoo and conditioner that you can use to directly apply to your thinning or balding spots. Check out our Propidren review for more information.

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Best Minoxidil for Black Male and Black Hair

Rogaine Men’s 5% Topical Solution

Rogaine Men's Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution for Hair Loss and Regrowth, Treatment for Thinning Hair, 3 Month Supply, Unscented, 2 Fl Oz, Pack of 3

Rogaine products are plentiful on the market, and this is another one of them. Its 5% minoxidil content promises fast-working hair regrowth that delivers stronger, healthier hair. Rogaine also offers scalp penetration to allow it to reactivate shrunken hair follicles for better hair regrowth.

The Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength 5% Topical Solution works better if applied during the initial phases of hair loss, with visible results in as little as 12 weeks. Take note that minoxidil treatments aren’t meant to stop frontal hair loss or receding hairlines; rather, any minoxidil-based medication is most effective when used on the vertex, or crown, of the scalp.

Due to its on-the-skin treatment, Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength 5% Topical Solution can cause unintended side effects if it trickles down to any other parts of your body. Like all minoxidil treatments, caution is advised when applying this topical solution. It’s advised to use a dropper to slowly but surely apply the minoxidil medication to affected spots on your head.

While effective, minoxidil can cause some side effects. Stop use immediately if you experience redness, rashes, or itchiness on your scalp. Due to it being a hormonal treatment, minoxidil will also stop working if you stop taking it, so keep that in mind. 

Does Rogaine work for Black Males?

Rogaine and minoxidil work on all types of hair and scalp including African American’s. When it comes to efficacy, majority of the users who left positive reviews on its Amazon page are black men and women. But be wary about its side effects and read the label and see if you’re allergic to its other inactive ingredients. For fewer side effects, you can also try the Rogaine Foam (propylene glycol-free) or Rogaine Women with only 2% minoxidil for female users.

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Best Hair Growth Serum for African American Hair

Folliboost Hair Growth Serum

Tricho Labs Folliboost Hair Growth Serum - Natural-Based Formula with Biotin, AnaGain, Baicapil, Peppermint Oil, for Thick, Full Hair - 2 oz. - Helps Fight the Signs of Hair Loss - Made in the USA

Tricho Labs Folliboost Thickness Hair Growth Serum relies on its natural ingredients to do the job of promoting hair growth. With a combination of anagain, and baicapil, Tricho Labs Folliboost Thickness Hair Growth Serum restores your hair’s natural vitality and encourages greater volume and density, with clear results after 3 months of use. Other nourishing components such as biotin, D-panthenol, and L-arginine create a stimulating environment for your hair follicles, encouraging quicker and better hair growth.

This hair growth serum is perfect for all hair types – whether that’s your straight hair or your heavily-styled afro – and has an airy peppermint scent to complement it. Due to the absence of minoxidil, Tricho Labs Folliboost Thickness Hair Growth Serum works not just for men, but for women as well. Best of all, Tricho Labs offers constant customer support for users of their products.

One common comment about using this hair growth serum is that it causes hair to fall out on initial use. This is due to its stimulating effects triggering the anagen phase, or initial growth phase, of your hair. During this time, your scalp discards weak, fragile hairs so that it has space for new, healthy hair.

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Best African Hair Growth Cream

RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream

RX 4 Hair Loss Scalp Cream for Thinning Hair, DHT Blocker, Naturally Organic with Biotin, Aids in Hair Regrowth, Doctor Recommended Growth Treatment System. Each item sold separate.

RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream is specially formulated with DHT blockers. This makes this scalp cream especially potent at combating genetic hair loss, and works for both male and female pattern baldness. A 100% natural composition makes RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream safe for most skin types, effective for all hair types, and allows it to work with color-treated or bleached hair. This is especially important for black men, whose hair is both stronger yet more sensitive.

An anti-thinning formula, B complex vitamins, coconut, aloe vera, tea tree oil, garlic, rosemary, and saw palmetto essential oils combine together to make a product that not only discourages DHT synthesis, but also moisturizes your hair to create a full, majestic mane of hair. RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream’s compounds also strengthen your hair for a lustrous and healthy look and feel. RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream is also free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, making it a good choice for sensitive skin.

Like other hair growth stimulant products, a common customer complaint is that their hair falls out after using RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream. This is due to the lengthened anagen phase which encourages the scalp to discard weak, brittle, and damaged hairs so that there will be space to grow new, stronger hair.

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Best Hair Growth Grease for Black Males

Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth Grease

Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth

As its name might suggest, this item’s intended use is to fight against alopecia, particularly genetic hair loss. The Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth product is a hair growth grease that’s especially potent for black men due to its natural yet effective formulation. Composed of powerful, organic ingredients like jojoba oil, borage seed oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, grape seed oil, and carrot seed oil, Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth offers a light, non-greasy solution to your hair loss problems.

By increasing circulation and oxidation and stimulating your hair follicles, Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth calls forth stronger, more voluminous, and more luxurious hair. It’s also safe to use on all hair types and will work just as well on all kinds of treated hair.

Like all hair regrowth products, Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth lengthens the anagen phase, so some hair loss during initial use is to be expected. But given time to work its magic, Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth will slowly but surely restore your thinning hairs.

As a leave-in product, Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth is formulated to be light and non-greasy, letting you go about your business even as it works to regrow your hair. While its primary purpose is to fight hair loss, many customers have also reported that Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth works as a powerful yet gentle moisturizer.

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Best Hair Growth Oil for Black Men

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil - 4oz/118.291ml by Wild Growth

Wild Growth Hair Oil is one of our top picks for hair growth oil for black men. A simple, unassuming appearance belies this hair oil’s efficiency in promoting hair growth. Utilizing the power of natural oils, namely jojoba, coconut, olives, rice bran, lentil, peppermint, lavender, and many more, Wild Growth Hair Oil is a product that really produces results. Its blend of organic ingredients means that Wild Growth Hair Oil pulls double duty as a hair growth product and a moisturizer. Because it doesn’t use synthetic materials, this also means that Wild Growth Hair Oil is a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Not only does Wild Growth Hair Oil promote thick and long hair growth, it also nourishes and detangles hair, tames coarse hairs, and stretches relaxers. Its light formulation also greatly reduces blow-drying time while leaving you feeling refreshed.

Wild Growth Hair Oil can be used as a standalone product or as a complement to other hair growth shampoos, creams, or conditioners. Regardless of how you use it, the many happy customer reviews show that Wild Growth Hair Oil has a very high success rate. On the other hand, it can also cause initial hair loss due to the lengthened anagen phase – this is natural and should be expected with any hair growth product.

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Best Laser Products for Afro Hair Growth

#10 Laser Caps

CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth - NEW 6 Minute Flexible-Fitting Model - FDA-Cleared for Medical Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia - Great Coverage

Last but not the least are laser caps. If supplements and shampoos don’t work for you, then LLLT or Low Light Laser Therapy might just help with your thinning hair. It has been found out that lasers can increase ATP or energy production in the scalp. When this happens hair metabolism and hair growth are activated as well.

Laser Caps Pros:

  • Easy to Use
  • No side effects
  • Pain-Free and non-invasive

Laser Caps Cons:

  • More expensive

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Aside from Capillus Laser Cap, we’ve reviewed several laser caps and laser hair growth products that were proven effective in regrowing your hair.

Apart from these treatments, knowing your own hair profile helps greatly in finding products that will help you fight hair loss.

Types of Hair: Black Male & African American Men

For black men, there are three primary hair types: wavy, curly, and kinky. These hair types are used by hairdressers to identify how to style each person’s hair. If you know where your hair falls on the hair type chart, you’ll have an easier time shopping for effective grooming, conditioning, and hair growth products.

Black Men Hair Care

Black men often have stronger, wirier hair, which makes it all the more important to identify what hair type they possess. For those with hair that tends towards a more afro look, there are some more important tips for hair maintenance.

First off, it’s important to not wash your hair every day. This is because shampoos often strip all substances from your scalp, including essential human sebum. Since afros are tougher than other hair types and hairstyles, you’ll need to regularly condition and moisturize your hair. Some hairstyles like dreads put a bit more pressure on your hair than other hairstyles and will need constant reinforcement to maintain their health. Finally, avoid harsh conditions and especially heat whenever you can.

Hair Growth Products for Black Men: Final Thoughts

Growing your hair back will take some time. Hair growth products can help but you should also address your hair loss from within. Start making some lifestyle modifications. Be sure that your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables that have the essential nutrients to support health. Drink plenty of water because poor hair growth is often linked to dehydrated hair follicles.

Stop smoking which blocks oxygen from reaching hair follicles and dries out your system. Get plenty of sleep and exercise and see a physician to see if you have a clean bill of health. Having blood work will let you know if there’s something you need to target specifically.

Finally, choose the best hair growth products for black men’s hair that we’ve mentioned in this article. Stay away from any harsh chemicals that cause damage to your skin and hair follicles. Growing your hair naturally with these products and the right lifestyle choice is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your hair.

Union of Barbers and its writers DO NOT CLAIM that the products they review are exact solutions to the problems the products are marketed to address. The content in this website is solely THE OPINION of the writers and must not be substituted for proper medical evaluation. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR when trying out the products reviewed by UnionofBarbers and its writers.

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