Capillus Laser Cap Review: Effective for Hair Loss and Worth it?

Capillus Laser Cap is one of the leading laser therapy hair loss treatments today that you can use in the comfort of your own home. If you’re thinking of buying one, then you have come to the right place! Here, I will go into the necessary details that will help you decide if the Capillus Laser Cap is worth your money and time. But before I go on, let us know some facts about the problem it’s trying to solve – your hair loss.

CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair...
  • IF HAIR LOSS RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY, the CapillusUltra (formerly known as the Capillus82) laser hair growth therapy cap may be right for you.

It’s only natural to lose some strands of hair regularly. In fact, people naturally shed 50 to 100 hairs per day, and this goes unnoticed because hair will grow just as fast. However, when you lose more hair than you regrow, causing patches and balding, then you are suffering from hair loss. This is not rare because according to the American Academy of Dermatology, around 8 million Americans, both men and women, experience this problem.


The most common causes of hair loss is androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This genetic condition affects both men and women and can start as early in their teens or early 20’s. Other causes include emotional and physical trauma, stress, harmful hair treatments, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Being a widespread condition that affects a lot of people, hair loss has several solutions. These include the topical minoxidil, hair regrowth shampoos, nutritional supplements, laser hair therapy, derma roller and castor oil. In this article, I will discuss the safe, non-invasive, and clinically proven technology used by the Capillus Laser Cap.

Laser Hair Therapy Treatment

Laser hair therapy treatment is one of the safest and most convenient ways to treat hair loss. This technology is clinically proven and FDA-cleared, garnering positive reviews from many of its users. To put it short, it is non-invasive, painless, and most importantly, effective in treating hair loss problems.

The technology used by laser hair therapy treatment utilizes the power of medical grade lasers to catalyze certain processes in the cellular level. With the accurate wavelength and intensity, the light energy emitted from these lasers stimulate the cells on the scalp in just the right way. Enough to be safe and effective at the same time.

When cells are stimulated by the laser light, they produce more adenosine triphosphate which encourages efficient blood circulation. This allows the effective and maximum delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles which are essential for thicker, healthier, and stronger hair regrowth.

Much more can be said about the wonders of laser hair therapy treatment. If you want to know more, you can check the following sources:

Now it’s time to dive into our product which uses this amazing technology – the Capillus Laser Cap.

What is the Capillus Laser Cap?

The Capillus Laser Cap is an FDA-cleared, wearable, battery-operated laser therapy device. It has 82 5mW laser diodes that give excellent coverage in just six minutes every day. This non-invasive low-level laser therapy system has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for hands-free operation while receiving treatment for healthier-looking hair.

The Capillus Laser Cap include the following:

  • Capillus Laser Therapy Device
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Sports Cap
  • Lightweight Carrying Case
  • Acessories Pouch

How To Use?

The Capillus Laser Cap is simple and easy to use. Just follow the directions below:


  1. Charge the battery pack fully overnight before first use.
  2. Connect the AC adaptor to the battery pack and plug the adaptor to a power outlet.
  3. Wait for all indicator lights on the battery pack to turn on (static, not blinking) to fully charge.
  4. Unplug the AC adaptor from the power outlet and from the battery pack.
  5. Connect the laser device to the battery pack by using the twist lock connectors.
  6. Put the laser dome on your head and press the power button on the battery pack.
  7. Remember that the light on the laser device only turns on when the device is on your head.
  8. Allow treatment for 6 minutes.
  9. Disconnect the device from the battery pack after use.
  10. Only recharge the battery back when only one indicator light is left on the battery pack.

Where to Buy?

The Capillus Laser Cap can be bought at Amazon for only $649.00:

CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair...
  • IF HAIR LOSS RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY, the CapillusUltra (formerly known as the Capillus82) laser hair growth therapy cap may be right for you.


Hair Growth Benefits

The Capillus Laser Cap provides the following hair growth benefits:

  • Reverses the process of hair loss
  • Treats thinning hair and balding
  • Nurtures fuller, healthier looking hair
  • Revitalizes damaged hair

Super Product Features

The Capillus Laser Cap has the following superb product features:

  • Clinically Proven Technology
  • Doctor Recommended
  • FDA Cleared
  • Easy to use, requiring only 6 minutes a day
  • Safe
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive


While the Capillus Laser Cap enjoys many positive ratings from its users, it is worth exploring some of its possible cons:

Requires Patience

The Capillus Laser Cap is used easily and conveniently for just 6 minutes a day. However, the results may take months to be visible. In particular, some users have reported new hair growths in as short as 2 to 4 months, but others have to wait for as long as 12-24 months after consistent use.

Must be used indefinitely

Like most other laser caps in the market, the Capillus Laser Cap must be used indefinitely to maintain results. When satisfactory results appear, its use can be reduced to every other day. However, when hair shedding reoccurs, use the Capillus Laser Cap again on a daily basis.

Possible Risks and Side Effects

There have been no recorded negative side effects, although you may still experience some issues. Consult your doctor if you experience scalp irritation, redness, a burning feeling, or headache.

Capillus Laser Cap Reviews


“Truly amazing…I have tried all types of products (creams, pills, etc.) to improve my thinning hair – nothing but a lot of money wasted. I have only used this since 3/12/20 (3-1/2 weeks) following the directions 6 minutes daily and I can already tell this is working… I haven’t been able to grow my bangs for about 1 year now for some reason. I have hair growing in this area…so excited.” Sherry M. Nitta

“Since I’ve been using my capillus hat I have noticed that in 1 month my bald spots were filling in and even my hair dresser had noticed a lot of new growth and asked me what was I doing or using to cause the hair growth as she gives laser treatments at her shop…I would recommend this product to everyone to try before and drastic measures.” Thomas Asta

“Works wonders. It shows a difference in the first month. Quick and easy to use.” Ray Breitenbach

FAQS on Capillus Laser Cap

How long before I see visible results using Capillus Laser Cap?

Results may vary from patient to patient. Typically, users report visible results in just 2 to 4 months of regular use. To completely determine whether the Capillus Laser Cap treatment worked, one may have to wait for as long as 12 months.

Is Capillus Laser Cap safe to use?

Capillus Laser Cap uses safe, low level, and non-invasive laser treatment. Hence, it is safe to use.

How long does it take to charge the Capillus Laser Cap battery pack?

Charge the Capillus Laser Cap for 24 hours before first use. After the initial charge, charge the battery pack only when the final light is blinking.

How often should I use the Capillus Laser Cap?

The Capillus Laser Cap should be used every day for 6 minutes.

Can I use the Capillus Laser Cap more than once a day?

There is no evidence that using the Capillus Laser Cap more than once will improve results. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only once a day.

Is it safe to use Capillus Laser Cap with other hair loss treatments such as minoxidil?

Yes. In fact, experts suggest that using the Capillus Laser Cap with other hair loss medications may improve results.

Does the Capillus Laser Cap work if my hair is blond or grey or red or black?

Yes, the Capillus Laser Cap works on all hair colors. Research has shown that the cap is effective for all hair types.

 Is the Capillus Laser Cap hot?

No, it’s not. Low-level laser therapy is considered a cold laser. This is unlike the “hot” laser used by surgeons to cut away tissue. The heat given off by your cap is negligible.

Final Verdict

Hair loss can be very frustrating. It erodes people’s self-esteem and confidence, negatively affecting how they navigate through life and how they interact with other people. It creates a domino effect which reaches important aspects of people’s lives. Hair may be light on the head but its loss can be so heavy.

Fortunately, there are a lot of promising hair loss solutions that may effectively solve this problem. The Capillus Laser Cap is one product that uses viable technology and whose positive effects are enjoyed and attested by many happy users. It is worth trying, keeping in mind that one has to be patient and consistent for its results.

It is important to remember that all hair care regimen and products work best when coupled with a healthy lifestyle. So if you want your hair to grow as strong and as beautiful as it can be, don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and sleep well enough.


Diana used to work as an Assistant Salon Manager in Los Angeles, CA before she started writing for Union of Barbers. With over 10 years of experience, she has tried hundreds of hair care products and has seen, styled, and treated all types of hair. Now, she shares all of the things she has learned in the hair industry and gives advice on everything about hair. When she’s not writing, you can find Diana at the beach on her yoga mat!

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