Laser Comb vs Laser Caps & Laser Hair Growth Devices

The laser comb is one of the most accessible laser treatment options in the hair growth market today. The world of hair growth products is vast and diverse, and it can be difficult to navigate for first-timers. Treatment options range from conventional medicines and nutrient supplements to more direct, topical products such as hair creams, hair oils, DHT-blocking shampoos and conditioners, and so much more.

This, too, applies to laser products. When shopping for laser-based hair regrowth treatment options, one must know how to navigate the veritable sea of options.

Currently, there are laser caps, laser bands, and laser combs as easily accessible choices. Laser comb, in particular, has quickly become a popular choice in the market for its versatility and efficiency.

Laser Comb vs Laser Cap vs Laser Band

Laser Comb

Laser Comb

Laser Cap

Laser Cap

Laser Band

Laser Band

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

The development of laser hair growth therapy came about through a happy accident. In 1966, the Hungarian physician Endre Mester was replicating an experiment to show that lasers cut and remove tumors in mice. To his surprise, his low-level ruby laser failed to remove the tumors and caused the mice to regrow hair, where Mester shaved them quickly. While the laser he used was later found to be faulty, the defective device paved the way for laser therapy as we know it today.

Laser therapy works by bombarding your scalp with photons or light particles. These photons irradiate your scalp tissues, stimulating them and encouraging them to request more nutrients, leading to hair growth. Using medical-grade lasers, laser therapy provides a potentially gentler option for hair regrowth. Because laser therapy leverages your body’s natural ability to grow hair, it also takes longer than other hair treatment options before it shows results.

LLLT HairMax Technology

Compared to conventional hair treatment options such as medications and topical products, laser therapy is notable for being safe, non-invasive, and easily accessible from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, laser therapy – just like other hair growth products – doesn’t work for everyone. While there have been studies testing the efficiency of laser hair growth products, like laser caps and laser combs, they are few and far between, with inconclusive results.

Laser hair growth products are fitted with numerous diodes and occasionally LEDs that can release lasers. The key difference between each kind of laser product is how much coverage they offer. This also ties into how quickly treatment takes for each product.

What is A Laser Comb?

HairMax Laser Hair Growth Comb Ultima 9 Classic (FDA Cleared). Hair Laser Growth Treatment for Men and Women. Ideal for Thinning Hair Treatment Women and Men. Spot or Full Scalp Treatment to Reverse Thinning Hair while growing Denser, Fuller Hair

Laser combs are among the earliest laser hair growth therapy products that surfaced. Laser combs, just as their name suggests, are simply combs fitted with medical-grade lasers that allow users to run the comb through their hair smoothly. 

How Do Laser Combs Work?

Like all laser hair growth treatment products, laser combs are fitted with low-level lasers that activate while the user combs their hair. These lasers bombard the scalp with protons that stimulate hair cells and encourage hair growth.

HairMax Laser Ultima 9 Laser Comb Review

Pros and Cons of a Laser Comb

Each laser hair growth treatment product has its pros and cons. For laser combs, these pros are:

  • Cheaper than other laser treatment options due to their smaller size
  • Can precisely target parts of your scalp due to their parting teeth
  • Incredibly convenient and can be carried around just like a regular comb

On the other hand, the laser comb also suffers from some deficiencies, such as:

  • Manual effort required to comb hair
  • Very easy to apply uneven treatment
  • Higher risk for eye damage from laser light due to manual movement
  • Hard to comb through short hair

HairMax Laser Comb Ultima 9 Review

HairMax is a company that specializes in laser hair growth products, and their HairMax Laser Comb Ultima 9 reflects their expertise. Nine low-grade medical lasers stimulate your scalp as you comb the Ultima 9 through your hair, promoting hair growth and reducing shedding.

The device is very lightweight and portable, and it’s further highlighted by the product’s iconic Italian design. All HairMax products have 8 FDA clearances, and have been put through 7 clinical studies to verify their effectiveness – guaranteeing that any user will get at least some benefit out of using the Ultima 9. To top it off, the Ultima 9 is unisex, with a single operating mode for both men and women.

HairMax Laser Comb Ultima 12 Review

The bigger brother of the Ultima 9, HairMax’s Laser Comb Ultima 12 delivers the same hair growth experience that the Ultima 9 brings. It retains the Ultima product line’s light, ergonomic construction while maintaining the iconic Italian design.

Low-power medical-grade lasers energize your scalp as you comb your hair, encouraging further hair growth and strengthening your hairs. Densely-packed laser diodes work with patented hair-parting teeth to deliver optimal hair treatment. And just like the Ultima 9, the Ultima 12 works for men and women equally well.

The Ultima product line does carry a single caveat – these products have been designed to work best on white or light skin tones.

HairMax Ultima 9 vs Ultima 12

HairMax Ultima 9 vs 12

Since both of these products are created by the same manufacturer and are from the same product line, their technology is almost identical. The Ultima 12’s only real leg up from the Ultima 9 is the inclusion of 3 additional lasers – which provide more thorough treatment and a smaller treatment time of 8 minutes. 

For those looking for a more complete treatment, the Ultima 12 may be the better choice due to its extra lasers. On the other hand, the Ultima 12 is also significantly more expensive than the Ultima 9. If you think you can manage with 9 lasers, then the Ultima 9 offers the same treatment efficiency for a much smaller price tag – it just takes slightly longer to complete treatment, clocking in at 11 minutes.

Laser Comb Side Effects

There are no documented side effects that have been directly linked to the use of laser hair growth products. 

While laser hair growth treatment is hailed as safe, it’s possible to experience some shedding after using any hair regrowth product. This is due to the stimulation of the anagen, or initial phase, of hair growth. During this time, your scalp is encouraged to shed weak, brittle hairs to grow a new, stronger, and healthier crop of hair.

Some users have also reported an itchy sensation after using laser combs. Some itching is expected since stimulated cells become more sensitive and have increased blood circulation.

Laser Caps

Kiierr is another big name in the laser hair growth scene. This company’s trademark product is the laser cap, a treatment device disguised as an ordinary cap. Regarding treatment efficiency, Kiierr’s laser caps are technically laser helmets. They provide laser treatment to the scalp, allowing users to go about their day. Learn more about Kiierr in our Kiierr Laser Cap reviews article and the difference between Illumiflow 272 vs Kiierr 272.

Kiierr Laser Caps

How Do Laser Caps Work?

Like all laser hair growth treatment products, laser caps stimulate the scalp with low-power medical lasers. These lasers cause your scalp to become energized, leading to increased blood circulation and higher nutrient demand, resulting in stronger, healthier hair.

Kiierr Laser Cap Review

The Kiierr Laser Cap provides a good combination of utility and efficiency. Its helmet design allows it to treat almost all parts of your scalp equally, and its fully automated use means all you have to do is turn the device on.

Kiierr Laser Caps

Kiierr offers multiple types of laser caps, with the number on each model usually denoting how many laser diodes the cap has. Naturally, more diodes mean better results and a more expensive product.

Laser Comb vs Laser Cap

In terms of price, the laser comb is undoubtedly the winner. But when it comes to features, laser caps are more superior than laser combs. In addition, the laser cap offers almost full scalp coverage, removing the risk of uneven treatment entirely. What you get depends on you. Would you invest the time and effort a laser comb needs to work its magic, or would you rather go fully automatic?

Laser Comb vs Laser Band

Laser bands provide wider laser coverage to your scalp at a slightly increased cost. While they’re not as portable as laser combs, they’re still reasonably convenient options for people on the go. The deciding factor in getting a laser comb or a laser band may be how quickly you want your laser treatment.

Laser combs are much cheaper but require manual effort. Laser bands still require manual adjustment but affect larger sections of the scalp; they are also more expensive. 

Interested in laser bands? Read our HairMax Laser Band Review. HairMax is a global brand that specializes in laser hair therapies.

Final Verdict

If other hair treatment options aren’t doing anything for you, going the route of the laser comb is a definite must-try. Its combination of safety and efficiency means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it. And if it they work, laser combs are portable and convenient, giving you the option to treat your hair anytime, anyplace.

FAQs about Laser Comb

Does Laser Comb Cause Hair Shedding?

This is completely normal and is to be expected. Most hair treatment products stimulate the scalp and restart your hair’s initial growth phase, also known as the anagen phase. During the anagen phase, your scalp does away with weak hair so that it has room to grow strong, healthy hair.

Are There Any Safety Precautions I Should Be Aware of When Using a Laser Comb?

Laser light can cause damage to your eyes. Do not look directly at the laser diodes when your laser comb or other laser hair growth treatment product is on. For laser combs, take special care not to shine the light into your eyes as you comb your hair.

Does Laser Comb Cause Itching?

It’s natural to experience some itching due to the increased blood flow caused by stimulating your scalp.

How Soon Do You Get Results from Laser Comb?

Ideally, laser hair growth treatment products should be used indefinitely. For those who want to stop using them, it’s best to wean off the number of times you use it in a week or shorten the length of your treatment sessions. 

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