2 Panasonic Hair Dryers: Best For Fine Hair and Travel

Generally speaking, the Panasonic Hair Dryer is often regarded as an excellent blow dryer for fine hair. And although it is not a cordless hair dryer, many also find it travel-friendly.  

This hair dryer comes from a reputable Japanese Company that creates first-rate electric appliances and devices. It has been eighty years since Panasonic started making its first-ever hair dryer. Over the decades, it consistently innovated its technology to cater to the user’s evolving needs.

I will introduce the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA67 and EH-NA2C models in this article. I will list their features, attachments, control settings, and product information. Then I will discuss what I do and do not like about the device to help you decide if this dryer suits your hair profile.

Introducing The Panasonic Hair Dryer

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The Panasonic Hair Dryer is a hair drying and hair styling device. It is designed to provide strong airflow while delivering maximum moisture to the scalp and hair –keeping them hydrated and healthy as they dry. 

So, how is that possible? This hair dryer has an opening feature that draws in water particles from the air. The collected water is then used to create super-fine and moisture-rich Nanoe particles that penetrate the scalp pores and hair shaft. 

This technology helps maintain hair moisture, smoothness, and shine. It reduces static and frizz. While also preventing hair from too much drying or burning, often leading to other damage and breakage. 

Panasonic Hair Dryer Models

There are two models to choose from. The Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA67 comes with three different attachments. On the other hand, the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA2C model has a single attachment and a folding handle, perfect for home and travel.

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One of the highlights of the Panasonic Hair Dryer is its accompanying attachments. 

The oscillating nozzle is the standard attachment for the EH-NA67 and EH-NA2C models. This nozzle moves back and forth to distribute the airflow evenly. It prevents hot spots that cause heat damage. With this attachment, your scalp and hair can get gentle and powerful airflow, perfect for daily fast-drying and styling. 

The concentrator nozzle provides steady, intense, focused airflow for precise hair styling. You can get this nozzle if you buy the EH-NA67 model. 

The diffuser attachment disperses even airflow that adds volume, body, and definition to wavy and curly hair. Again, you can get this nozzle if you buy the EH-NA67 model. 

Control Settings

The Panasonic Hair Dryer has two-speed settings, three heat settings, and a cool shot button. 

  • Speed Settings: High | Low
  • Heat Settings: Hot | Warm | Cool | Cool Shot Button

Product Information

  • Device Dimensions: 3.66 x 8.26 x 12.2 inches
  • Device Weight: 2.86 pounds

What Do I Like About Panasonic Hair Dryer?

Dries Hair Fast

Most Panasonic Hair Dryer users will agree that the best thing about this device is how fast it dries hair. It cuts almost half of the drying time of the other blow dryer brands. Panasonic Hair Dryer is at par with the top league hair dryers on the market when it comes to drying efficiency. 

Suitable For Fine, Sensitive, And Damaged Hair

What distinguishes the Panasonic Hair Dryer is its Nanoe Technology. It sends moisture to the scalp and hair to keep them hydrated and healthy. Panasonic Hair Dryer is an excellent option for delicate, sensitive, dry, and damaged hair. After blow drying, you will notice that your hair still feels moisturized and not toasted or burnt.

Incredible Attachments

Panasonic Hair Dryer comes with attachments for different hair types and needs. The oscillating gentle nozzle is a unique innovation. You will not typically find it on brands. This nozzle mimics the wrist movement when blow-drying hair to avoid concentrating heat on a specific spot, thus reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

While the diffuser nozzle is standard among many hair dryer brands, Panasonic’s delivers impressive results. Pair this nozzle with your favorite mousse for wavy hair to create voluminous, well-defined waves and curls in no time. Managing textured hair becomes easy with this attachment.

Lastly, the concentrator nozzle is perfect for achieving straight and silky hairstyles. You can also use this nozzle for finishing touches to reduce flyaways and frizz.

Customizable Settings

The multiple heat and speed settings allow you to customize the airflow according to your hair type and need. This feature is necessary to deliver the required temperature and power for efficient hair drying without compromising safety against possible heat damage.

Portable Design

The EH-NA2C  model has a foldable handle that makes this hair dryer compact and easy to pack for travel. It is also relatively lightweight so it will save you baggage weight. 

Reasonable Price

Unlike the other first-rate hair dryers on the market, the Panasonic Hair Dryer has a fairly reasonable price. While it is not the cheapest option, it is still affordable, saving you hundreds of bucks compared with other high-end blow dryer brands. 

What Do I Not Like About Panasonic Hair Dryer?

Average Construction

The Panasonic Hair Dryer has an average construction. Other hair dryer brands use superior materials, producing more durable and lightweight devices.

Average Performance

While this hair dryer is efficient, it does not provide the best results. For instance, it dries hair fast but does not reduce as much frizz and flyaways as other high-end hair dryers. Aside from the oscillating nozzle, the other attachments are common to almost all hair dryers.

Relatively Shorter Cord

This hair dryer has a five-foot-long cord, shorter than the nine-foot-long cord of other hair dryers.

Where To Buy?

You can buy the Panasonic Hair Dryer on Amazon. Go to the link below if you choose the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA67 (hair dryer with three different attachments).

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Go to the link below if you choose the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA2C (hair dryer with folding handle).

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Final Thoughts

Keeping our scalp and hair healthy is crucial for achieving great-looking hair daily. That is why choosing the right products and devices that cater to our hair quality and needs is essential.

The Panasonic Hair Dryer is best for those with dry, delicate, and damaged hair. It sends moisture-rich Nanoe particles with powerful airflow to keep the hair hydrated as it dries.

The adjustable heat and speed settings allow you to choose the right temperature and airflow according to your hair’s sensitivity.

I offered two Panasonic Hair Dryer Models above. Choose the EH-NA67 model if you want a hair dryer with three different attachments or the EH-NA2C model if you prefer a hair dryer with a foldable handle.



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