Why You Need Pre Stretched Braiding Hair For Your Braids

Braiding hair has boomed over the last decade, and people are experimenting with their braided hairstyles more and more. Braid styles and cornrows have gone mainstream, and we’re seeing all colors, lengths, and styles emerging. Pre-stretched is a term I recently came across.

What’s nice about braided hairstyles is they are so easy to wear. But what if your hair is short and grey… or even thin? And you want long thick goddess braids that taper out naturally?

Maybe you’ve had braids before, and they look unnatural when you have used your braiding hair. Or you simply fight with the braiding hair to stretch it to make your braids appear natural. Whatever your braiding hair issue, I’m sure pre-stretched braiding hair can eliminate some of your hair stresses.

What is Braiding Hair?

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair Long Braid 30 Inch 8 Packs Braiding Hair Extensions Professional Synthetic Fiber Crochet Twist Braids

Pre-stretched braiding hair is hair extensions. It isn’t usually human hair and is a fiber that can get tangly. This hair comes loose with no bond for application because it is used to braid into the hair. Usually, this hair type comes long. The braiding hair can also tangle because of its length.

Why use Braiding Hair?

Braiding hair is used to lengthen or pack out braids, giving them a fuller and longer effect.  It also can be braided in tight to lock in frizzy shorter hairs and keep the braiding pattern looking neat. When it’s tight and neat, it will last longer in its style, meaning you can go on without having to style it at home daily.

Pre-stretched Braiding Hair and How?

So, using pre-stretched braiding hair means you no longer have to stretch the braiding hair. I have used classic braiding hair before and pre-stretched would have saved me stress. Stretching classic braiding hair requires a bit of time and skill and can easily knot to the point of being unusable, so wouldn’t it be nice to be supplied ready stretched?

Check out these different types of braids that are perfect to achieve with pre-stretched braiding hair.

Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids are a beautiful classic braided hairstyle. Using pre stretched braiding hair will taper out those ends and add super lengths, no more blocky fake looking hair or fighting to stretch your braiding hair. Loose and long is how to wear them, and we love it.

Classic Cornrows

Classic Cornrows

Classic cornrows styles in straight lines are simple and edgy. Using pre-stretched braiding hair will help the scalp braids stand out, giving extra drama to the corn rows, while trailing long and thin, giving a natural effect to your braided hairstyle.

Chunky Braids

Chunky Braids Pre Stretched Braiding Hair

Love a bit of bulk in your braided hairstyles? Chunky braids, like bubble braids for black hair, are simple but powerful. Giving us the diva feels, this look will certainly turn heads. Using pre-stretched braided hair will add bulk at the root and skinny away towards the ends.

Festival Braids

Festival Braid

Get your colorful pre-stretched braided hair ready for the festival season. Maybe you’re just a color chameleon and love a rainbow braid, and you have a cool event to shine at or even just fancy a bit of drama in your braided hairstyle.

Braided Pony

Festival Braids

Up, up and away! This look is for those of you that like to wave goodbye to hair getting in your way. Waking up looking like this certainly will feel good, and you can get away with a super long trailing ponytail, paired with your pre-stretched braiding hair; you’ll look fire.

Half Up Half Down Braided Hair

Half Up Half Down Braided Hair - Pre Stretched Braiding Hair

Do you want tribal half-up half-down braids? Maybe you need to go for this with your braids, braided in place for the best of both worlds; this pre-stretched braided look offers the versatility you need for those who can’t make their minds up.

Thin Box Braids Hair Style

Box Braid

Like a little more flex? Maybe you’re into skinny box braids. These looks are easier to tie away or wear in different styles. The skinny braids are a perfect option for those of you that like to wear your pre-stretched braids in different hairstyles, maybe up, maybe half, maybe in a bun, maybe down – either way, they all look cool.

Braided Bun

Braided Bun - Pre stretched braiding hair

Shoot your shot with a top knot to show off your peekaboo braids. Maybe you’re looking for something with bulky volume, keeping it tucked and neat; twist your colored pre-stretched braided hair away in a braided bun.

Snakey Braids

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S-bends and sculpted scalp braids are super cool for something alternative. Maybe you love cornrows but are just sick of being so straight up? Pre-stretched braiding hair will tail off, ready to whip your hair.

Triangular Box Braids

Triangle Box Braids

We’re feeling the geometrics at the root of this look. Who doesn’t love box braids? Pre-stretched hair used with this look will add a new dimension of length, and the pattern at the root simply looks epic.

Faux Hawk Braided Style

Faux Hawk Braid

The faux hawk is pretty cool because you can use pre-stretched braiding hair in the middle section, adding height and drama, while braiding back the natural hair to keep it flatter and neater at the sides.

Ombre Braided Hair

Ombre Braid Hair

Maybe you want to add color without actually coloring your hair? Use an ombre shade of pre-stretched braiding hair to get a gradient in your look. How nice is it to be able to completely avoid chemicals, keeping your hair condition intact?

Edges and Quirky Cornrows

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Get your edges perfectly waved with a unique cornrow design. This look is for the perfectionist in you and looks cute. Feeding in pre-stretched hair will help these braids stand out while playing with your edges for creative fun.

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