Trendy Hair Claw Styles for Different Hair Types

There’s been a boom in hair claw styles recently, and we’re seeing a lot of people embracing the hair claw styles trend; super easy and stylish; it’s obviously a fashion favorite.

The hair claw style works as a chic but also relaxed look. There are ways of neatening and containing curls with a hair claw, claw clip hairstyles that suit long hair, and claw clip hairstyles that can thicken out thin hair. So basically, a great all-rounder tool for everyone! Check out the hair claw styles guide below for some inspiration and info!

Hair Claw Styles for long hair

Hair Claw Styles for long hair

So, using a claw clip doesn’t mean you just twist and clip. You can twist upwards and then downwards to hide longer lengths in the clip. It stops the long hair from looking like it just hangs and adds a unique sense of style. Teasing hair out once it’s clipped in place can add a more lived-in undone look, or keeping it tightly twisted gives a high-end polished feel.

Claw Clips for thin hair types

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One thing I like about claw clips – especially on my thin hair is that you can clip, leave the ends hanging out of the clip, and they spray out to give a fuller effect to your hair when you clip it up. The claw clip adds a fuller effect to wearing your hair up, rather than having a skinny ponytail. There are different types of claw clips, the little ones or the skinny clips I find have a better hold on thin hair types.

Curly hair claw styles for volume

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Add extra body to your curly look by twisting the hair up and wearing it in a claw clip. The large claw hair clips add structure to hold up the hair and give curls space to puff out at the top. It provides volume and effortless style, plus keeps curls off your neck on hot summer days.

Half-up claw clip hair styles

Half-up claw clip hair styles 1

There are lots of variations of claw clip styles being worn half up, and they can look charming with a smaller claw clip. Also, it adds shape to the back of the head, so if you struggle to add volume to the back, this is a fun option. It’s also great for adding style without hiding length and works well on many hair types. I’ve seen people twist buns and clip the ends, loop hair around one side of the clip, or twist it neatly out of the way at the back.

Claw clip space buns hair styles

Claw clip space buns hair styles

Maybe your style is a little playful, and you like the space bun look? This cool crazy hairstyle can be created with claw clips, too, to add fun to the look. You can leave the ends poking out of the clip or twist upwards and fold the hair back into the clip for an elongated claw clip-style look.

Slick curly claw clip hairstyles

Slick curly claw clip hairstyles

Creating a wet look effect with gel and twisting the hair entirely away into the claw clip adds a chic effect. It also helps contain unruly curls and condenses the look. Gives you a simplistic but edgy look. I personally like tight neat looks low on the neck, and I would recommend trying this claw clip look on lazy days.

Low Hair Claw Styles

Low Hair Claw Styles

Maybe you like a little more elegance and don’t want a real perky claw clip look? Well, twisting the hair low can add a nice classy effect to a caw clip look; it almost has a chignon effect and goes well with a high neck top or an evening dress. Making this look great for a day-to-night look, I’d recommend it for someone who likes to step out of the office and into a bar.

Mini butterfly claw clip hairstyles

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So, this look screams 90s nostalgia, and usually, it is worn in little sections twisted off the face and clipped back with little butterfly claw clips. Worn with 6-8 clips and sometimes multi colors, it’s right on the y2k trend. This look can be edgy but also loose and bridal looking, so it’s a versatile all-around look too.

Half up ponytails claw clip look

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So, I feel this look works better with smaller claw clips and double ponytails, leaving the long length out; it has a cute feel to it. It adds volume to the sides and back of your hair while wearing it long. This half up half down claw clip style is a friendly alternative to wash days and keeps your hair out of your face.

Claw clip hairstyle pony

Claw clip hairstyle pony

This look works nicely on a long hair type. Twist the hair loose and low, leaving the length of the hair out at the bottom. Then simply pop a claw clip over the top, with the ends hanging out to keep the ponytail together in the neck. This gives a trailing effect, and the claw clip adds extra lift to the pony to give volume. You can also achieve a quaffed hair look with this style.

Flat claw clip hair styles

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The flat clips can be great for a more secure grip. Also, you can get some usual decorative claw clips, so it’s great if you like to be different. Also, flat claw clips can be used to just clip hair off the face, so they can add a simplistic effect to the hair. Whatever the choice, the claw clip aesthetic hairstyles trend is here to stay—at least for a bit. So, get creative with your claw clip looks.

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