Simple Systems for Thicker Hair – A Bosley Hair Products Review

Hair loss can be alarming whenever it happens, even if it happens as a natural part of aging. Not all hair loss leads to baldness, but it’s good to stay on top of it as soon as you notice thinning. Hair loss has many causes and it is important to identify the cause and try to act promptly.

Stress, diet, genetics and hormonal changes all cause hair thinning and baldness. In order to rule out any serious causes, it’s a good idea to visit your family doctor or a dermatologist. If no underlying cause is found, you might want to explore non-medical options to increase your hair thickness. It is possible to help prevent any further loss with specific products.

Longstanding Products

Bosley Hair Products has been a leader in hair loss treatment and prevention products for over 40 years. Their hair products are offered as solutions and appreciated by the hairstylists all over the world. But are they the right products for you?

Bosley hair products are all Sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free, which is a standard for elite hair products.

Daily care solutions for every stage

Bosley offers two main daily care product lines, Revive and Defense, as well as products to treat hair and style thinning hair. Figuring out which brand is right for you can be daunting, let alone the exact products. Below is an overview of the lines and products so that you can figure out which ones are right for you.

BOSRevive: Help for visible scalp

If you are experiencing losing more hair than usual, or you have visible patches of scalp, this is the line for you. BOSRevive will give you a thickening boost thanks to its LifeXtend Complex of biogenic Pentapeptides- amino acids that help to fortify your hair and skin. It’s also made with botanical extracts and Ocean Marine Algae to combat the effects of DHT, the hormone most commonly responsible for hair loss.

Bosley Hair Products Review


Nourishing Shampoo

This shampoo contains Saw Palmetto to keep your scalp skin healthy. Healthy skin helps promote hair follicle growth. This shampoo is intended for daily use. The best way to use it is to apply on a wet scalp and massaging it into the skin thoroughly before washing it away.

Volumizing Conditioner

This conditioner contains Rice Amino extracts to thicken and volumize hair. This conditioner will rejuvenate existing hair and scalp while giving you a shiny and weightless look. You only need to use on a wet and clean scalp and massage it gently, and most importantly, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse.

Thickening treatment

the product is used daily on clean hair to supports the growth of stronger and healthier hair. The most important part of the formula is the algae extract which reduces DHT action. In addition to this Biotinyl GHK protects and repairs hair follicles and apple stem cell extract promotes healthier hair function. After using shampoo and conditioner use this treatment on towel dried hair. Apply a few pumps directly on the scalp and gently massage through the hair.

BOSDefense: Promoting healthy hair density

This product is for people with normal to fine hair that wants to maintain a healthy hair density, but don’t have excessive thinning or visible scalp. BOSDefense will help to proactively improve scalp and follicle condition.

Nourishing Shampoo

Like Revive, Defence has sulphate free technology that removes toxins and helps reduce DHT and the LifeXtend complex help to stimulate scalp and root strength, but also incorporates Keratin protein that will make your existing hair thicker and healthier.  This shampoo should be applied on a wet scalp and gently massage for a minute and then rinse completely.

Volumizing Conditioner

This conditioner contains Ocean Marine Algae that are high in vitamins and nutrients and vegetable proteins that fortify the hair. This makes hair look thicker and more voluminous without weighing it down. The best use is to apply on clean hair and massage firmly but gently and leave it for 5 minutes. After that rinse completely.

bosley thickening treatmentThickening treatment

This is the last daily step for a thicker and healthier hair. This product contains Algae extracts that removes toxins present on the scalp, Biotinyl GHK that protects and repair the follicles and the Saw Palmetto that promotes. follicles health. The best use is on a towel dry hair after using shampoo and conditioner. Massage the few pumps that you just applied on your scalp and then style your hair as you usually do.

Revive and Defense are both intended as daily use systems, with products for both colour treated and natural hair. The gentle natural extracts make them suitable for long term use on all types of hair. The downside is that they must be used regularly before visible improvement, which along with requiring patience and can add up, as professional hair products are pricey.

Defense and Revive major pros and cons


  • Natural extracts formula suitable for all hair types
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • Formulas for colour treated and natural hair
  • Natural volumizing affect


  • Can be pricey for long term use
  • Consistent long-term use needed for results
  • No products specifically formulated for curly hair.
  • Some users have reported dry scalp from use 

Targeted, FDA approved treatments

TREAT is a line of Bosley Hair Products that are ideal if you need treatment in specific areas of your scalp. If you see scalp areas with a clear loss and patchiness, you should consider one of these products:

Bosley Pro hair regrowth treatment

If you have an area of more scalp than hair, this may be the best way to stop the hair loss and encourage regrowth. This product contains minoxidil, which is FDA approved, and is clinically demonstrated to help with hair regrowth. It is available for men and women, and use is simple: apply to the affected areas morning and night.

If you are an adult woman with thinning hair in the crown area and you are not pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consider this product. Adult men with thinning or balding in the crown area or hair loss that runs in the family will also benefit from this product.

Rebalancing and finishing treatment

This serum has antioxidants that will nourish the scalp. Argan Oil, Marula Oil and Burdock Root Oil create a powerful trio to strengthen hair and avoid further breakage and loss. It is only necessary to apply a few drops on your fingertips and massage it in every night, so a little goes a long way with this product.

Follicle nourisher

This spray will boost the effect of the other Bosley Strength Scalp treatment products. In order to get maximum value out of all the products, you will need to tray the follicle nourisher before using them. The unique combination of Saw palmetto and the LifeXtended Complex will give you a healthy scalp and stronger follicles so that any new growth is maintained.

Follicle Energiser

This serum can be used on specific areas of thinning hair. It contains not only the unique Bolsey formula but also stimulating activators that will help increase micro-circulation and new follicle activity. It’s quick and easy to use, which in a huge plus if you already have a complicated hair routine. Simply take a new drops and massage it on the affected areas.

Rejuvenating scalp scrub

This innovative product is made with Bamboo Charcoal that will moisturize and balance your scalp health, promoting healthier hair growth. The bottle includes a nozzle. Simply run the nozzle along the areas of your scalp that you want to improve, and scrub it in. The nozzle makes it simple to use without wasting products unnecessarily.

Moisture masque and strengthening masque

These masques are a weekly treatment to use on dry, brittle hair. Hair can become brittle from natural causes or due to chemical treatment. Brittle hair can cause premature breakage, leading to thinning.  These two masques will vigorously moisturize with a combination of avocado oils and mango and shea butters, in addition, chamomile, jojoba extract and vegetable proteins will help dull hair regain shine.

TREAT major pros and cons


  • FDA approved treatments
  • Innovative products for specific purposes
  • Small amount of product needed
  • Easy to use


  • Entire routine could be time consuming
  • Entire system can be pricey

Healthy hair from the inside out

One cause of hair loss can be diet. Bosley provides supplements with the specific nutrients needed to help to prevent hair loss and thinning.

Healthy hair vitality supplement

This supplement contains antioxidants that support and stimulate microcirculation, including vitamins A, D, E. This helps strengthen the cuticle, protecting from oxidative stress. Vitamins B3, B7, B9, B12 promote cell renewal, and proteins and Omega 3 will nourish the follicles. Minerals and collagen will help encourage new hair growth, and copper peptide infusion will make new hair stronger. Simply take 2 tablets per day for best results.

Something for everyone with a little patience

Bosely Hair Products are longstanding, reliable products for thinning hair and hair regrowth. They are unique in offering complete systems for daily use and targeted treatment for visible scalp to encourage regrowth at all stages of hair loss. Large improvements can come with daily use, but like with most good things in life, good results require consistency and patience.

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