9 Little Girl Braid Styles With Natural Hair

Hair extensions are great, but sometimes, all the hair needs are protective styling with natural hair! Children become self-aware as early as 15 months old, and they definitely notice their hair and want it to look good, so we must make that happen! Natural hair needs all the care it can get, and styling it daily can become overwhelming. Hence, the next best thing is protective styling with super cute hairstyles for black girls, which is excellent because braid styles are usually low maintenance.

Most children have tender heads, so braid hairstyles with their natural hair are great to avoid manipulating their hair every time. Another thing about braid styles is that they can be done with different natural hair textures and different hair lengths, and you can also get creative with the hairstyles! Most importantly, using braids as natural hair styles for kids are a great option because you don’t need braiding extensions, and you can save some coins.

We’re going to explore nine little girl braid styles with natural hair!

What You Need When Doing Natural Hair Braid Styles For Kids

Before we explore the nine little girl braid styles with natural hair, it is important to note some essential tools that would bring out great results, whether you’re a professional or not.

  • Spray bottle: a spray bottle is used for storing water. Spraying water on little girls’ natural hair is the first step to achieving cute hairstyles. Water is important for their hair to avoid frizz and keep their hair hydrated.
  • Oil: hair oil is essential after putting an African braiding style on a kid’s natural hair. Applying oil to the scalp helps keep the natural hair from breakage and aids growth. Oils can also be used as maintenance a few times a week.
  • Hair accessories: hair accessories come in different types and forms, such as beads, bows, headbands, hair clips, scrunchies, etc. All these come in different colors and designs that can be used to elevate easy braided hairstyles.
  • Leave-in conditioner: this provides moisture while the natural hair is kept in protective hairstyles. We do not want kids’ braids getting all dry for the time they have their braids in. It is also important to use children-friendly brands or the best hair products for black kids to avoid using harsh chemicals on their natural, healthy hair.

9 Little Girl Hairstyles With Natural Hair 

1. Braided Updo

Little Girl Braid Styles With Natural Hair - Braided UpDo
Source: Brittany West

There’s beauty in simplicity, and this saying is evident in this beautiful braided Updo. To achieve a braided Updo with natural hair, all that’s needed is to make a part from ear to ear, braid cornrows from the nape of the neck to the middle of the head, and repeat the same process from the hairline to the middle of the head.

You can add some spice and do a side braid on each side of the head. A braided Updo is a good and classic hairstyle choice for little girls who do not like their hair in their faces.

2. Two Braided Buns

Little Girl Braid Styles With Natural Hair - Two Braided Buns
Source: dee_bayybe

What’s better than one braided bun? Two braided buns! Two braided buns with natural hair are also a fun, adorable hairstyle for little girls. It is simple yet gorgeous. All you need to do is make a straight, spiral, or zig-zag line from the hairline towards the neck and on each side, make cornrow braids into a bun. Put a bow on each side, and your baby girl is ready to go!

3. Bantu Knots

Little Girl braid styles with natural hair - Bantu Knots
Source: Kira Byrd Curl Centric

Bantu Knots, as the name implies, involve making individual braids or twists, rolling each of them into small knots, and securing them with small elastic rubber bands. The parts can be done with any design or shape. It is crucial to avoid making the knots too tight to prevent the little girl from feeling any form of discomfort. Some hair adornments can be added, or the hair can be left the way it is, as it is equally beautiful.

4. Natural Hair Braids With Beads

Little Girl braid styles with natural hair - Natural Hair Braids With Beads

One thing to love about braids with beads is that they are versatile. Little girls’ braid hairstyles with beads can be styled differently. They are also easy to pull off because all that’s needed is to make any parting design of choice and make individual braids with natural hair. After the braids, the beads are added to the ends and secured with small rubber bands. Note that the beads shouldn’t be too many to prevent the hair from being too heavy.

5. Half up, half down cornrows

Half up half down cornrows
Source: CoffeeEcstasy

Half up, half down cornrows is a beautiful braided hairstyle that will give a little girl a facelift and make her facial features pop! It is made by sectioning the hair from ear to ear, making cornrows to the nape of the neck, and braiding the top section into an updo. The ends of the top section can be left hanging or rolled into a cute little bun.

6. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk
Source: Pinterest

Take your little girl to the 90s with this pretty Mohawk hairstyle! A braided Mohawk is a beautiful and simple style that is easy to achieve. It is done by making cornrow braids on each side of the head to meet in the middle, then combining the ends of both sides and braiding them into one big cornrow all the way to the back of the head.

7. Crown Braids With Natural Hair

Crown Braids With Natural Hair
Source: Free Hand Hairstyles

Crown braids, as the name implies, are a protective style that involves making a braid around the head to form a crown-like structure. To make crown braids that would last a long time, the whole hair can be made into smaller simple cornrows instead of just slicking the natural hair. Hair accessories like bows and colorful hair clips can be added to elevate a little girl’s crown braids.

8. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids
Source: Stacey Langstraat

Bubble braids are a hairstyle that doesn’t need actual braiding, which is great because anyone can attempt to do it! To make bubble braids, follow the easy steps of spraying the little girl’s natural, curly hair with water and applying products for moisture, parting the hair into small sections, and using colorful rubber bands at small intervals on each bubble braid.

For your bubble braids to come out well, ensure you fluff out the parts of the natural hair that are showing to create the bubble effect. This beautiful hairstyle is perfect for a little girl’s natural hair and will last for a good period of time. Also note that when taking them out, all you need is to apply oil on the rubber bands to break them,

9. Twist Braids With Natural Hair

Twist Braids With Natural Hair
Source: PamperingPrincesses

Twists are perfect for young girls with natural long hair because they are versatile and easy to make. Twist braids with natural hair are pulled off by parting smaller sections of the natural hair, dividing each section into two, and placing each stand over the other until the end of the hair. To achieve fluffy and bouncy twists, it is advisable to twist towards the direction of the left and for a longer and more stretched-out twisted fuller look, you should twist towards the direction of the right.

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