How To Style Curtain Bangs With Flat Iron & Straightener

Styling curtain bangs with a straightener can be tricky to get right. Ever styled your curtain bangs with a flat iron and they head off in a funny direction? Maybe you styled your curtain bangs but they simply drop out? Either way, I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll show you how to style curtain bangs with a straightener!

Did you know styling your curtain bangs is just the end result of a proper styling regimen? The straightener will smooth out your curtain bangs, but will it last? Does it hold? And is it good we continually add heat daily to our hair?

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This guide helps you to understand why hairdressers go through a whole routine to style your curtain bangs with a straightener. I’ll let you know why this technique lasts, and how to get a better result using a flat iron or straightener on your curtain bangs.

How To Style Curtain Bangs With Flat Iron & Straightener

Prep Your Curtain Bangs

Learning how to style your curtain bangs begins with prep. If you want that open voluminous flick, you need to blow-dry first. It adds root lift, which is where we get our volume. It needs to lift away from the scalp. This will also set you up for a long-lasting style, and directly heated tools like straighteners are for a more temporary style.

How to Style Curtain Bangs with Straightener 1a

Curtain bangs will style nice going directly in with the straightener, but it’s a temporary fix. You will end up heat styling daily, which affects your hair condition. Blow-dries can way outlast the irons, so if you like to iron, first blow-dry.

Use Heat Protection on Curtain Bangs

This area of hair tends to be a little finer than the back, you need to protect those vulnerable strands so get yourself a good heat protection. Use it prior to blow-dry on towel-dried hair, and again prior to dry heat styling.

Those strands are super fine and each individual one potentially goes through a lot of chemical stress heat stress and environmental factors. If you want to style your curtain bangs, make sure you retain them by protecting them.

Use a Round Brush

If you have medium to long curtain bangs. Use a medium to large round brush. If you’re a shorter curtain bangs, go for a small-medium sized.

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The smaller the brush, the tighter the curve, so for a looser effect, go larger with size. You want to be able to get a good tension on the brush, so make sure the curtain bangs length wraps around the brush.

Round Brush Styling for Curtain Bangs

Use your chosen brush to pull out even tension in the round brush, come under/next to the forehead and roll the hair upwards forwards towards the face.

How to Style Curtain Bangs with Straightener 1b

Use a nozzle on your blow-dryer to condense airflow and smooth out hair. Roll towards the face but pull the hair upwards and dry with the blow-dryer. Aim air at the root to get this area particularly dry for volume.

Hair Structure

Believe it or not hair structure comes of importance when you style your curtain bangs. On the outside of your strands, you have cuticles. These are layers that overlap in one direction facing down a little like roof tiles. They protect the internal structure of the hair, and when damaged sit open, leaving your hair feeling rough and open to further damage.

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Drying your hair in the wrong direction can force cuticles to open. And I always recommend blow-drying the hair, smoothing them down, even when drying hair with volume. I recommend following your brush at an angle that will force the cuticles to sit flatter. So, think about the direction of your airflow.

Set the Curtain Bangs

Once the curtain bangs are blow-dried, you need to set them for volume. Using flat clips that will not dent the hair, roll the hair around two fingers, forwards in the direction the hair was blow-dried, and clip in the rolled loop on base to cool.

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This will set the curtain bangs before using the straightener and help it last longer. It will also re-enforce the root lift, which is not possible to create with a straightener.

Straighteners on Curtain Bangs

After using your second application of heat protection, use the straighteners on your curtain bangs. Split the hair in the center or desired part, and at the mid-length of one side of your bangs start with the straightener.

How to Style Curtain Bangs with Flat Iron

Clamp and bend the hair off the face while running the straightener down the hair. Creating a curvature with the straightener adds a soft flick to the curtain bangs. Repeat the same on the opposite side to style your curtain bangs with a straightener.

Alternative Curtain Bang Straightener: How To

Alternatively, some people have success rolling their curtain bangs in the opposite direction off the face. I think this technique is better on longer lengths, as shorter lengths can kick out at a funny angle. The tools are the same, just the direction of the styling is back with the round brush and the straightener. Don’t forget to set the curtain bangs before styling them with the straightener.

Short Curtain Bangs

Maybe you’re growing out a short bangs and want a more curtain effect. I have found that styling the hair directionally in a sideways motion works better on these lengths.

Vertically part the bangs in the center, and then half the section. Work on the outer vertical section, with the brush in a vertical. Then roller brush the hair away from the center. Style the curtain bangs with the straightener after, in the same direction, avoiding setting volume as the hair can jump up shorter from setting root lift.

Finish Styling Curtain Bangs with Hair Spray

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Grab a flat brush and your hairspray. Spray the bristles and brush it into the hair. This technique ensures the curtain bangs are evenly coated, instead of spraying a layer on the top layer of the hair. This will keep the hair flexible and hold the straightener style in, to last longer.

Practice Styling Your Curtain Bangs with the Straightener

I love that you have taken the time to read this curtain bangs straightener styling guide! Remember to practice styling your curtain bangs with a straightener. It is an art form, getting your hair to sit and manipulate the way you want. So, have patience, but also, have fun.

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