8 Best Back Shaver For Men Review + Buyer’s Guide

Part of body grooming is controlling your back hair, and back shavers for men are an indispensable tool for this task. Back shavers are exactly what they sound like – they’re specialized shavers meant for removing hair from the back. Whether it’s for hygiene or style, back shavers come in several forms, letting you get the back shaving experience you want.

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There are many words for this toolback shaver, back groomer, back hair trimmer, but they’re all essentially the same item. And while all back shavers operate more or less the same way, not all back shavers are created equal.

To help you find the back hair trimmer you want, I’ve put together a list of my top picks for back shavers for men, as well as a buyer’s guide to walk you through important features you should look for before buying a back hair trimmer.

Best Back Shavers Reviewed In This Guide

Mangroomer vs Bakblade Back Trimmer

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Our top pick for the best back shaver for men is the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver. This back shaver combines safety and comfort in one easy-to-use product, and its lower price tag compared to other Mangroomer products gives it fantastic value for money.

However, special mention has to be given to the Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver for Men. This back trimmer has no bells or whistles, but it’s bar none the best manual back shaver.

These two back shavers for men are the best of their respective types. Both are great picks and choosing one or the other really boils down to whether you want an electric or a manual back shaver.

Best Back Shaver for Men List

Best Overall Back Shaver

#1 Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

MANGROOMER - ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads, Power Hinge, Extreme Reach Handle and Power Burst

Special Features

  • 135 degree flexible shaving arm
  • Toggleable locking arm
  • Power burst mode for more cutting power

Pros: Allows solo shavers to reach even the middle and lower back, locking arm prevents accidents, very sturdy, ergonomic handle for easy handling, cuts very well

Cons: Bulky, requires a lot of pressure to cut

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver Review

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is our pick for the best back hair trimmer for men. This sturdy black back trimmer is guaranteed to shave all those hard-to-reach places on your back, like the middle and lower sections. It also has a wide host of features that improve safety and versatility.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver’s claim to fame is its flexible shaving arm. This arm is securely attached via a hinge to the main body, and a toggleable lock lets you freeze this arm in place. This gives the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver unrivaled reach and secures its place as a great solo back trimmer.

Two interchangeable shaving heads give users a lot of options when it comes to shaving. A 1.8 inch ultra wide back groomer blade gives the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver great wide-area shaving power. A second foil body groomer with a bi-directional head finishes the job by cutting shorter hairs for a totally hairless look. Both of these features work together to minimize the amount of passes you need to get the back shaving job done and make shaving your back safe and fuss-free.

While the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Hair Trimmer is undoubtedly great, customers do have a few gripes with it. Its handling is a bit awkward and heavy, especially for first-time users. Some customers have also reported that you need to apply quite a bit of pressure for the blades to cut perfectly.

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Best Affordable Back Shaver

#2 Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Special Features

  • Uses Razorba’s GOAT razor
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Interchangeable, replacable blade

Pros: Very affordable, easy to control, comfortable shaves, GOAT razor feels great and cuts very efficiently, the blade can be swapped out with many models – including those for sensitive skin

Cons: Tends to wobble with some blades

Razorba Back Hair Shaver Review

The Razorba Back Hair Shaver is the best affordable back shaver for men. At the Razorba’s core is simplicity: why add all these extra features, when all people really need is a way to cull their back hair?

The Razorba Back Hair Shaver package comes with Razorba’s renowned Greatest of All Time (GOAT) blade. This 4.5 inch wide stainless steel double blade comes with a rubberized handle, and an aloe comfort strip, and ensures comfortable, soothing shaves on even the most sensitive skin.

The Razorba Back Hair Shaver is also a great buy due to its modular nature. If the GOAT blade isn’t to your liking, or if your equipped blade is too dull, you can simply replace the blade with one of your choosing. Aside from the GOAT blade, Razorba suggests using blades from proven brands, like Gillette, or any disposable razor.

However, this can also be a problem, as customers have reported that the Razorba Back Hair Shaver can be finicky to work with if you’re using a different blade.

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Best Value Back Shaver:

#3 Bro Shaver DIY Back Shaver and Body Trimmer

BRO SHAVER, Back Shaver for Men (DIY) Back & Body Hair Trimmer. Shave Wet or Dry. No Expensive Refills - Uses Double Edge Razor Blades. 15 Blades Included. Ergonomic Handle

Special Features

  • Comes with 15 extra blades
  • Long 22.7-inch ergonomic handle
  • Specially calibrated to provide thorough yet safe shaves

Pros: Very safe, can give wet or dry shaves, comes with 60-day money-back guarantee, can use any standard double-edge safety razor for refills

Cons: Requires some practice to get the most out of it

Bro Shaver DIY Back Shaver and Body Trimmer Review

The Bro Shaver DIY Back Shaver and Body Trimmer is our pick for the best value back shaver as it’s not quite as expensive as other back trimmers, but still offers great quality.

Take one look at the customer reviews on Amazon, and they’ll tell you to ditch your current body groomer and just switch to the Bro Shaver DIY Back Shaver and Body Trimmer. This no-nonsense back trimmer not only does an extremely good job of ridding your body and back of hair, but it’s also one of the safest back shavers for men on the market.

A specially calibrated shaver head that can hold up to 3 double edge blades has its corners closed off and the blade gaps covered for maximum safety while still providing close shaves. A 22.7-inch ergonomic handle gives you excellent control during shaving sessions while also allowing you to reach tricky spots like the middle of your back.

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Best Manual Back Shaver

#4 Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver for Men
baKblade 2.0 Plus - Back Shaver for Men (DIY), Ergonomic Handle, Shave Wet or Dry (Extra Blades Included)

Special Features

  • Patented dryglide safety blade technology for fast and safe shaves
  • Ergonomic handle

Pros: Very quick and very safe shaves, can be folded for easy storage, wet or dry shaves

Cons: High popularity makes it hard to get your hands on this product

Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver for Men Review

The Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver is the absolute best manual back shaver on this list. Even though it’s rarely available, it deserves a place on our top back shavers for men simply because it’s that good.

Bakblade’s products stick by a simple mantra: “Nothing is easier, safer, or smoother.” While this may seem to be a given with any back trimmer, Bakblade takes that idea and executes it flawlessly, creating a back trimmer that’s unrivaled in efficiency and safety.

Bakblade’s patented dry glide technology comes with a unique blade cartridge that guarantees close, clean, and safe shaves. These blades can be used for either wet or dry shaves, and can easily be replaced if needed. An ergonomic handle works with a non-slip grip to ensure that you won’t fumble and hurt yourself when using the Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver.

The only complaint I have with the Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver is that it’s almost always sold out. If you want this prized back shaver, you’ll need to keep a keen eye on the Bakblade store and hope that they’ve got stock ready for you.

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Best Electric Back Shaver

#5 Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 with Back AttachmentPhilips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100, Shave and trim with back attachment, BG2034

Special Features

  • Comes with an extra-long back attachment
  • Secured shave head prevents nicks and cuts
  • Maintenance-free, self-sharpening blades

Pros: Hypo-allergenic foil shaver prevents skin irritation, is completely waterproof, comes with guide combs if you want to style your hair, is also a body groomer

Cons: Pricey, can yank hair if used improperly

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 with Back Attachment Review

Norelco is a big name when it comes to the male body grooming scene, but what might have slipped your notice is that Philips has also made one of the best back shavers for men.

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 with Back Attachment has everything you’d come to expect from the Norelco series of razors. It comes with high-tech features that ensure that you get the very best shaving experience – a hypo-allergenic foil shaver that easily adheres to skin contours while keeping you safe, a 100% waterproof design that allows for wet or dry shaves, and self-sharpening stainless steel blades for hands-off maintenance.

But what makes the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 with Back Attachment really stand out is its extra-long arm attachment that allows this bodygroomer to transform into a fully-fledged back trimmer. With that in mind, you’ll be getting everything that Norelco has to offer, even when shaving your back.

Compared to other back shavers on this list, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 with Back Attachment stands out with its much higher price tag than the other back trimmers on this list. However, due to its established brand name, you’ll definitely be getting what you pay for with this back hair trimmer.

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Best Styling Back Shaver

#6 Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle and 5 Length Combs, Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Use, Shave Wet or Dry

Special Features

  • 60% wider blade than other Remington body groomer
  • WETech waterproof technology
  • Extendable and configurable handle that lets you reach any part of your back

Pros: Comes with 5-length combs for styling, is also a body groomer

Cons: Doesn’t trim hair completely, not good for thin or sensitive skin

Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle Review

The Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle’s 5 length combs make it the best syling back shaver for men.

A 60% wider blade helps the Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with an Extendable Curved Handle pull double duty as both a body groomer and a back shaver. An extendable, configurable handle allows the Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle to reach all the way down your back to shave those tricky spots.

WETech waterproof technology lets you shave your back wet or dry. The Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle can be used cordlessly and is powered by a top-class lithium-ion battery that provides up to 40 minutes of runtime for back shaving in the shower.

Potential customers should be wary that this electric back trimmer doesn’t cut hair down all the way, with 0.2mm being the shortest it can reach. If you want a completely hairless back, I’d suggest investing in a manual back trimmer instead.

Other customers have also warned that while the Remington BHT6455FF Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle is a body groomer, people using it need to be very careful about sensitive parts of the body. This should also extend to people with sensitive skin that cuts easily.

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Best Back Shaver for Muscular Backs

#7 UltraFlexx The Best Back Hair Shaver

The Best!! Back Hair Shaver - Back Hair Razor - Razor Extension Handle

Special Features

  • Securely holds any razor
  • The pliable and bendable stainless steel handle gives unmatched control

Pros: Incredibly smooth shave, the malleable handle is fantastic for shaving muscular backs, great for bodybuilders and athletes, also great for elderly due to unique handle

Cons: Not all razors fit snugly

UltraFlexx The Best Back Hair Shaver Review

The UltraFlexx The Best Back Hair Shaver has a unique approach to the problem of reaching your back: instead of just lengthening the handle or giving the shaver an adjustable hinge, why not let the customer adapt the shaver to their own needs?

By following this idea, the UltraFlexx The Best Back Hair Shaver fills a niche that no other back shaver has, namely being able to adapt to well-toned and muscular backs.

A pliable stainless steel handle that can be bent at many angles allows the UltraFlexx The Best Back Hair Shaver to reach in between nooks and crannies, easily shaving hair on your back – no matter it where it may be. As customers have noted, this also makes this back shaver great for elderly people or people with difficulty moving, as the unique handle can be bent to accomodate almost every shaving need.

On the downside, customers have also reported that fitting razors into the UltraFlexx The Best Back Hair Shaver is a bit of a toss-up: it’ll either fit super snugly or be loose and useless.

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Best Budget Electric Back Shaver

#8 Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500, Showerproof Lithium-Ion Body Hair Trimmer for Men with Back Shaver, BG5025/49

Special Features

  • Extra-long back attachment
  • Showerproof design with ergonomic rubber grip
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery

Pros: Much more affordable than the 3100, rounded tips for smooth and safe shaving, easy to clean and maintain, 3 lengths of bidirectional trim guards

Cons: Requires slow movement

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500 Review

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500 is one of the best budget electric back shavers for men. Don’t let its lower cost trick you into thinking that this back shaver skimped out on features – it’s got a lot of them.

First off, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500 has an extra-long back attachment that lets it shave hair even in hard-to-reach areas, like the middle of your back. A showerproof, cordless design allows for wet or dry shaves, and an ergonomic rubber grip lets you maintain a steady hold on the shaver for maximum safety.

Three bidirectional trim guards let you shave hair in either direction while keeping your skin protected from razor blades. These guards can also be used for styling, as they come in three different lengths.

Customers have reported that while the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500 is a fantastic back shaver, you need to go slow when shaving with it. Going too fast can cause a painful pulling sensation instead of a smooth, thorough shave.

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Best Back Shaver for Men Buying Guide

What is Back Shaver Back Trimmer or Back Groomer

To help you pick which back hair shaver is best, let’s discuss first what a back shaver is, its types, and best features.

What Is a Back Shaver?

A back shaver is a body grooming device that’s made especially for removing back hair by yourself, instead of requiring a partner to shave your back. Back shavers are also usually far wider than any other shaver, as they’re made to shave a large body part.

How Does a Back Shaver Work?

Back shavers operate similarly to other shavers. By using sharp blades combined with manual motion, back shavers remove hair from your back quickly and painlessly.

Types of Back Shavers

There are generally just two types of back shavers – manual and electric.

Manual Back Shaver

A manual back shaver for men is one that doesn’t rely on any automated or mechanical action to cut hair. These back shavers are similar to disposable safety razors used on the face or body, with the exception that they’re usually very wide. This allows manual back trimmers to remove large swathes of hair from your back with each pass, as well as reducing the amount of times you need to sweep your skin with the shaver.

Electric Back Shaver

An electric back shaver for men is usually not found as a standalone product. Like the Norelco 3100, we put on our list, electric shavers are primarily body shavers that have been adapted for back shaving. This includes the creation of an arm attachment to allow the electric back trimmer to reach all the way down your back. While these back hair trimmers carry all the comforts and technology of their body grooming purpose, they’re not as wide as manual back shavers.

Features to Look for In a Back Shaver

Since back shavers are essentially regular shavers made with a specific purpose in mind, they share many of the same features that facial and body shavers do. Here are some of the best features you should look for when shopping for a back shaver.

Ergonomic Grips

Since you’ll be using a mirror while shaving your back, you won’t have the immediate feedback that you normally would when shaving more visible body parts. To help in this regard, get a back trimmer with an ergonomic grip. These grips, which can be rubberized, offer greater comfort during shaving. More importantly, ergonomic grips give you much better control over your back shaver.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when shaving your back. Look out for back shavers with covered corners and closed blade gaps to minimize the chance of injury if you decide to shave solo. These are factors that make a great electric shaver for ingrown hairs on your back.

Replaceable Blades

Back shavers often come armed with multiple blades for quick, efficient shaving. The problem here is that these are still regular razor blades that are vulnerable to wear and tear. Before you decide to buy a particular back trimmer, check first if its blades are replaceable, as well as if you can insert any brand of razor blades. This feature is particularly important for people with sensitive skin, as they often need hypoallergenic razor blades. 

Arm Attachments

Arm attachments are usually found on body groomers that can be adapted into body shavers. If you’re in the market for an electric back shaver, make sure you get one with adequate length. That way, you’ll be able to shave all the way down your back.

So, What’s The Best Back Shaver?

As with any product, the first question you have to ask yourself before buying a back trimmer is “What exactly do I intend to get out of this product?” This is because there are two general types of back shavers – manual and electric. With manual back shavers, you get just that – back-shaving capabilities with no frills or added features.

Electric back trimmers, on the other hand, are usually body groomers that have been outfitted with back-shaving attachments. This means that they’re far more expensive than manual back shavers, as well as smaller, but come with all the added features that body groomers carry, such as foil heads, hair density measurers, self-sharpening blades, and more. However, remember that electric back trimmers can’t be modified, and are small compared to manual back shavers.

The next part will depend on if you’re getting an electric or a manual back trimmer.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus - Back Shaver for Men (DIY), Ergonomic Handle, Shave Wet or Dry (Extra Blades Included)

If you’ve decided to get an electric back shaver, all you need now is to find one that has features you will use. Remember that electric back shavers can perform a lot of roles, so find one with a lot of add-ons that you’ll use. This way, you’ll get the most value for your money. However, I don’t advise you to use it as a ball trimmer or a pubic hair trimmer. It is much safer to get products designed to trim “down there”.

For manual shavers, look for one that has an ergonomic grip to ensure maximum control. You’ll also want to look at the width of the razor head – manual shavers are very wide and normally house 3-4 blades for faster back shaving. While you’re at it, get a manual shaver that has replaceable blades.

Manual shavers also come with the benefit of being much wider than electric shavers. By virtue of their larger shaving area, manual shavers can shave more hair off at once but require skill and practice to master.

Finally, it comes down to a matter of personal taste. While most manual back shavers are long enough to reach all the way down your back, they can have different grips, and it’s up to you to find a manual back shaver that feels comfortable in your wrists while letting you get the shave you want.

Common Questions About Back Shaver 

Can I shave my back without a partner?

Yes, it’s possible – in fact, most of the back shavers for men that I’ve listed here are ideal for solo use. However, you’ll need to prepare accordingly with mirrors and other shaving products like shaving oil or cream.

Does shaving my back hair make it thicker?

No, shaving doesn’t change the quality of new hair. While hair might feel more stubbly after it regrows, and may appear darker and thicker, this is due to it being fresh, new hair.

Will shaving my back hair make it grow back faster?

No, shaving doesn’t affect regrowth speed.

Will shaving my back hair affect my athletic performance?

That depends on the sport you play. Swimmers, for example, shave their backs (as well as the rest of their bodies) to streamline their bodies for easy water movement. Others, like wrestlers and boxers, do it to help reduce body heat as well as decrease the chance of chafing and irritation.

Do back trimmers require special maintenance?

Not really – just clean them and use them as you would any other razor. Be sure to replace dull blades whenever they begin to snag to reduce the chance of injury.

Enjoy Your New Back Shaver

Shaving your back is always going to be a personal choice, and while it’s certainly possible to do it with a partner and a regular disposable razor, we recommend you pick up one of these back shavers I’ve reviewed. Not only will you be able to shave yourself, but you’ll also be able to style and trim your back hair just the way you want it.

One final word though – remember that your back shaver is still a bladed implement, so treat it as such. Respect the blades, keep your razor maintained and cleaned, and you’ll be sure to have a perfectly shaved back every time.

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