Biosilk Shampoo Review: Silk Therapy for Your Dry and Brittle Hair

Bad hair day? Biosilk Shampoo may be the solution for you!

Dry and frizzy hair is a messy problem for women these days. Sometimes, we blame it on the weather, the conditioner or hair treatment that we use. At times like these, we ask ourselves, what went wrong?

But fret no more, we think we’ve got the solution you’re looking for: a conditioning shampoo that makes your hair silky and smooth, the Biosilk Therapy Shampoo. In this review, we’ll let you know what’s in it that makes it a good additional hair therapy to include in your routine.

Who is Biosilk

Biosilk is a famous brand for haircare products and tools. Their products include Biosilk shampoo and conditioner, hand sanitizers, creams, gels, oils and many others.

BIOSILK Silk Therapy Original Cure, 12 Oz Biosilk Shampoo

One of the main ingredients of this brand’s products is the popular silk proteins. Silk protein is an animal-derived compound from the spent cocoon of the silkworm. Shami Farouk, the founder of Biosilk discovered the benefits of these natural silk proteins when applied to hair and incorporated it in the brand’s hair care products.

Because of this, the brand has won countless beauty awards through the years, and is a highly-recognized brand among women. The company also adopts eco-friendly management and has helped communities during this time of pandemic.

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Introducing Biosilk Shampoo

One of the most popular products of the Biosilk brand is the Biosilk Silk Therapy Shampoo. This innovative shampoo is infused with unique and natural ingredients that doesn’t only cleanses your hair but also promotes healthy and shiny hair.

Biosilk Shampoo Ingredients

What are Silk Proteins

Silk proteins are very similar to keratin, the protein that makes up the hair. In fact, silk proteins contain 17 of the 19 amino acids present in keratin. That’s why shampoos infused with silk protein provides nourishment and building blocks to your hair.

In addition to that, silk protein hydrolysate can retain a large amount of water. Biosilk shampoo moisturizes your hair and leaves it soft and shiny all-day long. It can also promote hair growth as it can moisturize the scalp thus stimulating new hair growth.

Botanical Extracts

Other than silk proteins, Biosilk shampoo is infused with botanical extracts and natural herbs such as lavender, peppermint and clary sage. Lavender stimulates hair growth and is known  as an antimicrobial agent. Peppermint oil on the other hand, may help with dry scalp, itching or other scalp problems.

And last but not the least, clary extracts help promote hair growth by balancing hormones and alleviating stress, which is one of the most common cause of hair loss. In addition to that, it has been known to be good at cleaning scalp thus helping improve the health of your scalp.

Wheat Proteins & Citric Acid

Biosilk shampoo also contains wheat proteins. Wheat protein is an additive in hair products that helps in preventing hair damage by providing lubricity. It is also used to achieve glossy and shiny hair.

Another Biosilk Shampoo ingredient that helps maintain glossy hair is citric acid. Because of its acidic content, this compound helps prevent build up and oily matter on hair. Furthermore, it serves as a thin layer that protects the hair and maintains hydration.

How Biosilk Shampoo Works

Biosilk shampoo is ideal for all hair types. The silk proteins penetrate hair to nourish and replenish lost nutrients making hair not only silky but strong and healthy as well. The botanical extracts of this shampoo, on the other hand, adds back the oil needed to moisturize the scalp and promote new hair growth.

Other Biosil Shampoo ingredients protect the hair strands and help remove build up caused by other products and natural substances. Scalp problems, frizziness and split ends may also be alleviated upon using the shampoo.

Why Buy Biosilk Shampoo?

Other than the main ingredients of the Biosilk shampoo, the company claims that their products are free of sulfates, gluten, and parabens. Even their own packaging materials are assured to be free of these chemicals since they manufacture their own.

BioSilk Therapy Cure, 2.26 Fl Oz

Luckily you can buy the Biosilk Shampoo on Amazon. Get the 3 bottle package to get discounts, listed below is its latest price.

Biosilk 3 Piece Silk Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner...
  • Shampoo contains silk proteins and botanical extracts

Pros and Cons of Biosilk Shampoo


  • Sulfate-Free and Paraben-Free
  • Unique active ingredient, silk proteins, help strengthen and build healthier hair
  • Botanicals help remove build up and moisturize scalp and hair
  • Fragrant and long-lasting smell


  • More expensive compared to regular shampoos that promise the same results
  • May cause oilier or greasier hair

Biosilk Shampoo Reviews

The Biosilk shampoo has gained positive reviews in the past.

One said, before, she had dry and flyaway hair, but after using it the fly away hair went away and it became smooth. Another would say they had after they colored their hair it became dry and frizzy hair, but after using this product, her hair transformed completely.

One very positive customer reviewed the product as the shampoo that made her hair shiny and soft and came back with elasticity, and no more breakages were observed. A lot of customers also liked the soothing effect of the scent of this shampoo.

Negative reviews included causing their hair to dry or become frizzy. While others complained of the consistency of the product.

However, there were no reported side effects while using the product as per the website. The critical reviews, in comparison, do not outweigh the benefits it provided to a lot of customers.

Over-all, based on reviews, the product was more well-liked on its conditioning power than other shampoos.

Biosilk Shampoo and Conditioner

You may also want to consider buying the Biosilk shampoo and conditioner Silk therapy duo. The conditioner has similar main ingredients to the shampoo but is packed with oil and fragrance to help make your hair not only soft but smell fresh all day!

BIOSILK Silk Therapy Duo Set Shampoo and...
  • Includes Biosilk Silk Therapy Shampoo 12 Oz & Silk Therapy Conditioner 12 Oz

In addition, the conditioner formula has UV filters to protect hair from damaging UVA/UVB rays. The botanical extracts like clary, lavender, and peppermint leaves in the conditioner’s formula nourishes and replenish moisture to prevent dry and frizzy hair.

How to use the Biosilk Shampoo & Conditioner

Saturate your hair with warm water. Apply shampoo to the scalp and massage until it forms a rich lather. Apply through the hair and onto the scalp. Rinse your hair and scalp completely. After shampooing, apply conditioner and work through the hair thoroughly. Leave the conditioner in your hair for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly preferably with cold water

The effects may be felt right after shampooing and using the products. It will leave your hair shiny, silky, soft and with a rich scent. You can use other Biosilk products for best results.

Biosilk Shampoo Variants

Biosilk Shampoo with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has always been a famous ingredient in for hair care products. If you love coconut products, you may want to try the Biosilk Shampoo with coconut oil.

BioSilk Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil...
  • Use daily to provide soft, smooth and silky hair

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Shampoo

For people with flat hair, the Biosilk Volumizing Shampoo may be the best option for you. It is formulated with Biosilk’s Hair Volume Complex formula that gives volume to flat hair and revitalizes your scalp.

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Shampoo | 34oz |...
  • Silk proteins penetrate hair to create incredible shine

FAQs about Biosilk Shampoo

There have been questions on the internet  about the effectiveness of Biosilk Shampoo in preventing hair loss and hair dryness. Here are some commonly asked questions about Biosilk Shampoo and the answers that will help clarify them.

What does Biosilk shampoo do to your hair?

Biosilk shampoo helps in promoting healthy and silky hair growth. The silk proteins in the formula help in nourishing and conditioning hair. The botanical extracts like clary, peppermint and lavender can stimulate hair growth and strengthening, and prevent scalp problems.

Does Biosilk shampoo make your hair fall out?

Biosilk doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that may cause hair fall. In fact, it is guaranteed sulfate and paraben free. Majority of users report shinier hair after each use.

Is Biosilk good for hair loss?

Biosilk shampoo is infused with silk proteins that helps strengthen and promote healthy growth of hair. Other ingredients that may induce normal hair growth are botanical extracts like clary, peppermint and lavender. These natural ingredients are also known to prevent scalp problems like dandruff and itchiness, symptoms that are sometimes with hair loss.

Does Biosilk shampoo have sulfates?

Biosilk guarantees that their products are all sulfate and paraben-free.

Does Biosilk moisturize hair?

Biosilk shampoo is infused with silk protein, a water-retaining compound that helps in keeping your hair moisturized. In addition, the botanical extracts and oils help moisturize hair and keep it soft and fragrant all day. Many users attest to Biosilk’s promise, and have been loyal customers to the Biosilk brand for years.


Maintaining beautiful hair can be a bit tedious. However, with the Biosilk Silk Shampoo and conditioner duo, you have less things to worry about. Other than this routine, you can also take care of your hair by taking regular trims, vitamins, and  improving diet by including omega-3 rich foods. Also, avoid using harmful products on your hair, manage stress levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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