10 Best Body Wave Hair Styles + Styling Guide

Wavy hair and curls are always in, especially when it’s in body wave hair styles. These hairstyles are always in, no matter the season or fashion era.

Why? You may ask.

That’s because these wavy hairstyles can give you that extra boost of confidence that will make your already cute outfit even better. 

Hair is usually the first thing people notice in a person. So, if you want to give a great first impression, your best bet would be to put your hair in body wave hair styles.

The thing is, most people think that women who wear these wavy hairstyles wake up at 4 in the morning to prep their hair and put on makeup. But they don’t know what you’ll know after reading this article!

Spoiler alert, it is easy to achieve these luscious locks! In this article, I will be talking all about body wave hair styles. From the products you will need, a styling guide and some hair inspirations to help you rock those curls even better. 

What are body wave hair styles? 

A body wave hair style features large, wavy curls that give your hair additional flair and volume. These curls are similar to the old Hollywood curls you see celebrities donning on the red carpet.

You don’t have to be a movie star to wear this hairstyle, though! This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to do any crazy hairstyles just yet. Anyone who feels that they can rock this hairstyle should definitely try this one! 

Best Body Wave Hair Styles Inspirations

Want to give your newly curled hair additional spice? Here are some body wave hair styles you might want to get inspiration from!

Short Body Wave Hair

body wave hair styles 1

Who said that body waves are only for those with long, luscious hair?

Whatever they say, you can definitely rock body wave hair styles, regardless of your hair length. If you have a shoulder-length haircut or a bob, you can add life and volume to your hair by curling it. 

Mid-length Body Hair

body wave hair styles 2

Body wave hair styles can be perfect for those with mid-length hair, as they can frame your face and give volume to your mane. If you plan on doing this on your own, I would suggest that you use a smaller curling barrel to make your curls more defined. 

Long Body Wave Hair

body wave hair styles 3

The best way to flaunt your body wave hair styles is to let your hair down, especially when you have long, shiny locks!

This hairstyle is perfect for formal events, casual parties, and everything in between. 

Body Wave Hair in High Pony

body wave hair styles 4

If you want to achieve a preppy look, your curled hair in a high ponytail is the finishing touch it definitely needs! Don’t forget to use a hair tie, preferably spiral hair ties, to prevent hair breakage. Level up your high ponytail with quaffed hair.

Body Wave Hair in Low Pony

body wave hair styles 5

On the other hand, if you want to rock a chic look, you might want to hair up in a low ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for when you’re at work, so your outfit screams “elegance” and “sophistication” in the most subtle way. 

Body Wave Hair Styles for Colored Hair

If your colored and highlighted hair is not enough for you and you still want to take your hair game a bit further, body wave hair styles would work for you! Here are some inspirations for colored, bleached, and highlighted hair! 

Gold Body Wave Hair Style

body wave hair styles 6

If your hair is in a beautiful shade of gold, whether it be colored or au natural, please do us a favor by letting your hair down! You can use hair pins or clips to keep the strands from falling from your face, but trust me when I say to keep it all down! 

Ginger Body Wave Hair

body wave hair styles 7

Ginger hair is literally on fire today! Lots of women are trying to turn their hair red, so if you’re naturally ginger, show off your mane by letting your hair down. You can also do a half updo for a cleaner, more elegant look. 

Blonde Body Wave Hair

body wave hair styles 8

If you’re a blonde, and you have those natural highlights (if it’s bleached, it’s okay! We won’t judge!), the best way to show them off is to style them into waves! A ponytail or a half updo would also look great on you.

Body Wave Hair with Money Piece

body wave hair styles 9

Money pieces are a great way to style your hair! It would look even better with a body wave. The best way to flaunt your highlights is to keep all of your hair down or to do a tendril ponytail to frame your face. 

Body Wave Hair with Bangs

body wave hair styles 10

Don’t sweep your bangs to the side, it should be a part of the hairstyle! Get a feathered layer hair cut to give you more length and bounce. You may opt to let your hair with body wave hair styles down or put it in a ponytail (personally, I prefer the latter). When putting your hair up in a ponytail, give it a bit more spice by adding tendrils to the sides of your hair. 

What do I need for body wave hair styles? 

Are you ready to give yourself a makeover? If your answer is yes (and it should be!), grab your hair styling products and devices to get started. Here’s what you would need: a curling iron, heat protectant, curling mousse or hairspray, and other accessories. 

What do I need for body wave hair styles

Curling Iron

There are many ways you can do to get those voluminous curls you desire, but let’s be honest. The easiest and surefire way to do that is by using a curling iron

To achieve body wave hairstyles, make sure to use the biggest barrel available for your device. If a curling iron is not available, you may also use a hair straightener to curl your hair. 

Heat Protectant 

Using hair curling or straightening devices will subject your hair to excessive heat that may damage your hair! Never use these devices without prepping your hair with a heat protectant, which is a protective layer for your locks. 

If possible, look for an organic heat-protectant spray for your hair. This will help lessen the damage caused by unwanted chemicals and product build-up. 

Hair Mousse/Hairspray

If your curls end up a bit loose a few minutes after curling, then you might want to use some hair product to hold those curls. Both would hold your curls in place. The only difference would be that a hair mousse is applied before curling, when your hair is still a bit damp, while hairspray is applied after you curl your hair. Hair mousse for wavy hair also gives your hair more volume, while hairspray fixes and keeps your hair in position. 

Other accessories

Your hair will already look great even without additional accessories, so this part is optional. But if you want that extra flair, you can definitely bring your hairstyle to a different level by adding hair accessories.  

How to create body wave hair styles?

Now the million-dollar question is this: how exactly do you get those head-turning body wave hair styles? Here’s how you can achieve it! 

Wash your hair, if needed. 

If you feel like your dirt and product build-up are in your midst, then don’t hesitate to give your hair a good, thorough wash! Make sure to use hair products with organic and all-natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy. Make sure your hair is all dry before you start curling your hair. 

Apply heat protectant. 

Always, always, always use a heat protectant when doing your hair using heat styling devices. This product can provide an extra layer of protection from excessive heat and prevent hair damage and breakage. 

Apply mousse. 

Should you choose to use hair mousse, apply the product when your hair is still a bit damp. Hair mousse can give your hair extra volume as well as hold your curls in place. Wait until your hair is dry before you use any heat styling devices on your hair. 

Curl your hair. 

No wavy hair style can be done without curling your hair! For this step, use a curling iron with a large barrel. Part your hair into different sections and wrap a few inches of each section into the curling iron. 

Hold it for a maximum of 15 seconds and release it to your palm as it cools. This will make your curls look more bouncy and more defined. Repeat until all sections are curled. 

Apply hairspray (optional). 

Once your hair is curled, you may apply hairspray for that extra hold, especially if your hair is a bit stubborn when styling. 

When all else fails, get a perm. 

Kidding! The aforementioned guide is tried and tested. You just have to try different curling techniques and products to get the body wave hair styles you want. 

But, if you don’t have the time to style your hair daily or want your curls to be long-lasting, then a perm would be your best bet! Ask your hairstylist about getting a body wave perm. 

FAQs about Body Wave Hair Styles

How long do body wave hair styles last? 

Body wave hair styles last depending on your hair type and the styling product you use on your hair. Usually, a body wave would last about 4 to 5 hours. It can even last the entire day if you refrain from brushing your hair after your curls have been set. 

On the other hand, if you get a perm to achieve those body waves, it would last from 8 to 12 weeks. How long these waves would last in your hair depends on your hair care.

Do body wave hair styles damage your hair? 

Yes. But the same can be said for any hairstyle that uses excessive heat, no matter how careful you seem to be with your mane. You should always let your hair breathe every few days/weeks or so. But if styling your hair is inevitable, don’t forget to use heat protectants and moisturizing hair products to keep it soft, shiny, and healthy. 

How do I get a body wave? 

There are many ways for you to get body wave hair styles. The easiest and simplest way to style your hair is through the use of a big-barreled curling iron. You can also use a hair straightener, hair wavers, or even non-heat curling techniques to get yourself body wave hair styles! If you want your hairstyle to last longer, you can ask your hairdresser for a perm. 

Should I get a body wave perm or a traditional perm? 

The choice ultimately falls upon you. Traditional perms use smaller rods to create tight curls around your hair. Body wave perm, on the other hand, uses a larger rod to create loose waves and give your hair more volume. Both perms can last from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on how you care for your hair after treatment. 

Level Up Your Style With Bouncy Body Wave Hair!

Your hair is the make-it-or-break-it factor of your outfit. So, getting body wave hair styles is one of the best things you can do to level up your OOTD.

It’s also one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles you give yourself. And it doesn’t take that much–only patience, a trusty curling iron, and enough space for all the compliments your hair will be getting. 

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