12 Gorgeous Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles

Beauty transcends all ages and all hair colors. Inspired by my grandmother, who gracefully embraces old age and grey hair, I decided to feature twelve gorgeous old woman short grey hair styles. Each of the short grey hair inspirations in the list is easy to recreate and groom. As much as possible, I chose hairstyles that require no additional products for maintenance and are perfect for almost every setting.

Grey hair comes naturally with aging, and accepting this change has unique challenges. Most older women with grey hair also experience hair thinning and less hair volume. Also, hair styling can be complex. That is why I recommend choosing short grey hairstyles for older women.

Short hairstyles feel lighter on the scalp and are not likely to fall quickly. Layering and brushing up short grey hairstyles can instantly add body and volume to hair. These styles also require less time and effort to groom and maintain compared to crazy hairstyles. The most that you need is to use the correct type of shampoo and avoid harsh treatment chemicals. Above all, short grey hairstyles look stunning, especially for older women. So without further delay, here are some of the trendy aesthetic hairstyles you can try!

Best Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles

Side-Swept Grey Pixie Cut

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Side-Swept Pixie

One of the most classic old woman short grey hair styles is the side-swept pixie cut. It is a variation of the pixie cut, with a more carefree vibe. This type is best suited in casual settings as it gives a more relaxed feel and is relatively easy to manage. Grooming this hairstyle is almost effortless and can easily be managed with just your fingers to comb your bang to the side. The beauty about a side-sweep pixie cut is that it gives a more approachable and friendly aura – a perfect everyday look!

Brush-up Short Grey Hairstyle

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Brush Up

If you are looking for a more sassy 80s look, a brush-up pixie cut may be the right hairstyle. It is one of the old woman short grey hair styles that fashions brush-up bangs and sleek combed side. This hairstyle is perfect for casual wear and special events. If you have healthy hair that can withstand hair products like hair gel or mousse for men, then don’t be afraid to wear this style to break from your everyday hairdo.

Short Grey Pixie Hair Cut

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Pixie

This pixie cut is one of the old woman short grey hair styles that fashion an energetic gamine vibe. It is a hairstyle with a strong appeal due to its effortless sharpness and the comfort it provides to the person who wears it. Furthermore, a pixie cut is one of the most versatile hairstyles for grey hair as it suits any face shape and hair type. Anyone can wear this hairstyle, and it works well in almost all settings, be it for casual daily errands or executive setups.

Short Grey Hairstyle With Hat

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles With Hat

A simple accessory can go a long way; this hairstyle is a testament to that. On sunny days, a hat works well with women with any old woman short grey hair styles. Leave some of the hair free to add more character and volume to your look. Not only is the hat essential for shade, but having it angled gives your look more flair. This hairstyle is perfect for casual outdoor wear and is suitable for all hair types.

Effortless and Breezy Short Grey Hairstyle

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Effortless and Breezy

Another alternative style to the pixie cut is effortless and breezy. Since a pixie cut has a length that is effectively comfortable to its bearer, you may want to skip all that styling and just let your hair flaunt on its own. One of the old woman’s short grey hair styles gives out the most relaxed ambiance as it reflects affection and openness. This hairstyle can give you the volume you’ve always wanted if you have thin hair.

Side-Swept Grey Bob Cut

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Side-Swept Bob Cut

Side-swept bob cut is another popular hairstyle for women with grey hair. This hairstyle is especially famous for women working in professional settings because it gives off a strong and sophisticated vibe. This look should work well for women with wavy hair, as the flares at the tip of the hair provide an extra kick of glamor to your style.

Short Grey Bob Cut Hairstyle 

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Bob Cut

A bob cut is among the most famous old woman short grey hair styles for fine hair. The length perfectly emphasizes features of the face and neck as its shape provides a good frame. On top of these, bob cuts can be easily managed and worn on almost any occasion. This look also looks hip and can radiate a youthful glow. Its chicness makes it work in formal, professional, or casual settings.

Short and Wavy Grey Hairstyle

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Wavy Shoulder Length

Add this wavy bob cut to your old woman short grey hair style inspirations. This hairstyle works well on all hair types, especially wavy ones. For those with a rounder-shaped face, a short and wavy bob cut should work well for you as it compliments your facial structure. This look gives a chic and relaxed vibe and works well in professional settings.

 Brush-up Chin-Length Grey Hair 

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles Chin Length

If you have more delicate hair and always wanted to bring in more volume but couldn’t find the best, look no more because a brush-up chin-length cut may be the one for you. It is one of the old woman grey hair styles that reduce the tension on your scalp and hair, thus enabling it to spring better. Effortlessly elegant best encapsulates this hairstyle as it is perfect for everyday wear and professional settings. If you have thicker hair, do not worry because if you can rock the volume, then why not?

Short Sassy Grey Hair Cut

Sassy Grey Hair Cut

Are you looking for an old woman short grey hairstyles to rock the party? I recommend this sassy haircut for a wild and aggressive look on your next night out. This hairstyle fashions short hair with a layered back end for added character. Although this haircut needs a little hair product to hold the style, it wouldn’t hurt much as long as you save this for special occasions. The feathered haircuts can work well on this short and any hair type. This will surely razzle-dazzle everyone at the party.

Grey Hair Boy Cut

Grey Hair Boy Cut

Who said that you need to be a man to fashion a boy cut? Much like a pixie cut, this hairstyle emulates a gamine chic fashion. If you can’t see yourself sporting a buzz-cut style for women, the boy cut is perfect, especially when complemented with fabulous make-up that will highlight both the face and your hair. It is one of the few old woman short grey hair styles that emphasize the gradient of grey hair, adding more texture and character to your overall style.

Grey French Bob Cut

Grey French Bob Cut

The French bob cut is much like a typical bob cut but with a shorter amount, usually on the backside. This hairstyle is quickly becoming famous among older women, especially celebrities, as it poses a sophisticated yet approachable look to whoever wears it. This hairstyle is perfect for all hair types and in almost all settings. It is one of the most sought-after old woman short hair styles today.

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles FAQs

Do short grey hairstyles make you look older?

No. While grey and white hair colors are most commonly associated with old age, grey hair does not at all make you look old. Most of the time, it makes you look younger because of the light and glowing hair tone. Most of the younger generations are even bleaching and coloring their hair grey. Better yet, take a look at the old woman short grey hair styles above and judge for yourself.

Should I layer my short grey hair?

If you have thin hair and you prefer to add volume to your short grey hairstyle, layering is an excellent cut option. For old woman short grey hair styles, layered bob cuts, and pixie cuts give an illusion of fuller hair.

What shampoo should I use for short grey hairstyles?

For old woman short grey hair styles, I highly recommend using purple shampoos. The purple pigments cancel the warm orange and yellow tones and enhance the light hair hues. Try the Biolage Purple Shampoo or the Redken Color Extend Graydiant Shampoo.


Our hair and hairstyles are a part of who we are as anything else in our bodies. Beauty knows no age, nor thus our hair, may it be black, brown, red, or grey. Younger people have also explored dying their hair grey; that alone is a testament that one should embrace their grey hair as its beauty transcends generations.

It is time for women with grey hair to embrace what our age offers and not be afraid to flaunt the beauty it has in store. Old woman short grey hair styles are lovely, and never should you be frightened to utilize them to express yourselves better.

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