Buzz Cuts for Women, Buzz Cut Guide and How-To

So, you’re considering going for the “Buzz Cuts for Women” craze? Buzzing off that hair and releasing yourself from the effort of hair styling and avoiding bad hair days with a buzz cut.

It’s a scary ordeal going for a women’s buzz cut. It takes bravery, to step into the unknown. I have written this blog for you to understand a little more about buzz cuts for women, with a little added buzz cut inspiration, so you feel more confident and comfortable when you finally decide to just do it.

Best Accessories for Women’s Hair

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What are Buzz Cuts for Women?

What are Buzz Cuts for Women

So, a buzz cut is a collection of haircuts created using adjustable or detachable clippers and are usually very short. A classic buzz cut would be one length all over, but buzz cuts can achieve a fade, a flat top, a length up top, and the list goes on. I think cleverly named after the sound a clipper makes, the buzz means it was achieved with a clipper.

Will a women’s buzz cut suit my face shape?

The most commonly asked question, probably. I think if you’re planning on going super short with a classic buzz cut, it’s first good to consider the shape of your head. How do you feel with your hair tied off your face super slick and tight?

Feel the back of your head, some clients do not like buzz cut hair when they have a flatter shape around the back of the head. If this is a point to consider, maybe add a little length to the back of your buzz cut for women. Petite features and bone structure can work well with a buzz cut, that is because smaller features can be hidden with a lot of hair so consider your features.

Buzz cut for women, do I do it myself?

So, I’ve seen a lot of videos online of women buzzing their hair off completely, and it looks so liberating. If you are confident, I can’t see why not.

Buzz cuts for women

Writing as a hairdresser though, sometimes doing this the first time may be nice to get a little guidance. Maybe you want to go in stages and work towards buzz cuts for women. Crops, pixie cuts, and even short grey hair are fun to play with, and they can help you discover what you do, and do not like about your hair when buzzing.

Best DIY Buzz Cut Kit for Women

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Growing out a buzz cut

So, this is the reason most people are scared of having a buzz cut for women. The commitment to short hair and then growing it out. I think it’s good to consider this stage when going for a buzz cut.

If you like to be a little radical with your hair, a buzz cut for women is a great choice. After, while growing out, you can be experimental with all the short aesthetic hairstyles. Not to mention, your hair will be in perfect condition (given you avoid chemicals, etc.) so it could be a refresh you need while experimenting. If this doesn’t sound like you, I would carefully consider if you really want to go fully buzzed.

I hate my women’s buzz cut; how can I hide it?

So, you went for it and you feel it’s not what you were expecting? The joy with a buzz cut for women is you can accessorize to help ease your buzz cut pain away.

Maybe it was a shock and you may need to get used to it too, sometimes time helps with confidence in your buzz cut. But also get creative, hats can look super cool with a buzz cut. Also, elaborate earrings can steal the show, or a simple head scarf to add a quirky twist. Even if you don’t like it, glam up this fun, crazy hairstyle.

4 Best Buzz Cuts for Women

Blonde buzz cut for women

This is one of my absolute favorite looks on a buzz cut. Go even bolder and blonde your buzz cut. Think Jessie J’s blonde buzz cut, so striking.

Blonde buzz cut for women

Now with color, I do usually always recommend going to a salon, and blonding can be way more complex than coloring so I don’t recommend doing this at home. Toning takes a skilled eye and is even hard for the professional so I trust you to make the right decision. A look I really love with blonde buzz cuts for women is when the bleach has grown out a little with a darker root adding a frosted tips look and dimension.

Longer on-top buzz cut for women

Maybe you’re not ready to go full classic one-length buzz cut all over. Leaving the top longer might be the look you desire.

Longer on top buzz cut for women

Giving you the safety net of a little length, a cropped buzz cut for women has neat short sides around the back and sides, and a bit more hair up top to play with texture and movement. This can work nicely on those of you worried about the style not suiting your head shape, giving you a little hair to shape up. Choose between a low fade vs. a high fade cut.

Classic buzz cut for women

This look is the classic all over one length. Striking, sexy, and bold. Removing the drama of doing anything with your hair and keeping it simple.

Classic buzz cut for women

It’s a look that’s trended through different eras and I feel has a statement attached, it takes confidence when we live in a time where femininity seems to be attached to long hairstyles. I think it’s super cool to show women can be just as beautiful with a buzz cut, to get rid of old ways of thinking, we have to dare to step out of it.

Colorful Buzz Cut for Women

Go super bold and try adding a splash of color or pattern to your women’s buzz cut. With short buzz cuts trending, I’ve noticed some pretty creative looks coming through on social media.

Colourful Buzz Cut for Women

Maybe you want a neon pop, animal print, or even a gothic blue tone to your buzz cut. I say do it, experimenting with color on this length is quite fun because if you keep it short, you can shave it off and try something new in a few weeks, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about changing it from bright because you just shave it off.

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