Gorgeous Short Red Hair Styles for Fall 2024

Are you looking for a little fall hair color inspiration? Maybe you’re ready for a new look? We have a list of short red hair styles to help you choose.

Short Red Hair Styles for Fall 2024

So, it’s come to that season again, pumpkin spice, the trees changing color, and you’re ready to change yours too. I love to see the red hairstyles trending in the fall. It gets me ready for a new season and color fun. Check out the hair color choices below; I’m sure you will find something you love for your short hair.

Vivid red short hair


Maybe you love hairstyles that have a real vivid pop of color? This super bright red short hairstyle is perfect if you like to make an impact with your hair color. Everything but boring, this shade of red is bound to turn heads. Vivid tones I always feel and look great on short funky hairstyles with lots of texture. Paired with this short hairstyle and you’re all set for fall 2024.

Red glow hair color

Red Glow Hair Color

So, you like adding a little red gloss to the hair without being fully bright? This kind of hair color works well, dyed over a mid-brunette tone. Use a semi/demi-permanent, so it just adds a shiny gloss over your color. These tones look really nice on smooth hair that reflects a shine. I personally love it on a classic one-length bob haircut or buzzcuts for women, so you see all the dimensions reflected in the light.

Auburn red hair color


The classic auburn red, is it red? is it ginger? Is it brunette? Or a mix of all three? These colors concoct a beautiful auburn color that simply works in perfect synergy to create a classic red color. Pair this with your short hairstyle, and you’re all set for fall. This color looks stunning on curly people, showing off a natural-looking beauty.

Dark Red Short Hairstyle

Dark Red Short Hairstyle

Dark red is a nice choice for people with a darker skin tone. Maybe your hair is naturally dark, and you do not want to stray too far from your natural color. But you want to add a sultry jewel-like hue to your hair. Dark tones can look great on short hairstyles with bangs, and I always feel the depth of the color really stands out on the face and adds a statement.

Strawberry Blonde Red Hair


Maybe you like blonde tones on yourself? Well, a sandy strawberry blonde is a nice fall hair color option for those who want to be on the blonder spectrum, warming up a cold blonde or bright, appearing softer on pale skin tones that loose color in the colder months. I love the pixie cut trend paired with this color because it has a textured angelic feel to the look.

Frosted Red Tips on short hair

Frosted Red Tips on short hair

So, we have been seeing so many grunge 90s looks coming back. And they almost have an anime feel to the look. Red frosted tips are back, too, frosted tips were popular for the guys in the 90s, but I predict we will see women wearing these looks too.

Red balayage on short hair

Red balayage on short hair

Maybe you love the gradient effect you see in hair when it’s been in the sun? Well, you can still create an autumnal look with a balayage too. Go warm, and I love this color on wolf cuts and shags, keeping you warm but cool at the same time.

Highlighted red hair

Highlighted short red hair styles

So, you love multi-tonal hair? Maybe you love red colors, but you don’t like to see hair looking one flat color. Red hair doesn’t need to be a singular tone; actually, it can look quite natural with different shades of red. I love working with three shades to add many dimensions. This short red hair styles can look great on short textured hair or a feathered haircut to show off the multi-colors.

Plum red hair color on short hair


Ok, so this tone crosses into the purple family color spectrum: a deep velvety red-purple. This trendy aesthetic style screams depth and is a great tone on dark warm skin types. These types of colors, I think, look best done as a global one-color application. Just because they have a multitude of tones in the mix, and I feel it looks classy without too much going on.

Vibrant orange-red hair

vibrant short red hair styles

Ok, ok, so this look is for the fashionista within you. Bright, glowy, and in-your-face. Think neon orange. Not a look for everyone, but this crazy hair styles can look seriously epic on those of you who love a little drama. Be prepared to top it up regularly, but totally worth the maintenance.

Split dye with red


These split dyes’ hair color looks super cool paired with the short bob. Block coloring techniques have become more and more popular recently, and the divided red look is a great option. Ready for rocking a new season. Plus, the split dye season has to be Halloween season. They’ll set off any outfit with a red split dye.

Red shadow roots

Red shadow roots

Shadow roots are also a huge trend right now, thanks to Billie Eilish and her neon green look. Dyeing the roots, a bright tone can add depth and work well on short haircuts. Especially on hair with texture, when the hair parts and moves, you see the interesting color peeping through. This short red hair styles look is for the hipster in your crowd, and we’re fully here for it

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