Can You Put Nair On Your Balls? + Nair Hair Remover Review

Can you put Nair on your balls? That is a question that’s been frequently asked for years when talking about the men’s body hair remover. And it’s quite an important question because we men have been tending to our ball hair since time immemorial.

In this article, I will serve as your guide in grooming and hair removal in your nether regions. I will also outline the benefits and drawbacks of hair removal creams such as Nair. But ultimately I will answer that age-old question “Can you put Nair on your balls?”

Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream, Body Hair Remover for Men, 13 Oz Bottle

What is Nair?

Nair is the portmanteau of the term “No hair.” The brand is mainly famous for its depilatory products or as they call it “bladeless shaving”. These products come in the form of wax strips, glide-ons, body sprays, body creams, etc. There’s Nair for your every hair removal need.

And since we’re talking about the question “Can you put Nair on your balls?” The answer is yes. Nair has made a line of products specially designed for male hair removal. And they had our balls in mind, in a hair removal context of course.

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The Legacy of Nair Lotion

First, let’s delve into some history as to how impactful this product has been for hair removal. In the 1940s Carter Products, Inc. discovered and then patented a brand-new way to remove hair. Nair Lotion is thus born and introduced to the world. Ever since their inception, the Nair brand has been innovating in its quest to offer men and women a smooth, safe, and blade-free hair removal experience.

Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream, Body Hair Remover for Men, 13 Oz Bottle

Should You Remove Your Pubic Hair?

Nobody’s sure why we have pubic hair. Some evolutionary biologists suggest that pubes are an evolutionary design to indicate puberty, that stage where the human body is ready to reproduce. It has also been observed that pubic hair traps sweat and bacteria from going lower down the crotch, thus serving as a protective barrier from infection.

However, a survey of over 4,000 respondents ages 18 to 35, drawn from Cosmopolitan’s social media accounts, Esquire’s Twitter account, and Ask Men’s Facebook account, found that 70% of women prefer their male partners to have it shaved or trimmed down there. And only 19% of women are vocal about that specific preference.

So should you remove your pubes? The answer is you should think about it. Ask your partner what they prefer and if you decide to go bare, make sure you use a good pubic hair trimmer or ball trimmer that has other protection from infection such as balms.

We’ve tackled if we SHOULD, now let’s get to “CAN you put Nair on your balls?”

Where to buy Nair?

Can you put Nair on your balls if you don’t know where to get it in the first place? Worry not. Nair hair removal products such as Men’s Nair Body Cream are available on the Nair website and on Amazon.

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Active Ingredients of Men’s Nair Body Cream

Men’s Nair Body Cream is a quick and easy-to-use body hair remover. It’s spread on the skin where you want hair removed so you can wipe it away after 3-10 minutes. It’s designed for use on your chest, back, arms, and legs. But can you put Nair on your balls? Again, yes.

Let’s take a look at the active ingredients of the product.

Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream, Body Hair Remover for Men, 13 Oz Bottle


Urea (also known as carbamide) is an excretory product of many living mammals and is the major organic component of human urine. But don’t let that bother you because urea has been used for cosmetics for a long time and is generally safe for use. It acts as a keratolytic that dissolves keratin and makes it easier to remove hair.

Potassium thioglycolate

This ingredient is a member of the perennially pungent thiol family. One atom group of sulfur-hydrogen atoms gives thiols their sharp scent. They dissolve keratin (a protein in skin and hair), which is what makes Nair lock onto human skin and fuzz. But the process doesn’t stop there as it only weakens the hair.

Calcium hydroxide

Back in the day, hair-removal products used sodium hydroxide (or lye, that thing they use to wash toilets) until manufacturers realized that customers were tired of having smooth legs but with chemical burns. Calcium hydroxide works almost as well as its predecessor but with less (not completely zero) unnecessary damage. It finishes the breakdown of the thiol-ravaged proteins at their weakest point, which is where the hair sprouts out of the root.

Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream, Body Hair Remover for Men, 13 Oz Bottle


Also known as sheep grease. As hydroxide breaks down the proteins at the base of the hair, fats are also leached away. Lanolin compensates for this. This oily glandular secretion makes wool waterproof and keeps skin smooth and soft.

Cetearyl alcohol

This compound is a result of chemical reactions between plant oils. In Nair, it serves as a skin softener and moisturizer. It helps repair the damage done to your skin by the hydroxide and thiol.

Aloe barbadensis

This stuff is that gooey extract from aloe leaves. For centuries, aloe has been used as a natural healing treatment and soothing care for burned skin. A less well-known but equally impressive effect of this extract is its ability to minimize precancerous DNA damage to skin cells that have been oxidized by exposure to strong chemicals.

Mineral oil

You know this as baby oil. In Nair, it’s included to help with softening the skin. And as you may have noticed, skin-repair ingredients outnumber hair-removal ones.


Nair is mixed with a load of secret concoctions of scents, and it’s good that it does. Because people who used the stuff in the ‘70s will remind you it used to smell like skunk spray. These days, Nair smells sweet and fresh as it breaks away that unsightly stubble.

Knowing is half the battle and by having enumerated Nair’s main ingredients we should be more able to answer the question “Can you put Nair on your balls?”

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Benefits of using Nair over other forms of hair removal

Fast and Easy

Depilatory products are designed to be fast and easy to use. They can be found in almost any drugstore or grocery shop. Nair has formulated products that can be used for all manner of skin colors and hair types.

Safe and Painless

Nair is formulated to give a painless hair removal experience. If you’ve been a victim of cuts, nicks, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs due to safety razors or straight razors, then you should consider using depilatories.

Nair can also be used on hard-to-reach areas such as the groin where it can be tricky for traditional or electric shaving. Can you put Nair on your balls? I say yes, and it can even be a better grooming experience than with razors or trimmers.

Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream, Body Hair Remover for Men, 13 Oz Bottle

Nair for Men Directions for Use

Can you put Nair on your balls? Yes, but you’ll have to follow the instructions on how.

1. Test patch

Skin chemistry changes and is affected by several factors like diet and environment, that is why you should always test the product on a small area of skin 24 hours before full application – even if you’ve used Nair hair removal creams successfully in the past.

Leave the test amount you’ve applied on the skin according to the time indicated in the instructions for regular application, but make sure not to exceed 10 minutes. Rinse the cream thoroughly and discard the product if any irritation occurs. Did the test go smoothly? If yes, then you’re good to go.

2. Lay it over thick

Ensure that your skin is dry and free of oils, lotion, and makeup before beginning. Then lay on a thick and even layer of the hair removal cream. Don’t be cheeseparing – lay it on generously and cover all of that unwanted hair. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly once you’ve finished applying the hair remover cream.

3. Set Your Timer and Chill

Set a timer and wait for 10 minutes. That’s the maximum time the hair remover should stay on your skin. Have some tea or coffee and maybe scroll through TikTok or Instagram.

4. Inspect a small area for hair removal depending on the Nair hair removal cream or product you’re using

For Nair Body Cream, you should do this after 3 minutes, other Nair products take longer. Take a damp cloth and gently wipe off a small area of cream on the skin. If the hair comes off then it’s time for you to wipe off the entire product. If not, then wait for ten minutes before removing the product.

5. Go and celebrate your smooth skin

You’ve finally successfully freed your skin from unwanted hair. Time to don those shorts or sandos and feel confident with your skin.

6. Maintenance

To maintain soft, smooth skin without unwanted hair, apply Nair cream every few days. You should allow at least 72 hours between every use of Nair.

But what about your balls?

Can you put Nair on your balls? Yes! The same instructions apply.

Safety Warning

Chemical depilatory products such as Nair can cause adverse side effects such as allergic reactions, chemical burns, blisters, irritation, rashes, and skin peeling. Nair can produce fumes that might trigger allergic reactions or asthma in some people.

I recommend using milder formulas from Nair or even refraining from using chemical depilatories if you experience any severe adverse side effects. Nair contains perfumes and fragrances, so be sure to avoid using Nair if you’re allergic to those.

Using Nair can temporarily make your skin sensitive to other skin products such as lotions or moisturizers. Avoid using other skin products immediately after using a chemical depilatory. You should also avoid exposing the depilated skin to too much sun.

So can you put Nair on your balls still? Yes. But it might not be for everybody.

Can you put Nair on your balls for real now?

We’re nearly at the end of our query and we’ve covered all the bases when it comes to our question. So let’s ask again. Can you put Nair on your balls?

Let’s put some more nuance to the question.

Can you put Nair on your balls easily? Yes, it’s even easier than shaving and trimming.

Can you put Nair on your balls safely? If the directions were followed, mostly yes.

Can you put Nair on your balls without any side effects? It depends, some individuals might experience allergic reactions or irritation from some components of the product.

Can you put Nair on your balls with just one product? It’s advised that you use Nair products that are specially designed for those sensitive areas.

The takeaway? Read all warnings and directions on the product to ensure that the product will suit you. If you can, consult a physician to more accurately select the products that can work best for you. Also, use the best electric shaver for ingrown hairs you can find, so you won’t have to rely on using Nair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Nair

Does the effect of Nair last longer than traditional shaving?

Yes, it does. Nair hair removal cream chemically removes hair beneath the skin’s surface. Results from using Nair can last up to four weeks.

Does using Nair make hair grow back coarser and thicker?

Nope. And neither does any other form of hair removal.

What does Nair smell like?

Nair products come in different formulations with different assortments of scents. However, while using Nair you might smell something like burning hair. This is the thiol and hydroxide working to break down the keratin in your hair.

Can Nair affect how my tattoo looks?

Nope. Depilatory products can only work no deeper than the epidermis. Tattoo ink lies in the dermis which is deeper in the skin.

Does Nair burn?

Most people won’t experience a burning sensation when using Nair products. It’s normal to feel a tingling sensation when using Nair. However, if the burning sensation is severe, immediately remove the product from the skin by wiping it off with a towel or running water.

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