Catalase Shampoo Review: Gray Hair Solution?

Can you stop hair graying with catalase shampoo? In this article, I’ll review one of today’s most popular anti-aging shampoo called Catalase Boost Shampoo. As it may be the anti-aging solution you have been looking for. I will also tell you who can use it, its benefits, and possible risks and side effects. Towards the end, I will answer some of your frequently asked questions, then I will give my final verdict.

Catalase Boost Shampoo Daily Catalase Shampoo for...
  • Catalase Boost Shampoo is a hair care formula that...

Hair graying is a natural process that is experienced by people of old age. But to some, this occurs at a younger age.

That’s because when people age, the body’s biological activities tend to slow down. Some processes that may slow down are melanin production and other enzymatic activities.

Gray Hair - Catalase Shampoo

Your hair follicle’s pigment cells produce melanin that gives your hair color. When these cells do not make enough melanin anymore, your hair starts to grow gray strands. Without pigment, new hair strands grow lighter and take in various shades of gray.

So far, there is no cure or medical intervention found that can reverse this process. Once a follicle stops making melanin, naturally it won’t make a colored strand again.

Causes of Gray Hair

There are a lot of factors that cause graying of hair even on young people. 


Race and ethnicity play a great role in graying hair strands. In a report about gray hairs, premature graying shows in white people at 20s. Twenty five year olds Asians show early graying of hair. While in African-Americans populations, hair graying are observed at age 30s and above.

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin B12, folic acid, b7 deficiencies are also observed with premature graying of hair. Minerals in blood like calcium and ferritin also correlates with graying of hair. Reports showed that treatment of these deficiencies help patients grow their normal hair color back.

Real-life Stressors

According to studies, stress can cause hair  to gray prematurely. When the melanocyte stem cell, or the cell that regenerates melanin producing cells, is affected, regeneration of the pigment of the hair is hindered. The hair that grows from follicles with no new melanocytes stem cells has less pigment and appears gray. 

Certain Medical Conditions

Premature graying of hair can also be found in children with albinism. White hair in children can also be due to brain disorders. Auto-immune diseases is another medical condition that have direct correlation with having premature graying of hair. These auto-immune diseases include hypo- and hyper-thyroidism.

Chemical Hair Dyes 

As we know, hair dye preparations involve the action of hydrogen peroxide. Continued and prolonged use of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidative chemicals will eventually take a toll on your hair. Deposits of peroxide and harmful chemical will cause advanced aging of hair. That is why it is advised by professionals to take intervals before going to the salon and get hair treatments.

Premature Gray Hair Solutions

Researchers have conducted extensive studies on the association of  premature aging of hair to many factors. Some  experts suggest management of this condition by taking vitamin supplements. Vitamin B12, folic acid, and other minerals likewise is used for treatment of hypothyroidism. Hair color dyes prepared from natural products are also seen to have helpful effects on graying hair. 

Recent advances have shown that adding powerful ingredients to hair shampoo can also have anti-aging efficacy on hair. These ingredients may include Vitamin C, E, phytoestrogens, and melatonin. Melanin on one hand can be induced by increased catalase activity in our body.

So, What is Catalase?

Catalase is primarily found in mitochondria, peroxisomes and in the liver. It is an enzyme and antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress caused by hydrogen peroxide and free radicals in the body. Production of catalase is the body’s defense mechanism to protect the cells and organelles from harsh conditions. That’s why deficiency or malfunction of catalase is associated with a lot of degenerative or aging diseases in humans. 

Catalase Enzyme - Catalase Shampoo

In recent studies, catalase was quantified in hair bulb melanocytes, or the cell that produces melanin. It is found that there are decreased levels of catalase on unpigmented hairs than in pigmented hair bulbs. This just means that premature hair graying is also associated with catalase deficiencies. 

Benefits of Catalase

There are studies conducted that showed the benefits of catalase in the body. The scope of these studies only includes the benefits from naturally occurring catalases in the body. 


One study showed that mice engineered to produce catalase lived 20% longer than normal mice. Additionally, fruit flies were sturdier with induced catalase. Control fruit flies on one hand were more prone to stress.

Hair Graying/Pigmentation

Notable studies have shown that lower level of catalase while high levels of peroxides were found on graying hair. These support that low levels of catalase is responsible, if not wholly, for hair greying or premature graying of hair. One study that involves depigmentation called vitiligo were successfully treated with topical application of pseud-catalase, calcium and short term exposure to UVB.

Protection Against Damaging Dietary Fat

Mice engineered to have high levels of catalase were also found to have less heart, liver and muscle damage after high-dietary fat intake. Furthermore, other normal mice fed with a high-fat diet, tend to produce more catalase. This is a sign of the direct correlation of catalase and high-diet fat. 


Generally speaking, catalase protects cells from potential damage. So when mutations are imminent, it can protect healthy cells from mutating. Catalase, can also protects cells from drug and other medications of cancer. In one study, early stage prostate, lung and colon cancer showed low level of catalase. While those in late stage cancers showed high levels of catalase. 

Because of this many benefits, today, there are a lot of ways you can take catalase. There are lotions for skin, supplements like GoAwayGray and shampoos for hair like Catalase Shampoo. Today, I’ll specifically talk about the Catalase Boost Shampoo by Best Earth Naturals.

Best Earth Naturals is a subsidiary of Rise-N-Shine established in 2006. They deliver high- quality vitamins, supplements & hair care products to the market. Their products meet the high standards of the U.S.P. Good Manufacturing Practices. With world class facilities and efficiency they ensure pure and high quality products. Their vast categories include hair care products that boost biological activities to bring out best results in the most natural way.

What is Catalase Boost Shampoo

Catalase boost shampoo is a formula shampoo containing an active ingredient called catalase. This catalase shampoo helps to restore a younger looking hair by stopping the culprits of hair aging. It also promises to increase your hair thickness and quality by nourishing it with vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to rebuild hair. 

Catalase Boost Shampoo Daily Catalase Shampoo for Men and Women 8 Ounces

This shampoo is available in 235ml bottles (8oz) and can be used by men and women. Although it is best suited for thinning and graying hair, people will normal hair and multicultural hair can also used this shampoo to promote hair vitality. It can also be safely used by people with colored hairs as it doesn’t contain any dyes or ingredients that can strip your hair of color.

How does Catalase Shampoo Work?

Best Earth Naturals Catalase Shampoo uses catalase as its main ingredient to promote hair longevity and vitality. As mentioned above catalase is an enzyme that helps prevent oxidative stress in the body. The enzyme catalase degrades hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. When catalase is enough in our body, deposits of harmful hydrogen peroxide is removed. The hair follicles will produce healthy strands. 

This catalase shampoo is not only helpful for older people, as people from different age groups also experience early hair graying as well. Don’t worry because you’re not the only one experiencing it. Stress is one of the major factor contributing to hair graying, hair aging and hair dulling nowadays. 

Catalase Shampoo Ingredients

Aside from catalase, the Catalase Boost shampoo has other powerful natural ingredients including: 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very popular ingredient in Asian and African countries. That’s because coconut oil is not only nutritious it is also a powerful herbal medicine. It has a lot of antioxidants that can fight inflammation, kill microbes and protect hair from damage. Furthermore, it has a hair conditioning effect and increases hair elasticity, thickness, shine and vitality.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is a carrier oil that has medicinal properties and has a lot of benefits for hair and skin. It moisturizes and conditions hair strands and protects hair from dryness, breakage and split ends.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hair scalp and follicles absorb proteins such as hydrolyzed wheat protein. They supply amino acids that are beneficial to hair, thus providing nourishment to hair strands and prevent  hair breakage.

Shea Butter

This fat extracted from African shea tree is another conditioning ingredient that protects the scalp and enhances hair softness. It is good for flaky and irritated scalp as it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is anti-inflammatory too and prevents itching and dryness of the scalp.

Full ingredients:

Sodium Methyl, 2-Sulfolaurate and Disodium 2-sulfolarurate, water, Lauryl Lactyl Lactate, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, cetyl betaine, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Panthenol, Betaine, Catalase

Who can use Catalase Shampoo?

Catalase Boost Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, even on multicultural hairs. Whether your hair is oily, dry, straight, or  frizzy, Catalase Boost Shampoo is fit for you. The Best Earth Naturals Catalase Shampoo is recommended for men and women of adult age.

How to Use:

Here are the simple steps you can use Catalase Boost Shampoo as your everyday shampoo.

  1. Wet hair.
  2. Massage into scalp and apply evenly through out scalp.
  3.  Leave on for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Repeat use as necessary.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Catalase Boost Shampoo on Amazon and other online shop. But you can get great deals on shipping and discounts on Amazon if you buy in bulk or buy it with the Catalase Conditioner and Extreme Shampoo.

Catalase Boost Shampoo Daily Catalase Shampoo for...
  • Catalase Boost Shampoo is a hair care formula that...

Pros and Cons

Let’s look here what are the positive and negative sides to using this Catalase Shampoo.


  • The product is easy to use.
  • It makes hair shinier and healthier. 
  • The product also makes hair less frizzy. 
  • Ingredients are natural.


  • The only undesirable point I saw with using Catalase shampoo is that it did not reduce gray hair. There are no solid reviews that show the reversal of their gray hair. 
  • It is also a bit pricey compared to other anti-aging shampoo.

Catalase Shampoo Side Effects 

Best Earth Catalase Boost Shampoo is generally regarded as safe. Jojoba oil may pose possible risks including rash, itching and redness. The shea butter ingredient may cause break-outs or acne on the face. Best to consult with your doctor before using this product.

Catalase Shampoo Reviews

One customer liked using this shampoo. It is not too greasy and at the right consistency. What she loved after continued use is that it makes her hair feel clean and easy to manage. It also left hair hair non-frizzy.

A customer noticed that after 2 weeks of use, there was a significant change in the texture of her hair. It became shinier. She only used this shampoo with no conditioner. She did not expect change in her white hair, but other than that, there was a dramatic results on her hair. She liked the minty scent of the product too.

One customer did not like the product since she expected reversal of gray hair. She has used it for 3 months, but there were no significant results on the color of her hair.

FAQs about Catalase Shampoo

Is Catalase shampoo good for thinning hair?

The catalase in the catalase shampoo helps remove the harsh deposits of peroxide chemical in the hair.  Chemicals like oxidants and peroxides, cause thinning and aging of hair. The boost in catalase may help also in the thinning of hair.

Is catalase shampoo safe?

Catalase shampoo is generally considered safe. Some ingredients are made from natural products too. Yet, best to consult with your physician especially on pregnant women.

Is Catalase Boost Shampoo sulfate free?

All the Catalase Boost Shampoo is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

How long does it take effect?

Some customers stated that they felt changes in their hair after using it for 2 weeks. Others had immediate results after using this shampoo.

Catalase Shampoo Review: Final Verdict

Catalase Boost shampoo is an innovative and unique anti-aging formula. It helps make your hair grow beautiful, shinier and less frizzy. As for the anti-aging effect, there are different RESULTS observed by users. Some said they noticed hair strands returned to their natural color. Others said they did not see significant change in their gray hair.  If you are looking into reversing your gray hair, you can try anti-graying supplements like GoAwayGray, Anti Gray 7050 and Foligray instead. We’ve created individual reviews for each of these supplements.

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