7 Crazy Hair Styles for Girls + Wacky Hair Styling Guide

This season, crazy hairstyles are totally in! Hairstyles can totally change your outfit.

Depending on how you did your hair, it could downgrade it or bring it up to an entirely different level. In certain circumstances, your hair can also be a blank canvas for your creative self.

A canvas for what, you may ask? Crazy hair styles, of course!

These hairstyles are great for birthday parties, Halloween, or when you want a different way to show your personality.

In this article, I’ve picked the easiest and craziest hairstyles that you can do for your next endeavor! I’ve also included a section for tips and reminders for trying out these hairstyles. 

Why create crazy hair styles? 

So really, why would you go out of your way and spend more time on your hair than usual?

There are many reasons why you should try putting up your hair into fun, crazy hairstyles! 


Fashion and beauty have always been great avenues to express yourself and/or convey a message. Most people do it through printed shirts and the color or style of their clothing.

That’s great and all, but you can definitely level up your expression by adding a hairstyle to complement your clothes. Doing crazy and unusual hairstyles are a sure and fun way to get your message across. 


Fall is upon us, and we have officially entered the spooky season. This means Halloween activities and costume parties will frequent your calendar soon.

Don’t miss the chance to leave your friends in awe with a hairstyle that brings your entire costume to the next level. 

It’s fun! 

Let’s be honest. How many times in your life have you actually laid back and allowed yourself to have fun?

When was the last time you let yourself wear whatever you want to outside? Whatever was holding you back, donning a crazy hairstyle is an effective way to show your quirkier side! 

Who can wear crazy hairstyles? 

Here’s the million-dollar question: who can wear crazy hair styles? The answer is everyone! Yes, including you! There’s no age limit to being fun and crazy. And so shall these hairstyles be available for everyone who likes them!

Of course, these hairstyles would be more common in children. But, if you’re an overall fun person or just someone who wants to spice up their daily beauty routine, these hairstyles are great for you! 

Best Crazy Hairstyles and Styling Guide

Bantu Knots with Mini Claw Clips


This take on bantu knots is very cute. Adorned with colorful mini claw clips this is a crazy hairstyle that you can do for yourself or your kid. It is also simple enough that you can still wear this on a normal school or work day.

To do this hairstyle, part your hair into four or more sections. Twist your hair and put it into a bun. Secure the bun with a small ponytail and/or hairpins. If you have extra time, you can pluck out a few inches of your hair, braid them, and wrap it around the buns to hide the ponytails. Decorate your hair with hair clips.

Crazy Layered Hair Style 


This woman’s crazy hair style match her outfit’s provocative vibe. This hairstyle is perfect for themed parties or for when you really want to wow your friends. 

To do this hairstyle, you would need two hair lengths—your hair’s top section would have to be a few inches shorter than the back section.

If you can’t commit to this hairstyle permanently, you can use hair extensions instead. With a hair straightener or hair curler (use a big barrel for this one!), curl the ends of your hair’s shorter section. This should create a bump or kink in your hair that looks like the one in the photo. Use hairspray to hold the body wave hairstyles in place. 

Crazy Ginger Braids Style


It’s your kids’ crazy hair day at school, and you still haven’t thought of any styles for your kid to stand out? No problem! This hairstyle puts your kid’s hair into a literal hair bow. Don’t be overwhelmed with how it looks—it’s cute and easy! 

To achieve this look, part your hair into different sections. Put the first two sections into a ponytail, and create three or four small braids for each section. If your hair is too short, use hair weaves. Once done braiding, grab two braids and use them to create a ribbon. Wrap the remaining braid/s around the ponytail to get a cleaner look. 

For the other braids, put the sections into separate ponytails and braid the middle part, stopping halfway to merge with the remaining ponytails. Braid the rest of the hair from the middle part with the back sections. Adorn with colorful clips and other trinkets, if available. 

Cute Bun-ny Crazy Hair Style


This hairstyle is fairly easy and perfect for last-minute costume parties and other events! To get this look, pull your hair into a clean, high bun. Use a hair-sleek stick or a fine-toothed comb to brush back any stray strands. Assemble the pieces of felt paper onto your bun. You may tape hair pins or velcro on the back of the felt paper to keep the design in place.

Colored Undercut with Crazy Patterns


Living a double life? No worries!

You can keep your long, simple hairstyle while also rocking a colorful and crazy hairstyle! To achieve this look, ask your hairdresser to give you a half-shave at the back of your head.

Bleach your hair until you reach a bleach level that would work well with pastel colors. With a hair coloring brush, color your hair with various colors of hair dye. Rinse thoroughly after 30 minutes to an hour. With a black dye, create a design. You can do animal prints or shapes if you want to!

Halloween Pumpkin Hair Style


Do you know what makes fall and Halloween better? Pumpkins! And a hairstyle dedicated to such fruit (yes, it is a fruit) is a must this season! To do this hairstyle, put your hair in a tight, clean bun.

With an orange hair spray, color your hair bun. Wrap fake leaves and vines around the bun to hide the pins and ponytails. Lastly, insert a small stick that will act as the pumpkin’s stem.

Bubble Braided Bangs

Bubble Braided Bangs

Bubble braided bangs are an easy, quick, crazy hair styles for black hair that is perfect for kids and kids at heart. This unique style involves braiding the hair into small, tight sections and then pulling them apart to create “bubbles.”

The result is a fun and funky look that is sure to turn heads. Bubble braids with bangs are relatively easy to style, use some colorful bands and beads to add some personality to your hair!

How to start doing crazy hair styles? 

Wash your hair, if necessary. 

Crazy hair styles sometimes require the use of hair products like styling devices and hairsprays. To avoid product build-up, it is advisable to wash your hair before putting up your hair for styling. However, your hair has to be washed at least a day before for your hair to hold up properly, especially if you’re attempting an updo. Should you find the need to wash your hair, experts advise you to use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Dry your hair.

 Here’s a general rule: avoid styling your hair when damp or wet (except for certain hair styling techniques, of course). Your hair is more stretchable when wet, and putting up your hair in a bun, braid, or ponytail will only cause tension when your hair starts to dry up. Wait for your hair to dry, or use a hair dryer before putting up your chosen crazy hairstyle. 

Get creative! 

There is no limit to how crazy and creative you can get when doing fun hairstyles! You can color your hair, braid it, twist it, or adorn it with colorful clips. The possibilities are just endless! Use the images and style guides above for inspiration, or create your own crazy hairstyle. 

General tips for creating crazy hair styles 

Bleach and colorants. 

Hairstyles aren’t all about twists and braids; you can also bring it to the next level by coloring your hair!

The downside to this, however, is that bleach and hair colorants are a bit harsh to the scalp and may cause your hair to dry. When bleaching/coloring your hair, make sure to use the right amount of bleach/colorant and oxidizer. Don’t forget to use moisturizing hair products after!

Styling devices. 

When doing crazy hair styles, it’s inevitable to use hair styling devices that use heat. Should you find the need to use one, make sure to use a heat protectant to avoid damage and breakage. This one is crucial, especially when doing your kids’ hair. 

Braids and weaves. 

When doing braids, make sure not to keep them too tight. Braiding your hair too tight can cause your hair to break and may even cause headaches.

Another tip–if you want to keep your braids sleek and clean, get yourself a spritz bottle. That way, you won’t have to style your hair while it’s still wet and fresh from the shower. You won’t also have to pull on your hair tightly to achieve a cleaner look. 

Don’t pull on the hair too much. 

Braided or not, putting your hair up in a crazy hairstyle would need you to pull on your hair to put it in place. This tip is a bit obvious, but here’s a reminder not to pull on the hair too much! Doing so may cause hair breakage and scalp irritation. 

Don’t put too much hair product. 

Crazy hair styles may require you to put styling products onto your hair to hold it in place. But remember, too much of anything is never good, especially when it comes to hair products that may cause damage to your hair. Should you find the need to use hair products, make sure, it’s safe for use, especially for kids. 

Don’t do crazy hairstyles when wet. 

Your hair is a lot stretchable when wet, so putting up a style while your hair is still drying may cause damage to your mane when it’s finally dry. Apart from that, it is definitely harder to style aesthetic hairstyles when it’s still wet. If you’re running a bit late, get yourself a hairdryer and let the device do its job. 


Whether it’s for Halloween, a costume party, or a crazy hair day at your child’s school, doing unique and unusual hairstyles is a great and easy way to show your personality! If you need inspiration, you can follow our styling guide or create a hairstyle that is completely your own! 

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