Dominican Blowout 101: Hair Straightening for Curly Hair

Nowadays, there are so many things you can do with your hair. Blending your roots and bleached hair, microlocs (derived from dreadlocks) and so many more! The innovations just never seem to end, don’t they? Well, there are still some classics that you’d want to revisit. Dominican Blowout is not that new these days, but it’s still one of those iconic hairstyles that made a mark!

What Is A Dominican Blowout?

While this popular therapy originated in the Dominican Republic, it is now available in most major US cities. Like any other blowout, the Dominican blowout includes washing and blow-drying the hair, straightening it, and adding optional curlers. A Dominican blowout is flexible, even if it isn’t permanent, because it allows the hair to be put up, pulled up into a ponytail, or worn down.

what is a dominican blowout

The Dominican Blowout is one of our favorites since it allows you to have a new appearance even if you have multiracial or extremely curly hair.

It’s perfect for all seasons to combat frizz and maintain a high-shine style that’s low-maintenance. Wrap it up at night, use a round brush off in the morning, and you’re ready to go! For these reasons, getting a Dominican blowout can be on your bucket list for hairstyles.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Getting A Dominican Blowout?

First and foremost, there are things you need to know upfront before you sit on that Dominican hair salon chair. Here are the things you need to note and think about before getting a Dominican Blowout:

Just One Wash And It’s Goodbye Blowout!

That’s true, the hair will return to its original condition as soon as it becomes wet. For others, this might be a drawback if they want their hair to stay glossy and straight for longer than a few weeks. Others may find this to be a big benefit if they simply need a new hairstyle for a week or two. Before you commit to a Dominican Blowout, it’s critical to be realistic. As a result, you must choose if it is the most appropriate therapy for you depending on your needs.

Unlike Other Treatments, It’s Surprisingly Chemical Free!

If you’re searching for a hair treatment that is free of harsh chemicals, then the Dominican Blowout might be just what you’re looking for. Water-based products are frequently utilized, which are softer on the hair and scalp. 

There’s A Risk Of Altering Your Curl Pattern… Or Even Losing It.

Curl loss can be exacerbated by heat damage and the usage of a relaxer. The curls have taken several months to recover to their original form in some situations. Many salons, on the other hand, will recognize this and take the appropriate precautions to protect your natural curls. So if you’re thinking of getting curtain curly bangs or a curly wedding hairstyle.

Discuss With Your Dominican Blowout Salon Beforehand About The Need To Relax Hair

Although it is not common, there have been incidents of hairdressers using relaxers in shampoo without first consulting the customer. Relaxers include alkaline chemicals that can break down the hair’s structure, therefore those with naturally curly hair should avoid them.

It can result in severely damaged hair in rare situations. Prior to receiving treatment, you must talk with the stylist. This will allow you to specify that no chemical relaxer be used on your hair. If you have any reservations or are still unsure, please bring your own shampoo and conditioner.

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Who Shouldn’t Get A Dominican Blowout?

Even with the pros of this process, there are still instances where getting a Dominican Blowout will not be the best choice. That being said, don’t get the treatment done if the following situations apply to you:

You Want To Permanently Straighten Your Hair

The Dominican Blowout is not the treatment for you if you want long-lasting effects because it only lasts until the hair is rinsed. Chemicals are frequently used to produce permanently straightened hair, which changes the proteins in your hair. Because of the chemicals, there is a danger of breaking and skin irritation. Before you take a therapy that produces long-term benefits, you should think about these dangers.

Heat Damage Is Not An Option For You

Some people, understandably, want to avoid putting heat on their hair at all costs and instead choose a softer method. The Dominican Blowout does need the use of a high-temperature blow dryer. This isn’t a suitable choice for everyone, especially if you have hair that is prone to breaking and split ends. Before exposing your hair to heat, you should carefully evaluate the dangers.

You Already Have Damaged Hair, To Begin With!

dominican blowout- damaged hair

Using heated tools on damaged hair is detrimental. This is because broken hair needs to recover and repair itself and any form of high temperature can compromise that. If the hair is already damaged before any treatment, the heat from the equipment is likely to cause breaking right away. Permanent heat damage is also difficult to manage since it refuses to cooperate with styling products and lacks the luster that you desire.

How to do a Dominican Blowout?

The Dominican blowout goes through a step-by-step process so that your hair can be straightened with ease.

Step 1:  Clarifying The Hair

how to do dominican blowout 2

A stylist will start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any product build-up. After that, they’ll do some deep conditioning. When hair has been fully cleansed and all oil and residue have been removed, it is much easier to style. The products used will differ in every salon, and you can opt to bring your own if you like. The objective is for you to be as unwinded as possible. Make sure you clarify your requirements with the stylist ahead of time.

Step 2: Rollers All Over That Head!

how to do dominican blowout 1

Your hair should then be placed on rollers, which is the next crucial step. Stretching and straightening the hair is what this procedure entails. You shouldn’t use any product on your hair at this point. Depending on the length and porosity of your hair, you’ll sit under a dryer for 1 to 2 hours once it’s rolled.

Step 3: Blow Dry It Out!

how to do dominican blowout

The hairstylist will usually add a heat protectant throughout your hair once it is dry and the rollers have been removed before blow-drying it. A large roller brush is used in conjunction with a nozzle-equipped blow dryer, and the stylist is instructed to go through the hair as rapidly as possible. A flat iron can be used after the hair has been blow-dried. Although it isn’t always required, some stylists may use one to smooth down any stubborn hair. To lock in moisture and gloss, serum or a castor oil can be applied to the hair.

Step 4: The Dominican ‘Doobie’

The final stage in the procedure involves wrapping your hair around your skull.

To ensure that it is totally straight and has a polished look, this is sometimes referred to as a ‘doobie.’ This also adds body and bounce, as well as allowing for long-term upkeep.

FAQs About Dominican Blowouts

Of course, you might still have some questions about Dominican blowouts, so we’re here to help!

How Long Does A Dominican Blowout Treatment Last?

You can expect your sleek, straightened hair to last you 1-4 weeks. The treatment will be maintained until you wash your hair again. This implies you should stay away from water as much as possible. 

How Do You Take Care Of A Dominican Blowout?

You may help your hair treatment last longer by performing the following: In the shower or bath, wearing a hat is recommended. Keeping a cover in your luggage to protect your hair from rain and wind is a good idea. When exercising, keep your hair covered or securely wrapped.

Can A Dominican Blowout Damage My Hair?

The fairest answer to this is that any and all salon treatments have the potential to damage your natural hair. Any modification can have an effect. Hair damage can be caused by using heat on a regular basis. A skilled stylist, on the other hand, will ensure that the hair treatment is done with the least amount of danger to the hair. The real question is whether or not the damage is significant enough to ruin your hair or not. Dominican Blowouts work best on healthy hair since it is a process that you want your hair to be ready for.

How Often Should I Get Dominican Blowouts?

You should also give your hair a rest; if you blow-dry your hair every week, you’ll end up with dryness and heat damage. Otherwise, if done properly, you should attempt this style at least once a month to maintain your curls healthy. Use a moisturizer and heat protectant between blowouts for further help.

Is A Dominican Blowout Worth The Money?

The decision is that you must pay for it. You won’t have all the fancy, costly items of a “Drybar” sitting in your bathroom if you take the risk and do it yourself. It will probably take too long and come out asymmetrical (or worse, extremely tangled). Dominican Blowouts are well worth the money when done correctly.


In totality, we hope that this article has helped you make the right decision about Dominican Blowouts. Make sure to check out our other articles such as those about combating menopausal hair, fighting hair loss, and many more! 

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