Natural Curly Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

So, you’re blessed with natural curly hair, and you have a wedding coming up. This can be a difficult hair type, and you need natural curly wedding hairstyle ideas. Working with your curls is better than fighting them, and I have a guide for wedding brides and guests like you.

Why is it better to work with natural curls? Well, you will know after a lifetime of dealing with your natural curls that the classic wedding styles will be a challenge to create and also a challenge to keep in.

Best Wedding Curly Hairstyles

Curls can be styled smooth but given a little moisture in the air, you’re in trouble. Or you have beautiful curls, and why would you want to spend your day being anything but yourself? Check out the looks below for wedding styles for your natural curly hair!

Long Natural Curly Wedding Hair

Long Natural Curly Wedding Hair 1

Let loose and to do its own thing, styling your wedding curls with a little gel or mousse to keep frizz at bay. Sometimes simplicity is key, and your curls may look perfect just with a little accessory introduced.

Add some sparkle with a glitzy clip or some pearly slides to your curly wedding hairstyle. Also, it can be beautifully framed with a headband or tiara and keep your look authentic to who you are.

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Half Up and Loose Natural Curly Wedding Hair

Half Up And Loose Natural Curly Wedding Hair 1

Wearing the hair half up can add a little something extra to a look that you may feel is too boring for your wedding day. Pinning the hair at the back of the head and letting the hair cascade down the middle back to show off what curls can do.

What’s beautiful with these looks is they embrace natural curly hair, and it’s very difficult to recreate these looks if you’re not naturally curly, showing off the unique beauty of natural curls in your wedding hair.

Twisted Curly Natural Wedding Updo

Twisted Curly Natural Wedding Updo

Maybe you like those classic French twist wedding hair styles but think they’re only for smooth hair? Wrong!

These looks can be perfectly elegant on natural curly hair too. Adding another element of texture throughout the pleat and giving the opportunity to bejewel the join where the hair the tucked. I especially like wedding hair with textures. I feel it looks more natural and less ‘polished.’

Chic Chignon Natural Curly Hair Wedding Style

Chic Chignon Natural Curly Hair Wedding Style

Show off your natural curls with a chic low chignon. This look is super relaxed and can look very elegant with some curls pulled out and left trailing.

I’ve seen these looks worn with very delicate hair bands to set the look and have Disney princess written all over it. Also, it’s a boho style and shows the free spirit in your hairstyling for the wedding.

Short curly wedding hairstyle

Short curly wedding hairstyle

So, your short-haired and your curls like to do their thing? Sometimes these hairstyles just need a little tweak to give an element of a wedding to them.

If you find your curls are so tight, they grow out and not down; tightening the sides with some twists can add a little shape to your look. Also, for an extra element of glam, glitter hairspray can add an all-over twinkle to your look without going too crazy on the accessories.

One side natural curly wedding hairstyle

One Side Natural Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Maybe you want to add a slight bit of style without changing your look too much. If you wear your hair on a side part, the smaller side of the hair can look really effective as a wedding hairstyle pinned back off the face. Then a little hair accessory can give an overall look, the naturally curly wedding hair glam finish you’re looking for.

Half up natural curly wedding hair with height

Half Up Natural Curly Wedding Hair With Height

Maybe volume is your thing? And you love those looks that scream diva’s hair? Well, wearing your hair high on the top of your head while leaving some length out can give you all the wedding hair drama you need for your look. Curls popping from the pony and decorated with flowers can give a real natural island vibe.

Natural curly long wedding style with veil

Natural Curly Long Wedding Style With Veil

Maybe you want a long look with a veil to offset the wedding hairstyle. Half-up works well with a veil because it creates a base for the veil to attach to. You can use kinky clip in hair extensions to create more volume to the look.

At the same time, keep the long lengths out and show off your natural curly wedding look. Alternatively, updos also work nicely with a veil, and you can get some veils that clip in too. This style makes it easier for your stylist to create a veil with curly wedding hair down.

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Low and loose natural curly wedding hairstyles

Low and Loose Curly Hair

Maybe you don’t like your hair looking too done and formal? A low loose curly wedding hairstyle might be the look for you.

Wearing the hair cascading in the neck but showing off your natural curls is a great option for a wedding hairstyle, so consult with your hairstylist about what would look best for your hair length. This is a great hairstyle to add face-framing curtain bangs on curly hair.

Half up with braids natural curly wedding hairstyle

Half up with braids natural curly wedding hairstyle

Sometimes a little detail like hair braids can add the finish you need for a wedding hair look. You can work with halo braids and waterfall braids, have random braids scattered through the hair for some interesting pieces, and so on.

Get creative with your natural curly wedding hair. A nice detail I’ve seen used in braids is to work in ribbons, chain rhinestones, or strings of pearls to give the look extra wedding hair glamor.

Twisted curly wedding hair

Twisted Curly Wedding Hair 1

Also, coils and twists of hair look great on naturally curly wedding hairstyles. Curls naturally coil themselves, so in the areas of the hair up that you need to snatch the hair in, coils work really well. You can even decorate coils with twist-in accessories because the coils add a great base for holding pins, cuffs, grips, and twists. Use products like castor oils to lock in moisture.

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