How To Wear Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair: Curly Curtain Bangs Guide

Curly hair can be a difficult texture to achieve the look you had in mind. Curls are notorious for being ”free” and doing what they want on the day. Curtain bangs on curly hair are possible, but there are a few things to take into account.

Curls are all unique to the individual and over the last few years we have come to learn more about different curl types and hair behaviors. Wearing curtain bangs on curly hair needs a thought-through approach. Do you want to blow-dry your curly curtain bangs? Do you want them to live in their curly texture? Or both? Does my curl type work with curtain bangs?


Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair

Curls have the ability to look fuller than they actually are. This is down to the movement of the hair. Curls move width ways in coils or s bends. Straighter hair grows in a more vertical fashion. Cutting curtain bangs on curly hair can be scary. Curls can tend to sit in a bulk and not flow with the rest of the hair.

Hairdressers Advice

When cutting curtain bangs, the ”spring” of the curl needs to be considered. If the curl gets pulled, stretched, then cut it can spring back shorter than expected. Also, too big a section or too blunt a section can have curtain bangs sitting in a full wedge around the face. Curtain bangs and curls need an experienced stylist.

Less is More When Cutting Curtain Bangs in Curls

I love dry-cutting curly bangs. Curls around the face can sometimes be a tighter coil than the rest of the hair. Because of the unpredictability, I like to approach curls dry in the curl pattern they like to sit in. Then I can see where the hair will sit and I can gently etch away shape without going too scissor happy.

Texturizing Curly Bangs

Texturizing Curly Bangs

Curly curtain bangs sometimes need a little texturizing. Depending on density, shape, and desired look. I love slide cutting and personalizing curly hair cuts. Work in a downwards fashion nibbling away at the hair with the mouth of a scissor and using your creative eye to break into the look. If you want flatter curls, leave more weight and just point-cut into the ends to soften.

Razor Cutting Curly Curtain Bangs

Razor Cutting Curly Curtain Bangs

Razors do work very well for cutting curls. I do like to use a razor, sometimes on those retuning clients that I know their hair well, so I understand the curl behavior. I always razor cut wet, and I ask curly guests to come in curly and natural. It takes skill to know where a curl will spring and what it can take, the joy in razors is they texturize while they cut. So, get creative and have fun with it.

image 28 Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair
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Styling Curly Curtain Bangs in the Curl

Styling Curly Curtain Bangs in the Curl

Do your curtain bangs go too unruly on your curly hair? I recommend washing and using a curly product for a little control like a cream or mousse. To retain moisture in your hair, use castor oil for curly hair.

Take sections of your bangs and twist curls around your finger to create coils. Twist them flatter in a downward motion if you do not like the springy volume, or twist in a root lift if you like more lift. Then LEAVE IT ALONE – until completely dry. Once dry break it up with your fingers.

Curly Curtain Bangs Shag

Curly Curtain Bangs Shag

The shag haircut works sooo well for curly curtain bangs and is a style I have sported myself. Shags offer the opportunity to work with layers and texture. Styling layers into a curly hair cut can give shape and even distribution of the curls. Shag haircuts work with the messy look so are brill for the textured curly hair types.

Micro Bangs Curly Hair

Micro Bangs Curly Hair

Micro bangs can sort of cross over into the curly curtain bang hairstyles. A curtain bang is a hairstyle that is cut to sit open like curtains. Sometimes this shape is cut in, rather than parted. Micro bangs can also cut off a lot of a curl so if you have smoother roots, it could create fewer crazy curls and a more predictable fringe, depending on your curl type. You can also add kinky curly clip in hair extensions to add thicker curls without any permanent methods.

conair iron Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair
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Versatile Curly Curtain Bangs

Versatile Curly Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can have a few looks when it comes to curly hair. They can sit full and natural on the forehead with no part, almost like a fringe. They can be parted for an open look, or, can be blow-dried for the classic smooth curtain bang look. The beauty of this is you don’t have to blow dry all your hair out – just your curly curtain bangs. This would be a cute curly wedding hairstyle look.

Fine Curly Curtain Bangs

image 26 Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair

Instead of going for the full curtain bang style straight away, you can have a fine section of bangs cut in. This helps the not-so-sure client decide if it’s for them, rather than going full-force curly curtain bangs. It can also add an elegant softness to a curly look. Style your curtain bangs using a straightener or a flat iron.

Blow Drying Curly Curtain Bangs

So, you can diffuse curtain bangs using the advice I wrote in the curl styling section, or, you can round brush blow-dry out the curls, and stretch the hair smoother. This can look nice on curly readers with wavy or looser movement.

Second-Day Curly Curtain Bangs

Curls best friend and worst enemy – water. I love to re-mist hair the second day to re-activate curly hair coils. Once slept on, curls can sit in funny directions, and sometimes curls need a helping hand. I actually find a re-mist gives me more curl and I prefer mine the second day. There are sprays for reactivating curls, I just prefer to use water on myself.

image 27 Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair
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Curly Curtain Bangs

Remember to get advice from a professional about your curly curtain bangs. They are unpredictable textures that take skill and effort. We, hairstylists often giggle at videos of home cutters gone wrong. Don’t become a hairdresser’s meme – get your hair cut professionally.

My Own Curly Curtain Bangs

Curly curtain bangs is a hairstyle I have had to learn to manage myself. My hair is a multi-texture curl, I can get corkscrew curls and wavy hair. I tend to have the more versatile curtain bangs because I get a better curl with more length. Here are a couple of images of the different looks I’ve had out of my curly bangs and how versatile curly hair can be.

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