10 Best Dreads Twists Hairstyles

Dreads twists combine two unique hairstyles for an elevated look with extra texture. Just think of singer, songwriter, and record producer Ty Dolla $ign’s famous hairdo.

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you style your dreads twists? Look no further. This article will feature ten unique dread twists that you can try and some care tips to keep them healthy. 

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Introducing Dreads Twists

introducing dreads twists


The term ‘dreads twists’ can be confusing for many. After all, dreads and twists are two distinct types of hairstyles. I will expound on the difference between these two in a while. For now, let me first clarify what dreads twists are. 

Dreads twists can refer to two types of hairstyles. First, starter locs that use the twists method. Second, two strands of locs intertwined using any twist techniques. Let us explore each more.

Dreads Twists: Starter Locs Using Twists 

dreads twists starter locs


The first type of dreads twists is the starter locs that use the twist method. Starter locs is the first phase of the entire dreadlock life stages. It usually lasts from three to six months.

You will need at least four inches of hair length for this starter locs. The process involves parting the hair into small sections. Then, intertwine two sections of hair in a twist until they mesh, lock, matte, and mature together. 

You can expect your hair to look more like twists than dreads during this time. After six months, you can notice that the twists are beginning to mature into locs. 

Dreads Twists: Intertwined Locs Using Twists

dreads twists or twisted dreadlocks


The second type of dreads twists involve meshing two or more strands of mature locs together using any twist techniques. This hairstyle provides an added layer of texture to existing dreadlocks. 

Dreads vs. Twists


Dreads are also called locs and dreadlocks. Traditionally, this hairstyle allows curls and coils to grow naturally on their own without ever having to groom them. The result looks like ropelike strands of hair. 

Today, there are different methods to create starter locs for everyone who wants to begin their dreadlocks journey instantly. The most common starter locs methods are twisting, braiding, palm-rolling, interlocking, comb coils, sisterlocks, and brotherlocks. With these, no need to wait longer for the hair to naturally lock together.


Based on the name, twists are a distinct protective hairstyle that uses a twist technique with one, two, or three sections of hair. Twist hairstyles can use different types of braiding hair to wrap around the natural hair. The resulting look varies depending on the length and thickness of the twists. Unlike dreadlocks that can last permanently, twists are meant to take down after eight weeks.

Dreads Twists Hairstyles

Triangle Dreads Twists

triangle dreads twists


Starter locs using the twist method can look clean and tamed. If you want to add edginess while waiting for the twists to mature into locs, you can experiment with triangle-shaped patterns. Doing so creates a bold contrast that adds more character to the overall appearance of the hairstyle. 

High Ponytail Dreads Twists With Gold Clips

high ponytail dreads twists with gold clips

Women with medium-length to long dread twists can never go wrong in choosing the classic high ponytail. It pulls the hair away to draw focus on the face while also highlighting the hairstyle. Those dreads twists cannot help but attract attention since they can be chunky and voluminous when tied together. Plus, they look divine.

Barrel Bun Meets Two-Strand Twists

barrel bun dreads twists


No one is stopping you from exploring combinations when it comes to styling dreads twists. If you are up to the challenge of rocking unconventional hairstyles, try this barrel bun with two-strand twists. It is like your typical half-up and half-down with some tweaks. To recreate this look, experiment with an asymmetrical barrel bun and scattered flowing twists. 

Dreads Twists Weave

dreads twists weave

If you have long, thin dread twists and want to add flair to your regular updos, try this weave pattern hairstyle. The key to this look is having uniform hair sections. Weave your twist strands starting from the nape and going toward the crown. Finish the hairstyle with a side bun. 

Mohawk Dreads Twists

mohawk dreads twists


Dreads exude an untamed strength and spunky confidence that matches a mohawk hairstyle’s vibe. Do not worry about shaving the sides. You can pull and gather the hair towards the center. This look showcases your facial features and shows off your dread twists simultaneously.

Short Dreads Twists

short dreads twists


The great thing about starter locs using the twist technique is you can have it done even when your hair is short. You will benefit from enjoying the transformation of your hairstyle’s texture as your hair grows longer and as the twists lock and matte over time.

Styling short dread twist is also effortless. There is nothing much to do but allow it to flow down. The result looks charming, casual, and approachable.

Two-Sided Half-Pony Dreads Twists

two-side half-pony dreads twists

There is always a sassy and chic styling option for your dreads twists. This two-sided half ponytail hairstyle is a clean and effortless look that you can wear on any casual occasion and intimate date. It is perfect for everyone who have thin twists. 

Pineapple Dreads Twists

pineapple dreads twists

Initially, the pineapple hairstyle is created to protect hair from loosening while you sleep. But this hairstyle looks bold and stunning to hide in the bedroom. Try this one out if you want to fashion your updo another way. It only requires so much time and effort to pull this off compared to other hairstyles on this list. 

Two Barrel Twists

two barrel dreads twists

Two barrel twists is having a moment and we can definitely see why. This hairstyle is bold and striking but also looks clean and refreshing. You will need a hairstylist to get this look. It will last you around six weeks depending on how well you take good care of this hairstyle.

Six Barrel Twists

six barrel dreads twists

There is no limit when it comes to barrel twist hairstyle. You can also try this six-barrel twists that flow down on the sides. After all, the result looks equally striking and appealing.

Dreads Twists Care Tips


Washing your dread twists removes impurities and residues. It also helps to keep them healthy. To choose the best shampoos for locs, look for products free from sulfates, silicones, additives, and fragrances. 

If you have starter locs, wait four to eight weeks before washing. For those who have mature locs, you can shampoo at least once a week or every time you need to. 


Drying your scalp and locs thoroughly after every wash is a must if you have dreadlocks or twists. Begin with towel drying and follow with air drying your dreads twists. You can even finish it with blow drying. Dreads twists are prone to developing molds, and smell is left damp for a long time. 


Dreads twists are susceptible to breakage. It is crucial to moisturize using natural oils to avoid frizziness, brittleness, and dryness.

Wear Silk Cap

To prevent your dread twist from loosening, cover them with a silk or satin bonnet before sleeping. 

Avoid Tight Bands

Avoid using tight bands when styling your dread twists to prevent them from excessive damage.

Retwist and Retighten

Regularly retwisting and retightening your dread twists will keep them in good shape and prevent them from loosening. 

Dreads Twists FAQs

Can you get dreads with twists?

Yes. One of the starter locs methods is two-strand twists. It involves intertwining two sections of hair into a twist, allowing them to lock and mature over time. 

How often should you twist your dreads?

The frequency of retwisting your dreads depends on many factors like loc maturity stage, how fast your hair grows, and how well you take good care of it. 

If you are in the starter loc stage, you can retwist after two months. But if you have mature locs, you can retwist every week or every other week. 

Also, those whose hair grows fast can retwist and retighten faster than those whose hair grows slowly. Last, if you can take good care of your locs well, you do not need to retwist and retighten it as often. 

How long does dreads twist installation take? 

It takes about three to eight hours to install starter locs using the twists method. The time depends on the length and volume of the hair, as well as the thickness of the twists. 

Rock Your Dreads Twists Hairstyle

Waiting for your twists to fully mature into locs provides endless styling possibilities. Whether you are considering twists to begin your dreadlock journey or have already chosen this method, I hope the different hairstyles above inspire you. 

Also, if you want to add an extra layer of texture to your mature locs, no one is stopping you from making them into twists.

Whichever is the case, go ahead, rock your dreads twists hairstyle.



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