Dreads with Beads Guide + 7 Best Hairstyles

Dreads with beads is a popular styling option for people with locs of all lengths. They can add a touch of personality and style to your dreadlocks, and there are many ways to incorporate beads into your dreads.

Suppose you find it hard to style your dreads with beads; I’m here to prove that it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Why dreads with beads?

Adding beads to your dreads is a fashionable way to wear your dreadlocks. Not to mention that it’s a classic and never goes out of style. It also makes your dreads look fun and lively, which is excellent if you have kids wearing dreadlocks.

One of the best reasons to wear dreads with beads is that they can protect your hair. Stacking beads creates a protective layer that reduces hair movement and friction, making hair less prone to damage.

Below, I’ll show you some of the best dreads with beads locs styles and how to style your dreads with beads. If you don’t have locs yet and still figuring out what’s the best starter locs for you, check out this article first: 8 Best Starter Locs For Men Methods + Styling Tips

Best Dreads with Beads Styles

Dreads with Bead in Ponytail

Dreads with Beads in Ponytail

Let’s start with something simple and classic. This single-bead style is perfect if you’re trying out the wicks dreads with bead style. It’s subtle, neutral-colored, and not flashy at all.

It’s also a great style if you like wearing bright-colored clothes and don’t want to bring that much attention to your hair.

Dreads with Colored Beads

Dreads with Beads - Colored Beads

Men can also fashion a dread with beads hairstyle. If you’re one of the people who prefer simpler styles, whether, in hair or clothing, this style is a simple yet eye-catching look

Dreads with Multiple Beads

Dreads with Multiple Beads

If you have time and don’t mind the beading process, you might want to don multiple beads of various designs and colors in your rope-twist dreadlocks.

You can add them in different locations for a boho look. Or you can add clear see-through beads on your locs ends to stand out.

Dreads with Cowrie Shell beads

Dreads with beads - Cowrie Shell

Are you going for an island girl vibe? You won’t go wrong with this dreads with cowrie shell beads look.

There are a lot of types of cowrie beads for dreadlocks. There are beads with attached rings where you can insert your dreads. But some of these cowrie shells come with holes to make them more natural looking.

Dreads with Shell Beads and Threads

Dreads with Beads - Shells and Threads

One might think combining various hair accessories would make a hairstyle messy—but this look proves otherwise. There are a lot of loc accessories that you can combine with beads, like hair threads and hair jewelry.

One tip I can give you is not to be afraid to go gaga when mixing and matching hair accessories.

Dreads with Metal Beads

Dreads with Beads - Metal

Nothing looks more classy than the color silver. It goes well with everything, even if you wear multi-colored clothes. If you plan on wearing something bright or flashy, use multiple silver hair beads on your locs rather than colorful ones to balance out your entire outfit.

Short Dreads with Gold Beads

Short Dreads with Beads - Gold Beads

The gold color never fails to make something look more luxurious. This locs style with gold beads go well with every hair and outfit color.

Notice how it goes well even with neon green? When wearing gold hair beads, pair them with other gold accessories to give them a cleaner, more refined look.

Styling Dreads with Beads: Things You Need

Now that you’ve seen the looks you can do to your dreads, it’s time to whip out your hair supplies.


Beads are available in various designs, sizes, and materials and can be found in most craft stores. Pick one that is closest to your style. A rule of thumb that I always follow is that the beads should be large enough to slide through dreadlocks as if it was a ring.

Tiny elastic bands

These elastic bands will help secure the beads on your dreadlocks. They add thickness to the dreadlocks, which allows the beads to stop moving up and down your locs.

Beads Styles

There are many beads you can use to add to your dreads. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the bead with the right color, material, and size for your dreadlocks.

Dreadlock Beads Color

Dreads With Beads-Color

Pastel colors

These colors are soft and subtle and wouldn’t clash with most shades of clothes. If you tend to wear bright and bold colors and want to flaunt your outfit rather than your locs style, go for pastel-colored hair beads.

Metallic colors

If you’re looking for a more classic look, you’ll never go wrong with metallic colors. They’re usually near neutral or earthy colors, matching well with any hair color and clothes.

Bright colors

Bright-colored beads are great if you want your locs to stand out more. These beads are great for styling children’s hair. You can stack them on top of each other for a cuter look. They also look and stand out even better when you wear mute-colored clothing.

Dread Beads Material

Dreads with Beads - Material

There are different types of dreadlock beads to choose from. We listed below the best types of loc beads you can use.


Wooden beads are great additions to your dreadlocks, giving you a nice, native touch to your distressed locs style. Wooden dreadlock beads are best used on natural-colored hair.


These beads aren’t your traditional circle-shaped, single-colored ones. They usually come in various intricate designs that can level up your dreadlocks. These metal hair beads make for a classy look that goes well on everybody.

Note that metal hair beads should not be left on your hair for an extended period to prevent rusting.


If you want something bold and colorful, I suggest adorning your dreadlocks with plastic hair beads. They’re usually available in bright colors and various designs. These beads are best if you want durable and affordable hair accessories.

Dread Beads Size

Dreads with Beads Size

Bead sizes are also something you must consider when trying out crochet dreads with beads for the first time. There’s no limit on how tiny or how big your hair beads should be, but I ensure each bead has a hole large enough to slide dreadlocks through.

5mm beads

If you plan on stacking beads on your hair, go for smaller beads. They’re lightweight and take up less space in your hair.

8mm beads

These mid-sized beads are great if you only plan on putting a single hair bead on a loc.

10mm beads

If your dreadlocks are on the thicker side, you may opt for these 10mm beads, as they can match the width of each loc. They also usually have the largest bead holes, which allows the beads to slide through with hardly any effort.

Dreads with Beads Styling Guide

1. Pick your beads

The thinnest dreads, micro locs, are around 4.5mm thin. On the other hand, small to medium dreads size can fit an 8mm dread bead, and large dreads can fit 10mm beads.

If you don’t know your locs’ thickness, you can easily measure them using a measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around your locs and find its diameter.

You can also ask your loctician to install your preferred dreads size to try a specific bead type or size.

2. Slide the beads

Once you’ve found your perfect bead size, slide the beads on your dreadlocks. Move it upwards until you find the ideal place where it won’t slide back down.

Usually, this spot is found in the middle of the dreadlocks or near the roots, but if you want to put beads only at the ends of your hair, you need to secure it for a snug fit.

3. Secure your beads

Once your beads are placed, slide the bead upward and tie an elastic band around the area. It should be thick enough to stop the beads from sliding around your locs.

Slide the bead further to hide the elastic band for a tidier finish.

FAQs about Dreads with Beads

How do dread beads stay on?

There are different ways to keep the beads on your dreads. The most common way to do that is by looking for a dreadlock that perfectly fits the bead.

If you can’t find one large enough to fit the hair bead snugly, you can always tie a small elastic band on your dreadlock, acting as a “stopper” for the hair beads. You can hide the elastic band inside the bead for a more seamless look.

Do dreads with beads help hair grow faster?

No, the beads will not help your hair grow faster. However, the beads reduce hair movement and friction, allowing your hair to grow without damage or breakage.

In addition, dreadlocks are protective hairstyles that help you grow your hair out easier.

Can I wash my dreads with beads?

You can wash your dreads with beads, but you have to be careful when doing so. Pay attention to the material your beads are made of.

If the beads are wood, they can absorb water and, over time, soften the material. Moisture may cause your hair beads to rust and tarnish if it’s metal.

How long do dreads with beads last?

They can last for 2 to 6 weeks. The longevity of your dreads with beads depends on how much you take care of your hair. If possible, avoid leaving beads or hair accessories longer than six weeks.

If your metal beads start rusting, removing them as soon as possible is crucial. Although dreadlocks are regarded as a protective hairstyle, chemical reactions caused by rusting metal beads can lead to damage and hair breakage.

How do you sleep in dreads with beads?

If you have any hair jewelry, it’s best to sleep with a satin hair wrap to keep those accessories on your hair. The satin material reduces friction, thus preventing hair breakage. It also decreases movement, which may cause your jewelry to be displaced.


Adding beads to your dreadlocks will step up your hair game. It’s fun, colorful, and always trendy. Even better, hair beads are available in almost every craft store around you. Just slide a bead in, secure it, and flaunt your dreads with beads like you own the world.

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