EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Review: Caffeine and Biotin for Hair Loss

Do caffeine and biotin really work for hair loss? In this review, let’s take a closer look at a product that has been creating quite the buzz on the internet; EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin.

Natural hair loss solutions have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, rightfully so. A quick search on the internet is enough to show you how devastating chemical-based oils that are filled with synthetic fillers and other harsh compounds really are. This has pushed more people to seek natural alternatives. Sadly, not all-natural solutions work. A good number of organic hair growth oils and serums can barely stop hair loss, let alone stimulate hair regrowth.

That’s why I’ve decided to review Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin Oil. This natural hair growth oil may just be the hair loss solution you’ve been looking for! In this EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil review, I’ll discuss all the details and help you make a sound decision on whether to purchase it or not.

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What is EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil?

Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin is a special hair growth serum formulated with natural ingredients. It contains rosemary and castor oil, as well as biotin and caffeine. These ingredients have solid scientific background showcasing their ability to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. In addition to that, the formula fights oxidative stress and protects against free radicals. In essence, it stops hair thinning that is caused by the damage of free radicals on the hair follicles and offers protection against the same. This way, you give your hair follicles a chance to withstand the harsh compounds they are exposed to daily.

Dry and itchy scalp is an issue so many people struggle with. This hair growth oil will nourish and condition your scalp, thereby eliminating the dryness of both your scalp and hair.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Benefits

Some of the Essy Naturals Hair Growth results that users, both men, and women, get to enjoy include:

  • A scalp nourished with essential oils.
  • Repaired split ends
  • Reduced hair loss
  • Stronger and smoother hair
  • Thicker and voluminous hair
  • Healthy hair regrowth
If you’re looking for a more potent solution for hair thinning and shedding, you might want to try the revolutionary product Folexin. Folexin is a professional formula that nourishes your hair and supports its natural growth process.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Ingredients

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the gift that keeps on giving. This versatile oil has so many benefits extending beyond hair care. Almost everyone has a bottle of coconut oil on their cabinets for DIY beauty projects, and that’s because it makes for an excellent carrier oil and even more beneficial oil for your hair.

Studies show that this oil can assist with the elimination of sebum on the scalp. This is vital because the accumulation of sebum causes clogging of pores, and this prevents your hair follicles from flourishing. It goes beyond that and nourishes the scalp to fight dryness and itchiness.

Coconut oil also helps your hair to grow thicker and faster.

Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin - EssyNaturals Hair Growth OilRosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is yet another popular hair care ingredient with a proven track record of solving various issues. First, if you are struggling with dandruff, then rosemary oil will put an end to that problem. It nourishes dry scalp leaving it moisturized and perfect for the growth of hair follicles.

Second, rosemary oil will work alongside the other ingredients to stimulate the growth of hair.

Castor Oil

Castor oil contains Vitamin E, and it also provides antifungal protection. It protects your scalp from inflammation and infections, which prevent hair growth and cause hair loss.

Castor oil also helps in fighting dandruff.

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains Vitamins A and E. It also has antioxidant properties which offer additional protection against free radicals.

Olive oil also helps your hair and scalp to maintain the needed moisture.


The caffeine used here produces different results from the one you take in the morning. Studies show that caffeine can penetrate and reach the roots of your hair and stimulate the follicles. These follicles will grow stronger and generally healthier strands of hair.

Some reports also show that caffeine helps in extending the hair growth cycle. It allows your hair to stay in the growing phase for a longer duration, thus delaying the breakage phase.

Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin - Hair Growth Oil for Stronger, Thicker, Longer Hair 1.7 ozFinally, caffeine helps to fight the impact of DHT on hair growth. DHT is a male sex hormone that typically comes from the interaction of testosterone with an enzyme called reductase. DHT shortens the hair growth cycle, and it causes the hair follicles to shrink. The hormone can also delay the start of a new hair growth cycle. It stimulates what’s known as male pattern baldness.

DHT is a real problem, and that’s why the inclusion of Caffeine in this hair growth oil is crucial. In fact, if you’ve been searching for a hair loss solution for some time, you’ve probably come across other products primarily based on fighting DHT. The beauty with Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil is it has a wholesome formula that fights the impact of DHT and goes further to enrich your hair and scalp with other ingredients. Caffeine is a popular ingredient in hair products, as it can also be found in Juvetress or Nioxin System 1 for example!


Biotin is another key ingredient that’s present in almost all hair care products. This water-soluble vitamin does so much for your hair. It prevents split ends and hair breakage, strengthens the hair follicles and shafts, and allows your hair to grow thick and full.

Biotin also gives hair a nice shiny touch, so your hair will always look as amazing as it feels.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil How to Use

Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin can be applied in various ways:

Method 1: Part your hair into several sections to expose your scalp. Apply the oil, sparingly, on the scalp and massage it gently. Try and cover the whole scalp. Let the oil stay in your head for at least 30 minutes or as long as overnight before washing it off.

Method 2: For hard hair, you can use a small amount of the oil on your scalp and use another on your hair. Massage your scalp with the oil gently and comb your hair as you continue to apply it. Again, it’s good to divide your hair into 3-4 sections for easy application.

Method 3: Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil can also be used for deep conditioning treatment. Just apply the oil and steam your hair using a hot towel. Wrap the towel around your head and leave it there for at least 10 minutes. You can then unwrap and shampoo the hair right away or let the oil sit there for a few more minutes. This makes your hair stronger and softer.

Method 4: Use the oil with your shampoo and conditioner. This is not the most effective approach, though.

Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil is gentle enough to be used daily.

Where to Buy Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil?

Essy Naturals is available on several online stores, including Amazon. You can also buy it directly from the Essy Naturals website. You’ll actually get free shipping when buying from the official website. Sadly, the item seems to be sold out on the website quite frequently. Luckily, now you can buy it on Amazon! Click the link below to check its current price and availability!

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin - For Stronger, Thicker, Longer Hair, 1.7 oz (2 Bottles)
  • HEALTHIER & FULLER HAIR - Our nourishing formula strengthens thinning and weak hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Hair becomes smoother and shinier with less frizz and breakage.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Side Effects

Essy Naturals is free of parabens, gluten, sulfates, triclosan, and parfum. It is also cruelty-free. There have been no serious adverse reactions linked to this product. However, some people reported hair greasiness and frizziness.

A few users also complained that it can be very oily and that the scent is also quite strong.


  • Works with both women and men
  • Features an all-natural formula
  • It’s gentle
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, GMO and other harmful chemicals


  • Results start to appear after 1 month of regular use
  • Can be too greasy for some people


EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil is highly rated on Amazon. Most of the users who experienced positive results are people suffering from hair shedding, hypothyroidism, and receding hairline. Results like new hair growth on balding spots were observed as early as 1 week. Here are the verified client reviews and before and after photos.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Before and After

EssyNatural Hair Growth Oil Before and After

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Reviews

Here are some of the top positive and negative reviews from real users of this oil:

“I was worried at first spending the money on this stuff, but now that it’s proven effective, no regrets at all. Put it on my scalp for about a month or so, and I started seeing changes after two weeks. My hair feels fuller and looks much healthier. Would be happy to invest more” By Steven Leonard

“I’ve been using this product for two weeks and can already see a difference. My male pattern bald spot is definitely less visible.” By Christopher

“I have been using for about two weeks, every other day. I haven’t noticed any new hair growth (honestly did not expect to), but my hair doesn’t seem to be falling out as much as it was. Hair looks healthier and feels good. I have a dry scalp, and it has definitely helped with that also.” By Linkin

“This product is making my hair fall even more!” By HK

“Not good. Weighs down the hair and makes it so much more oily, which makes my hair look even flatter.” By E-Lo

Essy Hair Growth Oil UK Reviews:

I love this product I saw results nearly straight away. I used it at the front of my hair which was receeding and couldn’t believe the results. By Maggie j

I used to suffer with alopecia when I was in my teens and tried so many pills, products and therapies. Early on in the year my hair started to get thin again (which scared the crap out of me) and I found this magic little bottle. After around 4-6 weeks my hair grew much thicker. I now mix 2-3 drops in my conditioner every time I wash my hair and my hairs bever been longer, thicker or looked as healthy. By SJ

I wrote a review a while ago with pictures of my mum’s hair which had gone bald after her second stroke and her having to lay flat all the time. 1 application a day for a couple of weeks and you’ll see the difference. By Ayo

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil Review: Verdict

From the user reviews, you can tell that Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin does not work for everyone. But, to be fair, it’s impossible to find a hair or beauty product that leaves everyone satisfied. Therefore, based on the big percentage of satisfied customers, chances are you will find this oil to be an excellent addition to your hair care routine. It’s good to contain your expectation just in case you end up being part of the small percentage that this product does not work with.

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