The Best Electric Shaver For Women’s Pubic Hair

What’s the best electric shaver for women’s pubic hair? In this article, I’ll review 10 of the best electric razor for women’s pubic area and give you some of the best shaving tips!

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Women’s Pubic Hair Shaving Guide

Your waxing appointment might have been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. You may be frustrated and thinking of going au natural. However, if that’s not an option for you and you prefer your bikini area to be well-trimmed up, you certainly need an electric shaver.

This type of shaver is an essential tool that every woman should own. There’s never a right or wrong way in which your pubic hair should look; it’s all up to you. Nonetheless, if you desire to have it all gone, then you need the right tools. There is a trimmer, and there’s the razor you probably already have in your shower.

Electric Razor vs. Trimmer vs. Epilator

The trimmer lets you keep some of the hair you want without you getting painful razor burns. It removes the pubic hair without touching the skin directly since it has floating blades. It gets rid of hair without damaging follicles and doesn’t cause clogging.

Palmperfect Bikini Trimmer, Dual Blades, Hair Remove for Any Part of the Body, White

Trimming usually gives the best results since it doesn’t leave you with itchiness or bumps. It’s useful to prep your skin and hair with warm water if you’re going to use a wet trimmer or use different products like shaving cream. When you’re using a dry trimmer, pat down your pubic hair until it’s dry to get the best results.

With a trimmer, you can shave in whichever direction you want. You don’t have to worry about the direction of hair growth. After your shave, use warm water to rinse and pat dry, then apply a moisturizer such as a hydrating lotion or even aloe vera gel. They leave the skin very soft and supple.

Now, if you’re wondering what the difference is between a shaver vs an epilator, epilators pull out the hair from the roots. An epilator is closer to waxing or tweezing.

Can you shave pubic hair with an electric razor?

On the other hand, a razor efficiently helps you remove all the pubic hair you don’t want from your bikini area, giving you a clean shave. However, the razors might cause itchiness after and burns. You can also suffer from cuts and skin irritation if you don’t shave in the right direction.

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, Cordless 3 Blade Razor, Pop-Up Trimmer, Close Curves, Wet Dry Operation, Independent Floating Heads - ES2207P

Shaving with a razor is, however, less painful than waxing. None’s much better than the other one, they all work well, and it depends on your preference. All in all, if you feel like you’re ready to give it a try, it doesn’t matter if you want a full Brazilian shave or just little maintenance; when you get the best electric shaver for women’s pubic hair, you’ll be good to go.

Getting the best shaver will always give you the best results. Not every trimmer that’s marketed to be good is actually good for you, especially if you have sensitive skin. However do not fright, there are a lot of worthy options from which to choose. The following are some of the best shavers you can use for your pubic hair.

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Panasonic Schick Hydro Silk Pubic Hair Shaver

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10 Best Electric Shaver For Women’s Pubic Hair

Now you know the difference between electric razors and electric trimmers. Let’s proceed to the individual review of 10 of the best pubic hair for women.

#1 Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, Cordless 3 Blade Razor, Pop-Up Trimmer, Close Curves, Wet Dry Operation, Independent Floating Heads - ES2207P

Panasonic Close Curves Es2207p Review:

This shaver is made up of a cordless three-blade razor pop-up trimmer with close curves. It has a wet and dry operation, plus independent floating heads. It’s rechargeable with ultra-thin foil technology.

The [amazon link=”B0018A32XS” title=”Panasonic Electric razor blades” /] are made of stainless steel and are hypoallergenic to keep sensitive skin comfortable. It also has a three-blade system that floats to follow the body’s contours. It’s a great electric shaver for removing ingrown hairs as well.


  • Ultra-thin sharp blades and an ultra-thin foil for accurate cutting
  • Pop-up trimmer details your bikini area
  • Has wet and dry shaving convenience
  • Three independent, flexible floating pivoting heads smooth trimming and shaving
  • The compact design brings ease during travel


  • The shaving blades are sharp. It has three ultra-sharp blades and an ultra-thin foil as well that follow your body’s contours for a comfortable shave
  • This pubic hair trimmer is waterproof and allows both wet and dry shaving to be used in and out of the shower
  • The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are gentle with sensitive skin
  • The shaver cleans fast in seconds under running water

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#2 Schick Hydro Silk Electric Razor
Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer

Schick Women’s Electric Razor Review:

Schick Hydro Silk moisturizing razor is efficiently designed with dual functions built in an easy-to-use compact tool. It has a water-activated moisturizing serum for complete moisturization. The [amazon link=”B00SMIIR0W” title=”Schick Hydro Silk” /] has five blades that are curve-sensing and a trimmer that’s powered by a battery. The trimmer also has a three-length setting. The sleek design offers you a clean and comfortable shaving experience.


  • It’s waterproof and has a hydrating razor
  • Has hypoallergenic moisturizing serum to replenish the skin’s moisture
  • Five curve sensing blades that contain unique skin guards provide closeness and reduce irritation
  • An adjustable comb containing four settings
  • The trimmer is built-in and waterproof for use both in and out of the shower

Schick Battery Operated Razor Benefits

  • This Budget-friendly shaver is waterproof and offers convenient bikini shaving both in and out of the shower
  • The adjustable comb with four settings offers a customized clean trim and length for a great shaving experience and feel
  • The hydro silk razor has five curve-sensing blades containing unique skin guards for a smooth shave with every stroke, reducing irritation.
  • It contains a water-activated hydra-boost serum that contains shea butter; it’s clinically proven to provide long-lasting hydration.

How to put the battery in Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle?

The battery of the Shick trimmer is located at the upper part of its body. You can access it by twisting the razor clockwise and the bikini trimmer counterclockwise.

How to use a Schick bikini trimmer?

To use the bikini trimmer, wet the hair you’re about to trim to soften it and make it easier to trim. Use a shaving cream or gel to protect your skin. The bikini trimmer has 4 adjustable length settings. Choose the correct length and start trimming along the grain.

How to clean Schick hydro silk trimstyle?

Cleaning your Schick Hydro Silk Bikini Trimmer is easy. First, you need to remove the comb and the trimmer blade by pushing them back. Rinsed them thoroughly then put them back.


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Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, Cordless 4 Blade Razor, Bikini Trimmer Attachment, Pop-up Trimmer, Wet Dry Operation, Close Curves – ES2216PC

This 4-blade razor is armed with ultra-thin foil to capture and cut hair, guaranteeing close shaves and smooth skin. Its close curve design makes the Panasonic Electric Shaver Perfect for shaving in hard-to-reach areas, due to it matching the contour of your skin. It also comes with a built-in pop-up trimmer and a 5-length bikini comb attachment for precision trimming and for cutting off stubborn stray hairs.

The Panasonic Electric Shaver is also cordless and easy to clean, making it a great travel companion. However, customers have noted the long charge time on this device – sometimes requiring up to 24 hours of charging to get a decent shave.


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Panasonic Pubic Hair Trimmer S246AC

Panasonic Bikini Electric Shaper and Trimmer for Women - Compact, Portable Design with Adjustable Trim Settings, Battery Operated, Cordless, 5-Position Waterproof Trimmer Head - Cleaning Brush

This Panasonic product is incredibly lightweight. The ES246AC’s ergonomic design makes it portable and very easy to use. A gentle yet sharp stainless steel blade allows you to get comfortable shaves on even the most sensitive skin, due to its hypoallergenic treatment.

The ES264AC comes with five-position settings that let you trim incredibly close to the skin, while a guard protects against self-injury, irritation, and razor bumps. A waterproof trimmer head allows for wet shaves while keeping the trimmer easy to clean. Customers have also cited the powerful engine on the E246AC as one of its main selling points.

How to use the Panasonic Bikini Trimmer?

Completely wet your hair before trimming and use shaving gel to add a little slip. Choose the desired length from the 5 trim settings of the Panasonic Bikini Trimmer. trim, rinse and moisturize after each use.

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Best Women’s Electric Bikini Trimmer

Philips Beauty BikiniGenie 

Philips Beauty BikiniGenie, Cordless Bikini Trimmer for Women, Showerproof Hair Removal, BRT383/50

The Philips Beauty BikiniGenie is a cordless bikini trimmer that comes with multiple accessories to improve your shaving experience. The ergonomic BikiniGenie is incredibly easy to use – just point and shave. Its showerproof head allows the BikiniGenie to give either wet or dry shaves. This also makes the trimmer easy to clean, and an included cleaning brush helps catch stray hairs and other foreign particles.

Other accessories include click-on trimming combs that adjust hair lengths, a mini shaving head for a more thorough shave, and a travel pouch for easy transportation. Customers have noted that while it provides good shaves, it lacks power and tends to break down within a month of use.

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Remington WPG4020US

Remington WPG4020US Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Kit, White/Pink

This bikini trimmer comes in a kit with multiple accessories. Apart from the trimmer itself, the Remington WPG4020US package comes with an angled foil trimmer, a rotating exfoliator, and an adjustable length guide. The foil heads have been treated to be hypoallergenic, allowing them to be used on sensitive skin.

The trimmer itself is cordless and runs on AA batteries, and a waterproof design lets you use it for either wet or dry shaves. An included travel bag snugly holds all the accessories and makes the Remington WPG4020US portable and travel-ready. Customers especially like this product not only for the exfoliator which makes trimming easier, but also for the trimmer’s good shaving power and ease of use.

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Palmperfect Bikini Trimmer 

Palmperfect Bikini Trimmer, Dual Blades, Hair Remove for Any Part of the Body, White

At first glance, this trimmer might seem to be too good to be true with its low price tag. However, many customers swear by this bikini trimmer due to its blend of performance and comfort – especially when compared with other, more expensive trimmers. Stainless steel dual blades offer swift, clean cuts.

The Palmperfect Bikini Trimmer has two razor heads – one with a precision blade for dealing with short, fine hair, and another with wide teeth for trimming longer, thicker hair. Both of these blades are also equipped with rounded edges for added comfort. However, customers have noted that the blades can be very sharp if you don’t use the included safety inserts. 

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Tencoz Electric Razor for Women

Electric Razor for Women, Tencoz Hair Removal for Women 2 in 1 Wet & Dry Rechargeable for Legs Underarms and Bikini Pop-Up Trimmer 2 Changeable Trimmer Heads (Rose Gold)

This 2-in-1 electric razor comes with two replaceable heads – a large one for body shaving and a smaller one for precision trimming in difficult areas, like the underarms and the pubic area.

This razor’s hypoallergenic stainless steel blades protect sensitive skin from razor burns and irritation while its IPX6 waterproof allows you to shave either wet or dry. USB charging ports allow for easy and quick charging, giving up to 60 minutes of shaving time after an hour and a half charge. This is a simple, no-muss no-fuss razor that performs reasonably well for its price tag.

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brori Electric Pube Shaver

brori Electric Shaver Razor for Women Bikini Trimmer Painless Lady Electric Shaver Wet and Dry Pubic Hair Removal Trimmer for Leg Underarm Arm Rechargeable Cordless with LED Light

The brori Electric Shaver boasts an upgraded IPX7 waterproof design that allows it to be used for either wet or dry shaves and can quickly be cleaned afterward by keeping the razor under running water. Three-in-one stainless steel blades are complemented by 3D contour foil, letting the brori shave even the hardest-to-reach parts of your body comfortably.

An ergonomic design and the shaver head’s flexible 27-degree angle of movement further contribute to the brori’s ease of use and convenience. In spite of all that the brori offers, customers have noted that its head is difficult to change and that the brori doesn’t come with any replacement blades.

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Braun Silk-épil FG1100 

Braun Silk-épil FG1100 - Bikini Hair Removal Electric Shaver, Styler, and Trimmer for Women
The Braun Silk-épil FG1100 is notable for its diminutive size and lightweight, clocking in at just 0.22 pounds. Ultra-precise blades allow for detailed styling and two trimming combs (5mm and 8mm) let you trim hairs to a specified length. Rounded blade tips increase the Braun’s comfort and safety, protecting you from nicks, cuts, and razor irritation.

In spite of all this, customers have noted that the Braun Silk-épil FG1100 breaks down very easily, to the point that it’s more precise to call it a disposable razor. Not helping this is Braun’s sizeable price tag, which is comparable to similar, sturdier products.

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How to Use Electric Shaver for Women’s Pubic Hair

First soften your skin and hair with warm water, then apply shave gel or another lubricant to moisten your skin. Pull your skin taut, so that the razor will be less likely to run into bumps that can cause wounding.

When shaving your hair, first go with the grain (in the direction that your hair grows), then against the grain. When you’re satisfied with the results, rinse, then moisturize your skin afterward.

How Do I Use A Foil Shaver On My Bikini Area?

When shaving with a foil shaver, pull the skin taut to minimize the risk of injury, then use short and controlled strokes against the grain for a close shave. You can optionally flip the shaver around or apply more pressure until you get the shave you want. If you have a trimming comb, you can use it to measure out the length you want or to get rid of stubborn hairs entirely.

How Do I Use A Bikini Trimmer?

You can use scissors or another cutting tool to trim your hair before getting to work with the bikini trimmer. Soak your hair and skin in warm water for 5-10 minutes. You can also apply a conditioner after patting the area dry. Once you’re ready, you can start up the trimmer and start shaving. You can pull your skin taut to reduce the chance of cutting yourself. When finished, you can soak for another 5-10 minutes before drying and applying lotion or gel to reduce irritation.

How to Shave Pubic Hair With An Electric Razor

Make sure to soften the skin and hair with warm water. Afterward, simply pass the razor through your hair. Make sure to pull your skin tightly so it stretches – this reduces the chance of nicks and cuts.

How to shave pubic hair without an electric razor?

Ideally, you should be using a foil shaver – the Gillette Venus Razor is one of the best choices for shaving your pubic area. It’s got a comfortable handle and multiple razor blades for clear and clean cuts. Read more about it in our Venus Pubic Hair Razor review.

If you’re just trimming the bikini line, it’s ideal to wear clothes with as little coverage as possible so you can trim the most hair with each pass of the razor. The fewer times you have to drive the razor over your skin, the better, as this reduces the risk of wounding yourself.

FAQs about Pubic Hair Shaver

Can you use a rotary shaver for pubic hair?

Due to rotary shavers having three heads with wide blades, they cannot be used for shaving pubic hair without serious risk of self-injury.

Can you shave pubic hair with an electric razor?

Yes, you can use an electric shaver for shaving pubic hair. However, it’s best to use a body trimmer or groomer, if that’s available.

Can you use a foil shaver on your pubes?

Yes, you can use a foil shaver for shaving pubic hair. For best results, you should use a foil shaver in tandem with a trimming comb.

Best Electric Shaver for Women’s Pubic Hair: Verdict

Out of all these products, the Panasonic 3 and 4-blade models stand out for their reliability, safety features, and ease of access. But if they’re unavailable to you the Remington WPG4020US and the Tencoz Electric Razor are worthy substitutes.

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