Hair La Vie Review: Pro’s & Cons of this Hair Product

We would like tot thank you to our Hair La Vie review for 2020. Millions of women in the U.S. struggle with thinning hair and hair loss. Thousands of products promising to solve this problem have flooded the market over the years, but they hardly live up to expectations. A majority of them have also proven to be inconsistent in that they work well with some ladies but are totally useless to others. Some are known to stop hair loss, but they hardly work when it comes to restoring hair growth. Even more worrying is the fact that some hair products are formulated with harmful chemicals that attack scalp and skin, leaving the users in serious trouble.

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins with Biotin and Saw Palmetto - Thicker Healthier Hair GrowthHair La Vie is a trending manufacturer of several hair products that have been making headlines for some time now. They claim to offer the ultimate and lifetime solution to all your hair troubles. They go further to explain that all their products are made of natural ingredients, which is very important. Finally, they provide a 90-day money-back guarantee where they will refund your purchase – even if you’ve them up – within 90 days if there’s no visible hair improvement. This is a significant confidence builder that every buyer will be interested in.

So, with all the promises, we decided to check out the products and what other users have to say about them. We soon noticed that users seem to have mixed reactions over some of the products. A majority of the buyers were impressed with the results, though, and that’s why we went ahead and prepared this review for you. After all, there’s not a single product on the market that leaves everyone impressed.

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Hair La Vie Products

Hair La Vie has several hair products, but only four of them are extremely popular:

  1. Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins
  2. Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins
  3. Hair La Vie Shampoo
  4. Hair La Vie Conditioner

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these bestselling hair la vie products offers:

1. Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

The Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins is the best-selling Hair La Vie product at the moment. It is made of an all-natural formula containing 20 natural ingredients. The manufacturer explains that solid scientific studies back all the ingredients, but they do not provide any links regarding the same. We did our research and confirmed that some of these ingredients, like the Indian Gooseberry or Amla, have remarkable hair benefits. These ingredients work together to restore damaged hair follicles and make your hair thicker and fuller.

We have to point out that the Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins is made of a proprietary blend. This basically means that we don’t know the entire formula and especially, the dosages of each ingredient. Proprietary blends are a decent way of hiding your formula from competitors, but unfortunately, they also hide the details from the buyers. As a result, it’s hard to tell whether there is enough of each ingredient to leave a significant impact. That said, if the amazing user reviews are anything to go by, then it’s more than fair to say that the formula of this popular product is spot on.

Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins Ingredients

This Hair La Vie Product contains:

  • Reishi Mushroom – Reishi Mushroom is an antimicrobial and immune booster known for supporting healthy hair. It improves hair growth while protecting the follicles from autoimmune damage.
  • EVNol Max – This is formulated from various forms of Vitamin E. It improves the immune system to create an ideal surrounding for your air to flourish.
  • Amla – Amla stimulates hair growth and fights the greying of hair. The natural remedy also makes the hair and scalp stronger.
  • Flaxseed – Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It nourishes hair follicles, improving the texture and appearance of your hair.
  • Bamboo Stem & Leaf – Bamboo stem and leaves contain the Silica that promotes the elasticity and luster of hair.
  • USPlus Saw Palmetto – This extract prevents thinning hair by controlling the levels of a hormone known as DHT.
  • Zinc – Zinc regulates hormonal levels, which is useful in fighting hair loss and keeping healthy hair.
  • Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 has many key benefits such as improved immune response, healthy skin, growth of new hair follicles, and stronger bones.
  • Selenium – Selenium promotes healthy growth of hair. It’s also an antioxidant, so it provides critical protection against harmful free radicals.

How Fast Does Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins Work?

The Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins take about 2 months to produce the first visible results. You will notice less breakage at this point. It will take 4 months or slightly more to see full results.

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

The Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins are formulated to work from within and repair the damaged hair follicles. This product comes in capsules that contain natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work together for healthy hair growth.

Like the other product discussed above, the Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins features a proprietary blend containing 20 natural ingredients. It also contains 500mcg biotin, which is not just useful to the hair but also to the skin and nails.

Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins Ingredients

Some of the ingredients used in the Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins are also added to this product. These include; Saw Palmetto, Bamboo Leaf & Stem, and Zinc. The product also contains:

  • Organic Kelp – Organic Kelp contains Iodine, which regulates follicle activity.
  • Horsetail Herb – It promotes hair growth thanks to the presence of the mineral Silica.
  • Collagen – This protein is the fountain of beauty. It boosts the elasticity and strength of hair, skin, and even nails.
  • Borage Oil – Borage Oil contains omega-6 fatty acids. It fights hair loss by preventing the inflammation of follicles.
  • Vitamin E – It boosts immunity, hair growth, and helps in fighting free radicals.
  • Iron – Iron improves hair thickness making your hair look fuller and healthier. It does so by improving the supply of oxygen to the hair roots.

How Fast Does Revitalizing Hair Blend by Hair La Vie Work?

You should start seeing and feeling changes in your second month of using this hair product.

How to Use It?

The Revitalizing Hair Blend comes in capsule form. You are directed to take two capsules per day. These can be taken together or split into two and taken in the morning with breakfast and evening with dinner.

Hair La Vie Shampoo

The Hair la Vie Shampoo contains 19 natural ingredients that are guaranteed to breathe life into your hair in every single aspect. It improves the look, feel, and scent of your hair.

It’s important to note that unlike other harsh shampoos, this particular item does not contain any dyes, parabens, or SLS that can cause frizzing. It offers a low-lather and is very gentle and safe to both your hair and scalp.

What Does Hair La Vie Shampoo Contain?

This 100% natural shampoo contains:

  • Marula Oil – It provides unique hydration that does not cause clogging of pores. Also, your hair will not feel greasy.
  • Silk Amino Acids – It rebuilds, strengthens, and nourishes damaged hair strands.
  • Coconut Oil – This popular remedy keeps the hair and scalp hydrated and soft at all times. It also provides antibacterial protection.
  • Keratin – Keratin is a protein that’s said to improve the texture of hair. It also makes the hair appear fuller and shinier.
  • Peppermint Oil – It improves the hair cuticle’s ability to retain moisture. It also relaxes the muscles, thereby inducing a sense of calmness.

The shampoo also contains Saw Palmetto and Vitamins D3, E, and B5.

How Effective Is the Hair La Vie Shampoo?

Your hair should start to feel refined within the first month of using this shampoo. The results will only get better with time, and you should be enjoying the full benefits by the fourth month.

How to Use It?

Start by rinsing your hair with clean water. Apply the shampoo and massage it around your hair and scalp. Wait for around 3 minutes for full absorption, and then wash your hair thoroughly.

Hair La Vie Conditioner

The Hair La Vie Conditioner claims to deliver the glow of a great salon and spa day from your home! With the 21 natural ingredients that range from essential oils, vitamins and proteins to antioxidants, the conditioner provides a gentle detangle free from frizzing.

Conditioner Ingredients

The Hai La Vie conditioner and shampoo formulas share most ingredients. These include coconut oil, horsetail extract, marula oil, keratin, peppermint oil, saw palmetto, and Vitamins D3, E, and B5.

How Fast Does It Work?

Your hair will become more hydrated and easier to manage from the first month of using the conditioner. The results will improve over time.

Of course, you need to use it regularly to maintain the results.

How to Use Hair La Vie Conditioner?

Rinse your hair and apply the conditioner while the hair is still wet. Massage it from the tips of your hair all the way to the scalp and then let it sit for approximately 4 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly afterward.

Where to Buy Hair La Vie Products?

The best place to buy Hair La Vie products is from the manufacturer’s official website. This safeguards you from having to deal with fakes. Also, Hair La Vie provides a 90-day money-back guarantee which can come very handy in case the products do not work on you.

Alternatively, you can buy these hair products from Amazon.

Hair La Vie Prices

Our biggest issue with Hair La Vie products is the pricing. These items are honestly expensive, even for the promised results.

The price of the Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins starts at $59.99 for 1 bottle (1-month supply). That’s excluding shipping costs! To get free shipping, you will have to buy 3 bottles for $51.99 each or 6 bottles for $45.99 each.

The Revitalizing Blend starts at $47.99 for 1 bottle. You can also place an order for 3 bottles at $41.99 each or 6 bottles for $39.00 each and get free shipping.

As for the shampoo and conditioner, the price of 1 bottle is $25.99. You can also place a bulk order of 2 or 4 bottles at $23.99 and $21.99, respectively. 1 bottle is enough to see you through the whole month.

Hair La Vie Review Overview

Here are some of the testimonials from other users of the different Hair La Vie products:

“After several years of trying various remedies: biotin, shampoos, conditioners, scalp sprays, and oils, I think I have found help. I will continue to use Hair La Vie.” By Play

“This grew my hair at a faster rate between haircuts and kept my nails from breaking. It seems a little pricey, but nothing else (Eg biotin alone) had worked. It’s even helpful taken every other day for maintenance.” By Cathy M

“I have only used this for approximately 3 weeks, but it seems like my hair already looks healthier. That I’m having some growth in areas that I haven’t for a while.” By Donna Abrams

“Using over a month causing a skin reaction; n window just closed otherwise I would return” By Gailene P

Final Verdict

So, should you use the Hair La Vie Products, or should you stay away from them? Well, the only possible deal-breaker as far as we can tell is the pricing. The prices for these products are really high, and this will probably end up limiting the number of people that can use these products regularly as recommended.

We must also point out that one user reported experiencing anaphylaxis due to a shellfish allergy triggered by this product. This is very important to note if you have such an allergy.

With that in mind, we believe that anyone who can afford the Hair La Vie products should give them a try. The 100% natural formula, 90-day money-back guarantee, and convincing user reviews are honestly too compelling to ignore.


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