Best Brush Curling Irons for Short Hair

Best Brush Curling Irons for Short Hair

Can’t decide between a curling brush or a curling iron? Why not have both? If you’ve always been annoyed by the amount of space you need for both of these tools, I’ve got some good news for you: brush curling irons exist! Brush curling irons combine the best of both …

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5 Best Curling Iron For Black Hair

Best Curling Iron For Black Hair - Black Hair Curlers

If you have ever seen a woman with black curly and wavy hair, you know that it is a thing of beauty. The bouncy spirals seem to defy gravity, and the texture is simply divine. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with naturally curly hair. If you are one of …

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10 Best Edgers for Black Hair + Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Best Edgers for Black Hair

Great-looking hair requires precise detailing. But because of the sheer wealth of options for hair care and styling, it’s too easy to pick the wrong tool and end up with a wonky haircut. If you want to recreate the look you’ve envisioned perfectly, you’ll need the best edgers for black …

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How To Use Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair: Styling Guide

How To Use Velcro Rollers On Fine Hair Guide

Have you ever thought about how velcro rollers for fine hair would work? Whether you’re a fine-haired girl or just someone who wants to learn how to use velcro rollers on fine hair, this article will be your best friend for the next few minutes! First off, what are Velcro …

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Spiral Hair Ties & Coiled Hair Ties Benefits + Styling Guide

Spiral Hair Ties Guide - Benefits - Best Hairstyles

Forget diamonds–a girl’s new best friend should be spiral hair ties. These small, plastic coils fused to resemble a hair tie are necessary and should be readily available on your wrist, pouch, gym bag, or even coin purse! If you’re someone who likes to keep their hair up or someone …

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10 Best Travel Hair Straighteners


Have a straight, sleek, and satin hair finish wherever you go with the best travel hair straighteners! If you are always on a business or leisure trip like me, then you know how travel hair straighteners come handy. This hair styling tool transforms our appearance in an instant, allowing us …

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10 Best Blow Dryer For Fine Hair

best hair dryer and blow dryer for fine hair

When it comes to blow dryers, the sky’s the limit when it comes to style and function. Whether you want to create big, bouncy curls or simply get your hair nice and smooth, there are plenty of hair dryers out there that can help you achieve your desired look. But …

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10 Best Hair Straighteners For Short Hair


Whether your hair is pixie, bob, or crop, you can achieve that sleek and satin hair finish with the best hair straighteners for short hair.  I know that for most women, short hair means freedom and it takes confidence to wear them. No wonder they draw more attention. As the …

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10 Best Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair

Best Curling Iron That Won't Damage Hair

Let’s admit it, ladies. We feel more confident when we dress up–that includes putting on make-up and doing your hair. The thing is, whether you use a straightening tool or a curling device, your hair is susceptible to damage, especially if used frequently. That’s why purchasing the best curling iron …

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10 Best Hair Waver, Curlers & Beach Wave Stylers

Best Hair Waver, Curlers & Beach Wave Stylers

When it comes to getting the best waves for your hair, look no further than the best hair wavers on the market. Whether you’re hitting the beach for a day or just heading out for lunch with friends, these curlers and wave stylers will help you create perfectly-textured locks every …

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7 Best Roller Set For Natural Hair


Roller set for natural hair allows you to create fun, spontaneous, versatile, and playful curls. From tight perms to loose pageant waves, there are many options to choose from! Curls are never out of style. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. They are great for casual street style, corporate …

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