HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap Review: Laser for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a bane to most adults. While it’s more common in men than women, everyone is susceptible to hair loss. Thinning hairs, and receding hairlines mean that something’s up with your hair. But with the help of the Hairmax Flip 80 Laser Cap, hair loss is a condition that’s both treatable and beatable!

Hair Loss versus Laser Hair Therapy Treatment

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is expressed as either male or female pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is what comes to mind when you think of the word “bald”. It’s characterized by the total absence of hair and the exposure of the scalp beneath. Male pattern baldness begins at the hairline and works its way to the back of the head until there’s no hair left.

Hair Loss Male Pattern

Female pattern baldness on the other hand, is more subtle. It starts at the parting line and works its way all around your scalp. This hair loss is characterized by thinning and brittle hairs.

There are a lot of reasons for hair loss. Some people have it in their genes – their parents had the gene, their grandparents too, and so on. Hormonal changes or medical conditions like high productions of creatine can cause hair loss. This is because of changes or tampering with your body’s natural chemistry.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are notorious for major hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies – especially in iron and protein – also can lead to poor hair growth. Tight hairstyles can cause what’s known as traction alopecia. This is when the pulling force from a hairstyle dissuades hair from growing.

No matter what causes it, hair loss can leave quite an impact on your self-image. And with that loss of self-image comes a hit to your self-esteem. There are many remedies for hair loss today, the foremost of which is laser treatment.

Laser treatment for hair loss has been around for quite a while. Laser treatment is also known as red light therapy, cold laser, or soft laser. laser treatments work by stimulating cells in your scalp. These cells become energized and are encouraged to resume and continue growing hair.

Who is Hairmax?

HairMax is an international brand with over 1.8 million laser hair devices sold since 2000. Its many products on the market are a result of its research on laser hair regrowth products. HairMax products use modern laser technology to stimulate natural hair growth. These lasers affect hair follicles and encourage regrowth to combat hair loss. HairMax products have a success rate of over 90%. Their products have been tested and verified by clinical studies and medical journals. All HairMax products have been approved by the FDA.

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The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap

The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap is a state-of-the-art product. It’s equipped with 80 cutting edge medical grade lasers. These lasers are used to stimulate and energize your hair follicles. The laser cap’s therapeutic light energy energizes your scalp in a quick, safe, and painless manner.

The Flip 80 Laser cap’s many laser diodes are concealed by a translucent silicon liner. The Flip 80 laser cap can be flipped 180 degrees to treat both the front and back of your scalp. This product can be used in the comfort and the safety of your own home. Best of all, its cordless design means it won’t get in the way as you go about your day.

It’s worth noting that this product is best suited for heads up to 22.5 inches (57.15 centimeters) in circumference. If you want a larger laser cap or something more powerful, check out our other HairMax Laser Cap Reviews:

How Does HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap Work?

The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap fires lasers that excite your hair follicles. This increases blood flow and delivers more nutrients to these follicles. After 15 minutes of use on one half of your scalp, switch the cap around to cover the other half.

Hairmax Flip Laser Cap

How to use:

  1. Place the HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap on your head. Ensure that the lasers are aligned with either the front or back of your head.
  1. Press and hold the power button on the laser cap’s side. A single beep means that the device is powered on. A blue indicator light will also turn on when the device is in use.
  1. Leave the Flip 80 Laser Cap on for 15 minutes.
  1. After 15 minutes, reverse the laser cap so that the lasers hit the other side of your head.
  1. After 15 more minutes, press the power button again. Once you hear two beeps, the device has been turned off and can be removed and stored in a safe place.

Where to Buy HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap

The Flip 80 Laser Cap is available on HairMax website. They offer free shipping, a 2 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee! View it’s latest price by clicking the link below.


  • The Hairmax Flip 80 Laser Cap is very easy to use – charge it up, put it on, press the button, and you’re done!
  • With a clinically proven 90%+ success rate, all you need to do is give your hair time to recover.
  • The Flip 80 Laser Cap’s treatment is safe, painless, and non-invasive.
  • The cap is very light. At just 9.6 ounces, it can sit comfortably on most heads.
  • The Flip 80 Laser Cap’s cordless design lets you go about your business while it’s on.


  • As is the case with other HairMax products, the Flip 80 Laser Cap has been noted to be pricey.
  • HairMax products usually begin to show signs of progress around 12-16 weeks after first use. You’ll also have to be vigilant and not skip any treatment days.
  • The included charge pack only lasts for around 4.5 uses. You’ll have to note when to charge it.

HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap  Side effects:

The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap has not been noted to have any significant side effects. However, it’s always best to consult with your doctor before using any hair regrowth product.

HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap Reviews

The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap is a device that helps with hair growth and has many satisfied customers. The device is easy to use and not too expensive, which makes it a perfect balance between convenience and affordability. After only a few uses, customers have seen an improvement in their hairline and overall scalp health. This product is also great for people with split ends, as it strengthens the hair and prevents breakage.

FAQs about HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap

How effective is this product?

HairMax laser products have been proven to have a 90%+ success rate. with clinical trial participants experiencing significant new hair growth.

How long should I use this product?

The Flip 80 Laser Cap should ideally be used indefinitely. However, if you are satisfied with your hair regrowth, you can cut back on how many times you use the product per week.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when using this product?

All lasers can cause damage to unprotected eyes. Please do not look directly at the lasers while the Flip 80 Laser Cap is on. In addition, please follow the safety precautions in the packaged manual. HairMax products do not have any significant side-effects following their use.

My head is feeling itchy after using the product. Is this natural?

Some itching is natural. This is due to the increased blood flow to your hair follicles.

Can the Flip 80 Laser Cap be used while charging?

For both safety and mechanical reasons, please do not use the Flip 80 Laser Cap while it is charging.

Can you move around while the laser cap is on?

As long as the Flip 80’s battery pack is fully charged, you can move about freely.

Is this product for men and women?

Yes! Anyone can use the HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap.

How often should I use the Flip 80 Laser Cap?

Ideally, the Laser Cap should be used 3 days a week.

Why am I experiencing shedding after using the Flip 80 Laser Cap?

This is a natural part of the treatment process. Stimulated hair follicles discard diseased, weakened hairs. This is so that they can make way for a new crop of healthy hair. HairMax lasers do not damage your hair in any way.

How soon will I see results?

Most HairMax products begin to show results after roughly 12-16 weeks.

Final Verdict

The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap is a portable and effective laser hair treatment device. With their long line of tested and proven products, the Flip 80 Laser Cap is sure to help fight your hair loss. It’s also hard to deny the appeal of a full half hour laser treatment while you’re in the comfort of your home. This product also doesn’t have any significant side effects. The Flip 80 Laser Cap’s treatment is safe, painless, and non-invasive.

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