8 Best Starter Locs for Men Methods + Styling Tips

Of course, you want to choose which starter locs for men is best for you, but did you know that during ancient times, married couples used locs as a symbol of vow? It originated in different parts of modern-day Egypt, Ethiopia and India! Over time these prime starter locs for men (and women, of course!) spread their influence all over the world. Its influence has reached new heights that even Heimdall wears them in Asgard. It really makes us wonder which starter locs for men he used to eventually wear that magnificent mane of his.

In this article, I will feature 8 different starter locs for men to choose from and how to style them. But before that, let us first know what are locs and what are starter locs for men.

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What are Starter Locs for Men?

Locs, dread or dreadlocs, whichever you prefer to call them is a type of hair regimen that traditionally involves letting your curls grow on their own without needing ever to groom them. In time, hair strands will begin to tangle ang knot into what we now know as locs. Today, however, there are different types of methods in order to achieve the starter locs for men that you prefer without the hassle of letting your hair intertwine naturally to create locs.

Men’s Starter Locs Stages

There are five stages of locs in your loc-lifetime: Starter Stage, Budding or Sprouting Stage, Teen Stage, Mature Stage and Rooted/Adult Stage


In your loc journey the starter locs for men is the very first segment in this process. This stage lasts for about three to six months, depending on your hair type. For many, this stage is one of the most frustrating stages for it may seem that your locs are not forming at all for a very long time. In most cases it is equally annoying to notice that your hair untangling or on their own or sometimes appear a bit fluffy whenever you finish washing your hair. 

Starter Locs for Men Methods + Styling Tips

Choosing the most compatible starter locs for men may depend on your level of curls and how fast your hair grows. In any case, you may want to check out these most common types of starter locs for men:

Freeform Locs or Organic Locs

Freeform Locs or Organic Locs Starter Locs

Freeform Hairstyle Ideas: What could be the best way to flaunt your freeform or organic locs than to go for classic hairstyles. Let your natural long dreads attract attention by allowing them to flow down. If you want to show them off without covering your face, you can also tie them up into a half-ponytail.

Freeform or Organic Locs: This is the most basic starter locs for men that you can muster. It involves the traditional letting your hair loc on their own. This process involves non-untangling of your hair, which means that you have to say farewell to your favorite comb and brush, and hair conditioner for quite some time. And when we say time, we mean several months to a year to see your hair tangle on its own. But of course, this all depends on your level of curls and your hair’s rate of growth.

Pros: If your hair is naturally curly then it should be good within a few months. Also, letting yout locs form on their own mean you won’t have to worry about your hair.

Cons: If you have naturally silky straight hair, then patience should be your friend because this will surely take a lot of time. Also, it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, letting your hair loc naturally means that you may not know how your locs will turn out.

Starter Locs for Men with Comb Coil Locs

Starter Locs for Men with Comb Coil Locs

Comb Coils Locs Hairstyle Ideas: Who says dreads should always be long? Comb coils starter locs for men look absolutely stunning with short dread styles. Show off those polished locs with a neat short undercut or taper sides.

Comb Coils Locs: As the name suggests, this method involves the use of a comb to have a uniform loc all throughout your hair. This is one of the go-to’s starter locs for men since it only need around 2-3 inches length of hair in order to generate your locs. Plus, it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have as long as it does not go below the minimum length. 

Pros: This is the “quickest method” for making your starter locs look actually like locs since you only need to wait for the tips to fully close off after the hollow starter comb coil mesh internally on their own. 

Cons: This type of starter loc for men is quite sensitive to moisture, thus make sure to wet them only whenever you are shampooing. Watering your hair often may result in your locs coming undone. 

Two-Strand Twist Locs Starter Locs for Men

Starter Locs for Men with Two-Strand Twist Locs

Two-Strand Twist Locs Hairstyle Ideas: Speaking of two-strand twist locs, why not go for dreads style with a twist? Stand out from the crowd by adding blonde, copper, or other funky colors to the ends of your locs.

Two-Strand Twist Locs: With this method, you only need at least 4 inches length of hair to have this starter loc for men. What it does is intertwine two small sections of your hair together in a twisting manner in order to mesh them together. Since loc stands may untangle at the tips, this method of starter locs for men is usually preferred with longer hair and with more texture. For maintenance, you may use palm rolling or comb-twisting methods.

Pros: It retains more moisture thus making it less susceptible to breakage. It is also lightweight and leaves less tension on your hair.

Cons: It may take anywhere between six months to a year for the two-stand twist to fully disappear and full solid locs to appear. It also has one of the most solid foundations in all the starter locs for men, thus making your locs appear fuller depending on the thickness of your two-strand twists.

Starter Locs for Men with Braided Locs

Starter Locs for Men with Braided Locs

Braided Locs Hairstyle Ideas: I know braided locs is already a great hairstyle itself. But did you know that you can upgrade the look further? Why not add white hair to your braids for a cool and fun vibe. You can also accessorize it with a sweat headband for a sporty feel!

Braided Locs: With only five inches of hair length, you may start your locs by braiding or plaiting them. Also, if your scalp tends to moisten or sweat more, then this type of starter locs may be best suited for you. Palm-rolling and interlocking are best suited to maintain this type of starter locs whenever the tips untangle.

Pros: Your hair does not need to have so much texture since any type of hair is suitable for this starter loc for men.

Cons: It may take at least one year for the braids or plaits to completely disappear. Also, having braids as starter locs may produce solid locs that can appear more linear, and thus may appear flatter than other locs.

Palm-Rolled Starter Locs for Men

Palm-Rolled Starter Locs for Men

Palm-rolled Locs Hairstyle Ideas: Let your locs flow in every direction for that gorgeous messy look. You can even add more character by randomly dyeing them with light tones.

Palm-rolled locs: As the name suggests, palm-rolled locs involves the use of your palms to make starter locs. This method can be used with a single or double strand technique. Having hair with more texture can generate locs with only a single stand, however, for finer hair texture and looser hair quality you may need two strands to do palm rolled locs. This method is also used widely, alongside interlocking, as means to maintain starter locs for men.

Pros: This method is so convenient and easy to do, thus making it one of the most preferred methods in starter locs for men.

Cons: This method may needs re-twisting your hair every now and then whenever the strands untangle. The constant twisting may cause more tension to your hair when the twists become too tight, thus making it prone to breakage.

Starter Locs for Men with Interlocked Locs

Interlocked starter locs

Interlocked Locs Hairstyle Idea: Gather your locs into a ponytail for an effortless hairstyle. Be sure to complete the look by having taper or fade cut and leaving a piece of loc hanging on one side.

Interlocked Locs: More often this method is used as a maintenance to locs as it tightens your locs from the base of the hair. It involves pulling the locs from its roots and making your locs tighter. But due to the fact that the more traditional palm-rolling technique makes your hair vulnerable to breakage, interlocking now become a more popular technique as starter locs for men.

This method involves the use of a special tool (or sometimes just your fingers) to interweave hair with each other. This method is recommended for those with finer hair texture and looser curls since it detangles locs far less frequently than palm-rolled locs.

Pros: Less prone to detangle and leaves scalp easier to wash for those of you with frequent scalp discomfort. This method is also very easy to learn and far easier than the rest of the methods to maintain.

Cons: It may take between six months to two years for locs to fully form. On a long term, since the locs are always being compressed, sometimes it becomes too heavy for the base of the hair to support the weights thus resulting into breakage.

Best Interlocking Tools

Starter Locs for Men with Brotherlocks

Starter Locs for Men with Brotherlocks

Brotherlocks Hairstyle Idea: Side part medium dreads is another classic yet playful way to wear locs. Let your brotherlocks gather and flow on one side. Perhaps add a few color braided hair strands for some accent.

Brotherlocks: Brotherlocks and Sisterlocks are patented loc techniques invented by Dr. JoAnn Cornwell. This means that only certified locticians are legally allowed to use the specific interlocking tools to create locs using this method. Although the names are different, the only difference between the two is the thickness of the locs that are generated from each method.

The process involves installation of locs which may take up to twenty hours, depending on the type of your hair. So ideally, before going to have this installed, make sure to free one to two whole days so you won’t have to worry about having a “half-loc’ed hair” in-between sessions.

Pros: Very versatile and can be groomed on based on your specific preferences.

Cons: It may take anywhere between six months to two years before your hair is fully locked. Also, maintaining your hair may mean that you need to constantly schedule follow-up appointments with your preferred loctician. 

Lock Extension

As opposed to all the starter locs for men techniques here, this method does not involve loc’ing your own hair but using already loc’ed hair or synthetic fibres and attaching it to your own hair. This process skips all throughout the need to generate your own locs. But although you have instant locs, your new growing hair from your scalp still needs to undergo loc’ing process.

Cons: Artificial hair fiber may be heavier than your own hair thus putting more strain on your real hair from the additional weight. Artificial hair is also not very good with hair coloring so you may need to cut out the artificial color if you’re your hair dyed.

Best Lock Extensions

Starter Locs for Men: Bottomline

Choosing the right method for starter locs for men depends on your hair type and preference. If you are considering which method is best for you, I hope that this article provided all the necessary information to get you acquainted with the different options to choose from. There are also plenty of ways to style starter locs. Just remember to use the right tools and products to properly take care of them.

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