Indian Baby Girl Hair Cutting Styles Guide + Best Hairstyles

There are many Indian baby girl hair cutting styles out there. And parents (especially newer ones) will likely ask, “what’s the best haircut for my baby girl?”

The answer to this question is that there’s no correct answer. There are a lot of styles to pick from, so choose which one suits your baby best.

Of course, you’ll also need to find the haircut that your baby is most comfortable with, so try to keep hairstyles short and sweet. This way, your baby girl will avoid tangling her hair or getting into accidents while she adapts to the world around her.

Your baby might not also appreciate having to sit still for a long time while you cut her hair, so a simple haircut is probably for the best.

Short Indian Baby Girl Hair Cutting Styles

Short Indian Baby Girl Hair Cutting Styles

The most popular Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles are short ones. They’re simple, they’re effective, and they keep babies safe. Among these Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles, the most popular ones are layered haircuts, straight haircuts, or just cutting their bangs.

All of these haircuts are relatively easy to do on your own. This will help your baby stay relaxed for longer as she may feel more comfortable with you cutting her hair over a complete stranger.

Layered haircuts

Layered haircuts combine shorter top hair with longer bottom hair to project an image of volume and length. These haircuts look very nice, and if your baby girl is used to having long hair already, then you can use this as well as similar Indian baby girl hair cutting styles as she grows up.

Straight haircuts

Straight haircuts encompass a wide variety of Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles. If your baby isn’t accustomed to long hair, you can give her a straight cut – they’re neat and tidy, and relatively easy to maintain. One of the easiest straight haircuts for both babies and adults is the bob, though there are a lot of options out there.


Bangs are also one of the best Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles. This haircut leverages long hair, allowing it to fall forward onto the forehead. It’s worth noting that if you plan to give your baby bangs, make sure she doesn’t get irritated by the long hair. Most importantly, be sure to cut her bangs short enough that her hair won’t get into her eyes.

Now that you have a general idea of what the best Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles are, here’s a quick list of suggestions to help you get started!

Best Indian Baby Girl Hair Cutting Styles

Short Bangs for Baby Girls

Indian Baby with Short Bangs

Bangs are defined by hair falling over the eyes. But some parents have fussy babies or don’t want to run the risk of hair getting in the baby’s eyes. In this case, you can opt to cut baby’s bangs short––she’ll still be able to rock that glamorous hairstyle while keeping safe from eye irritants.

Keeping baby’s bangs short is a good idea for busy parents – they’re pretty easy to maintain!

Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Indian Baby with Short Curly Hair and bangs

If your baby’s got naturally curly hair, it’s a good idea to leverage that when considering the many Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles. A good way to do this natural hair styles for kids is by combining her curly hair with bangs.

Indian Baby with Short Curly Hair and bangs

The best way to achieve this style is to let your baby’s hair fall naturally over her head and intervene when and where necessary. Don’t be too fastidious here though, as a fussy baby makes for bad haircuts!

Styling Indian Baby Girl’s Hair 

Sometimes, perfecting Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles can be as simple as a single, well-placed accessory. If your baby doesn’t like haircuts, or if her hair is fine as is, try touching her hair up with these items.

Indian Baby Girl Hairstyle with Ribbon

Indian Baby Girl Hair Style with Ribbon

It’s hard to beat the classic ribbon when it comes to children’s hair accessories. These symbolize not only femininity but also of childlike innocence. Practically speaking though, these make for great add-ons to any Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles – and they’re not too expensive, either!

Headbands on Indian Baby Girl

Headbands are another great addition to Indian baby girl hair cutting styles. Whether plain, colored or with designs, headbands also serve as a way to keep hair out of baby’s eyes.

Baby Headbands - Indian Baby Hair Cutting Styles

If you’re planning to use a headband to complement your Indian baby’s hair, it may be worth investing in a soft, elastic headband over a hard plastic one. At the same time, don’t just buy headbands left and right. Let your baby try them on and see if she’s comfortable with them.

Cute Top Ponytail Indian Baby Hair Style

Indian Baby with Cute Top Ponytail Hair Style

Few Indian baby girl hair cutting styles are as simple as a top ponytail. This creates a cute highlight for your baby and is really easy to pull off too!

While top ponytails are cute, make sure your baby is comfortable with having her hair pulled into a style. Watch for signs of discomfort, and if she doesn’t like it, switch her hairstyle immediately.

Accessorize with Hair Clips

Indian Baby Girl Hair Clip Style

Another quick and easy way to accentuate Indian baby girl hair cutting styles is with [amazon link=”B07T1XTKQF” title=”hair clips” /]. These accessories are far less intrusive than headbands or ribbons and have the dual purpose of both holding hair in place and adding a splash of color and style to a baby’s hair.

If you’re planning to get hair clips for your baby, err on the side of caution and get larger ones that she can’t put in her mouth to reduce the risk of accidents.

Indian Baby Pigtails Hairdo

Baby Pigtails Hair Style

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is both practical and adorable, then pigtails are a great option. Pigtails are also one of the easiest Indian baby girl hair cutting styles to do – just part and tie!

Pigtails also have the advantage of being low-maintenance and protective of your hair strands. And they’re not only for long-haired babies, either!

Top Bun Indian Baby Hair Style

Top Bun Indian Baby Hair Style

A top bun is one of the best Indian baby girl hair-cutting styles for parents who want to show off their baby’s cute face. It’s easy to do, too – scrunch up hair and hold it in place with a band.

Just with other styles that hold hair, like pigtails and ponytails, always make sure that your baby is comfortable and happy with her new hairstyle.

Hair Styles for Medium-Length Hair

There are a number of different styles you can choose from when styling your baby’s medium-length hair. From simple little girl braid hairstyles with beads to elaborate little girl braid styles with natural hair, there’s a style to suit every occasion.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, below is a list of our favorite Indian baby hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Mini Hair Claws Indian Baby Girl Hairstyle

Mini Hair Claws for Indian Toddlers

[amazon link=”B08FR4J1HW” title=”Hair claws” /] provide a great way to easily manage Indian baby girl hair cutting styles while creating form of their own. These accessories work best with long hair, where they can be used to create and secure sections for long periods of time. Because of their ease of use and great versatility, mini hair claws are great for more active kids.

Thin Headbands for Babies

Medium Length Hair Headbands for Babies

For medium-length hair, a [amazon link=”B0B4S5QWVD” title=”headband” /] is a great way to keep the hair out of the face while still allowing your Indian baby girl to look cute. Find headbands decorated with beads or jewels to add some extra flair.

FAQs about Indian Baby Hair Styles

How do I take care of my baby’s hair?

Much like you’d take care of your own. Be sure to get a tear-free baby shampoo that will keep the baby’s eyes safe, and use warm water for best results. You can also use a dedicated baby conditioner and moisturizer if your baby’s hair seems to be drying out.

What are the best ingredients in baby hair care products?

If you’re going to put moisturizer or conditioner in your baby’s hair, go natural. Ingredients like coconut, almond, or avocado oil are best as they’re both gentle and effective.

How do you keep baby hair curly?

Curly baby hair needs to be maintained via moisture and natural oils, or else it may lose its trademark looks and bounce!

When does baby hair change?

At around two years old, your baby will have shed almost, if not all of their fine baby hairs. This is also the kind of hair that they’ll be having for the rest of their life.

Why is my baby’s hair changing color?

It’s normal for a baby’s hair to go through different shades as the child grows up. In general, a baby’s hair will grow lighter until around two years old, then darken until around five years old, which is when it will settle into its permanent color.

Is it true that cutting a baby’s hair will make it grow thicker?

Not at all. That rumor has been thoroughly debunked.

Create Lifelong Memories with the Best Indian Baby Hair Styles

With this guide, I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the possibilities of what Indian baby girl hair cutting styles offer both you and your baby. And as your child grows up, I hope that you’ll look fondly upon these memories of cutting and styling her hair. Remember though – always get her approval first!

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