15 Adorable Natural Hair Styles For Kids

What better way to celebrate the 5th World Afro Day than to feature some adorable natural hair styles for kids. Gone were the days when children with Afro hair needed to straighten their curls and coils to look pretty. Today, let us all join the global movement of teaching young people to embrace their natural hair’s beauty and express their rich cultural identity through their natural hairstyles. 

Most African-American hairs are types 3 and 4, which are curly and kinky. While from straight and wavy hair standpoints, these hair types can be a little challenging to maintain and style, in reality, it just requires an entirely different approach. 

Afro hair is unique, and the possibilities for creative styling are endless! From easy-to-make buns, afro puffs, twists, and wash-and-go to more intricate hairstyles like bubble ponytails, braids, twists, and locs. Here are 15 adorable natural hair styles for kids that you can try!

Natural Hair Styles For Kids


Afro Puffs Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Afro-puffs are natural hair styles for kids that are practical and irresistibly cute. It is an Afro hairstyle where the curly hair is grown into two thick circular shapes on each side of the head. Afro-puffs are as effortless to make as they look.

To do this hairstyle, divide the hair into two sections from the hairline to the nape and create buns or “puffs” on both sides. If you want to play more with cute hairstyles for black girls, do a zigzag parting or accessorize with headbands and ribbons.

Ponytail Braids With Beads

Ponytail Braids With Beads Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Childhood is all about fun and play, and what natural hair style for kids can encapsulate it better than ponytail braids with colorful beads? This little girl braid hairstyles with beads conveys sweetness and perkiness. I am sure parents and children will not feel the work; instead, they will love each step of the process. Start with a simple ponytail. Braids small sections of the tied hair and adds their favorite bead color before securing the ends.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Bantu Knots are classic, practical, and must-try natural hair styles for kids. These cute multiple mini-afro buns originated from the Zulu people of Africa. I guarantee that parents will find this hairstyle easy and fun to make. Begin with detangling the damp hair. Then divide the hair into sections, depending on how many mini buns you want to create. To do the bun, make a two-strand twist, knot, and tuck the tips of each hair section.

Box Braids With Blue Accents

Box Braids With Blue Accents Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Is your child ready for a little bit more adventurous hairstyle? Try these box braids with blue hair accents. Box braids may seem intricate, but it is simple to make. Just divide the hair into square or box-like sections, and feed in blue pre-stretched hair extensions or use hair chalk for kids as you braid from the roots to the ends.

Let your child explore with bold and bright colors to unleash their youthful and playful charm. If you want to add extra flair, accessorize this bold natural hair style for kids with clips or beads.

Bubble Braids With Crown Flowers

Bubble Braids With Crown Flowers Natural Hair Styles For Kids

What will you get if you combine these dazzling bubble braids with these colorful crown flowers? An unforgettable playful natural hairstyle for your little girl! Bubble braids are one of the easiest and most fun hairstyles to do. Tie the hair with multiple elastics and form bubble-like shapes between each section. Do not stop yet! Add this gorgeous flower crown and take the cuteness of this hairstyle to a whole new level. 

Passion Twists 

Passion Twists Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Passion twists are one of the most charming natural hairstyles that little boys and girls can definitely rock. It involves twisting two strands of hair to create a rope-like hairstyle. I love natural hair styles for kids that are versatile. Passion twists have a touch of edginess, but when accessorized with ribbons, they can also look gentle and charming.

High-Bun Triangle Braids 

High Bun Triangle Braids Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Kids like to try something new just for the sake of it. The next time you do a child’s braids, why not have a little fun and experiment with triangle-shaped scalp patterns? For practical purposes, gather the braids into a high bun. It will keep the hair away from the face as they run around and play. High-bun triangle braids look neat and fresh but a bit more creative. This is one of the natural hair styles for kids that is perfect for any outdoor activity.

Tribal Braids

Tribal Braid Natural Hair Styles For Kids

The list of the best natural hair styles for kids can not be complete without tribal braids. It is a classic hairstyle that dates back more than 3,500 years ago. It showcases different patterns and designs that are considered living works of art. Tribal braids also function as protective hairstyles. It prevents hair damage and breakage from too much exposure to heat and humidity. Young boys and girls can learn a lot from their culture and look stunning simultaneously with a tribal braid hairstyle.

Standing Bubble Braids

Standing Bubble Braids Natural Hair Styles For Kids

No one can get enough of staring at these standing bubble braids. If you are looking for natural hair styles for kids with short hair, you must try this one out. This hairstyle is not only super cute to wear but is also really easy and enjoyable to do. Tie hair using elastics and pull the sections in between to create a bubble-like shape. It is convenient, perfect for child’s play, and looks adorable too.

Freeform Locs For Boys

Freeform Locs Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Sometimes we have to let the hair do its own thing! Freeform locs for boys is a charming natural hairstyle free from any form of manipulation and product application. You simply allow the natural hair to matte and knot on its own and reveal its unique character over time. The result is always surprising but surely heart-warming.

Two-Sided Buns

Two-Side Bun Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Are you searching for natural hair styles for kids that look sweet and darling? Try these two-sided buns out. Like your traditional afro-puffs, all you need to do is divide your hair into two equal sections starting from the hairline to the nape. Then twist, turn, and tie each section into a smooth and neat-looking bun.

Ponytail Boho Braids With Ribbons

Ponytail Boho Braids With Ribbon Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Here is a fancy little girl rocking her cute version of boho braids with colorful hair ribbon! This little girl braid styles with natural hair may seem simple, but it combines three elements: hair braiding from roots to mid-section, curling the mid-section to the ends of the hair, gathering the braids into a high ponytail, and securing it with a ribbon. With this look, the search for the chicest natural hair styles for kids is over.

Classic Ponytail

Simple Ponytail Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Who doesn’t need a simple and classic ponytail from time to time? When it comes to natural hair styles for kids, ponytails are the mainstay. Whether you gather your hair high, low, or in the middle, it pulls away the hair to highlight the face. It is perfect for school, play, and everyday activities.

Natural Hair Styles For Kids With Accessories

Natural Hair Styles For Kids With Accessories

Natural hair styles for kids are all about fun. Never hold yourself back from trying out different types of hair jewelry or accessories to elevate your hairstyle. Go for headbands, ribbons, beads, clips, ties, etc. Mix and match them, and let them express your free spirit!


Wash-And-Go Natural Hair Styles For Kids

When it comes to natural hair, sometimes less is more. I always recommend a wash-and-go hairstyle from time to time to allow hair to breathe. We do not have to find ways to look different and stand out constantly. At times, embracing natural hair means just letting them be. The wash-and-go hairstyle looks effortless, carefree, and relaxing. Let your child go out with wild hair; after all, we wear our hair, not the other way around.

Natural Hair Style For Kids Care Tips


Washing hair once or every other week is a must. Shampooing removes the product, oil, and dirt build-up on the scalp and hair. Washing also allows you to detangle the strands and remove the knots that cause hair damage and breakage. Use sulfate-free shampoo with gentle cleansing and moisturizing formula as stronger shampoo may irritate the sensitive scalps of kids.


Dry your child’s naturally curly and kinky hair thoroughly after every wash. Leaving the hair damp for a long time makes them susceptible to molds and unpleasant odors. To completely dry their hair, squeeze, and towel dry (preferably using towels with microfibers for better moisture absorption) their hair. To speed up the drying process, divide the hair into sections and use a hair dryer for African American hair to allow more air to move into the hair strands. 


Leaving curly or kinky hair dry in between washes can make hair prone to drying and breakage and the scalp prone to itching and dandruff. I highly recommend moisturizing using a leave-in conditioner or natural oil to keep the scalp and hair healthy. 

Wear a Silk Cap Before Sleep 

For those children wearing twists and braids, I highly recommend that you cover these natural hairstyles with silk caps before going to sleep. It will lessen the tangling, tugging, and pulling of hair as the kids move and turn while sleeping. 

Take Down 

While natural hairstyles for kids can be irresistibly cute, we also need to consider the overall health of their scalp and hair. Take down natural hairstyles regularly, especially braids and twists, to allow the scalp and hair to rest and recover from the strain of holding them. Doing so prevents too much drying, hair breakage, and permanent damage. 

Natural Hair Style For Kids FAQs

How Often Should I Wash My Kid’s Natural Hair?

As a rule of thumb, you must wash natural hair every 7 to 10 days. But if your child plays and sweats a lot, you might want to wash them once every 4 to 5 days. During the wash, make sure that you clean the scalp, remove scaling, and all product build-up of oil. Take time to gently detangle the hair strands with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

What Are Natural Hair Styles For Kids?

Kids’ most common natural hairstyles are puffs, buns, ponytails, pigtails, braids, and twists. Accessorizing and combining these techniques can make your child’s natural hairstyle more playful and fun. Use beads, ribbons, headbands, and flowers for each hairstyle to express a more childlike personality.

How To Care For Natural Hair Styles For Kids?

Aside from washing and conditioning your kid’s natural hair every week or every other week, it is also crucial to moisturize their natural hair in-between washes. Make sure to remove knots and detangle their curls and coils too. Moisturizing prevents hair from breakage and the scalp from too much drying and accumulating build-up.

Enjoy The Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Let us help raise today’s children with love for their unique hair type. I hope that the fifteen natural hair styles for kids I featured above opened you to more natural hair styling possibilities and that you do not stop exploring more curly and kinky hairstyles for your children in the future.

Now is the time to make our kids appreciate their hair and to encourage them to express their personality through the hairstyles that best represent them. Have them enjoy their natural hair styles and allow the world to see the beauty and creativity that they have to offer. 

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