10 Glamorous Long Hair Blowout Styles

One of the defining hair looks of the 90s is the long hair blowout styles. When we think about that era, all we see is the female cast of Friends and Alicia Silverstone of Clueless. Our heads are filled with images of voluminous glossy hair, blow-dried and styled to perfection, and that is precisely what a blowout is all about!

Hair Blowout is a process of blow drying hair and styling it with a brush, and sometimes with the help of a curling iron. The result of this process is fabulous shiny hair that is simply irresistible. It’s not a crazy hairstyle you fashion a straight, curly, wavy style, or even a mix of those three, the hair blowout never fails to catch everyone’s eyes, especially with long luscious hair.

This article will share tips on creating and maintaining your long hair blowout styles, with ten different hair blowout styles you can choose from.

How to Create Long Hair Blowout Styles?

How to create long hair blowout styles?

So you’re now that you know what the long hair blowout styles are; it’s time to do it with us, one step at a time! Here it goes:

Step 1. First things first, you would want to start with clean wet hair. You won’t be able to rinse your hair for several days, so make sure to use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to ensure moisturization and freshness. After washing your hair, you would want to squeeze out any excess water from your hair. 

Step 2. This one is optional, but if you’re planning to do long hair blowout styles every now and then, you may want to invest in a hair heat protectant and blow dry accelerator. These two products will help prevent damage to your hair from the blow dry heat. Just spray the protectant or blow-dry accelerator onto your wet hair before using your blow-dry.

Step 3. Divide your hair into sections to make blow-drying more manageable.

Step 4. Attach a nozzle at the end of your blow dry and start blow drying! A nozzle will help the hot air from the blow-dry to eject in a more focused location. While doing this, you want to use a brush and shape your hair to whichever style you prefer. For a more voluminous style, direct the blow-dry nozzle on the inner part of your hair away from your head. 

Glamorous Long Hair Blowout Styles

 Long Bangs on Lavender Hair Blowout

Lavender Long Hair Blowout Styles

Long bangs on lavender hair blowout is a glamorous and exciting hairstyle for women with long hair. Apart from the edgy hair color, the long bangs create a smooth layered texture that complements the long wavy hair of your hair blowout. Wear your hair in front of your body to magnify the lusciousness of your hair. We recommend this hairstyle for those looking for an out-of-the-box fun way to style their hair.

Straight Long Hair Blowout

Straight Long Hair Blowout Styles

A classic long hair blowout style is the straight long hair blowout. Although this hairstyle seems basic, it is versatile in settings where it can be worn. This hairstyle emphasizes the beauty of long straight hair with its silkiness and shine. Plus, it goes really well just in any outfit. Try it!

Summer Hair Blowout with Straw Hat

Summer Long Hair Blowout Styles With Hat

Although the word summer is in its name, a summer hair blowout can be worn in any season. This hairstyle is refreshing and carefree and gives a soft glow to anyone wearing it. Top this aesthetic hairstyle with a straw hat during sunny days for a casual get-up, and lighten the mood of anyone you meet.

Brushed Long Hair Blowout

Brushed Long Hair Blowout Styles

Brushing, especially with a circular brush, while blow drying gives your hair a wavy feature that is to die for. A brushed long hair blowout gives out a sophisticated fashionista vibe that is literally a turner. The controlled waves created with the brushing serve a Hollywood runway aura that makes whoever wears it feel like a celebrity. Watch out for the paparazzi!

Honey-Blonde Beach Blowout

Honey-Blonde Long Hair Blowout Styles

Honey-blonde color is one of our favorites because it perfectly balances the honey color’s warmness and the cool blonde hue. Add this hair color to the beach blowout style or a feathered hair cut for long hair, and you have a hairstyle that emphasizes depth in dimension and glamour.

Wavy Sleek Hair Blowout

Wavy Sleek Long Hair Blowout Styles

Many people with thin and fine hair often have difficulty choosing their hairstyle. We are here to tell you that you should embrace your natural hair and try doing wavy sleek long hair blowout styles. This body wave hairstyle serves everything good with thin hair: the volume, the waves, and a mane that is only fitting for a goddess in human form.

Ombre Blowout

Ombre Long Hair Blowout Styles

Did you know that the word ombre came from a French word that means shaded? Ombre blowout on long hair almost feels like the splashing of the soft wave onto the shoreline. The gradual shift from dark to light creates a perfect balance of extreme tones on a glossy blowout hairstyle.

Wavy Long Hair Blowout

Wavy Long Hair Blowout Styles

Wavy long hair blowout styles are another classic for women with wavy hair. A carefree natural hairstyle that emphasizes the volume and shine of wavy hair makes all people you meet instantly envious. This hairstyle is perfect in formal and casual settings and makes you a standout wherever you may be.

Curly Long Hair Blowout

Wavy and Voluminous Long Hair Blowout

Curly long hair blowouts surely cannot miss the fashionista’s list of hairstyles for women with long curly hair. This chic and radiant style outshines almost any other hairstyle your friends may wear on a girls’ night out. Top this hairstyle with any outfit, and you’ll still look your best. Effortlessly beautiful, this hairstyle is absolutely stunning!

Polished Hair Blowout

Polished Long Hair Blowout Styles

Wondering which hairstyle to wear on a very special day? Try wearing a polished long hair blowout styles on your hair! This hairstyle is a go-to on a romantic date, wedding, and any once-in-a-lifetime occasion. But if you’re feeling a little extra on your typical day, then why not? No one can stop you from being absolutely gorgeous when you want it.

How to Maintain Long Hair Blowout Styles?

Now that you have long hair blowout styles, what do you need to maintain it? 

First, do not brush your hair on the first day of your hair blowout. Brushing your hair can make it look flatter and lose shine, rendering our hairstyle useless. Also, avoid putting additional hair products such as hair oil and moisturizer; doing that can make your hair look more oily than glossy. We absolutely don’t want that, don’t we?

Second, if you want to groom your hair in the next few days, you may opt to use a comb rather than a brush. Combs are more flexible and make maintaining your hair’s style and body easier.

Third, apply just the right amount of light hair oil when taking beauty rests. It enables your hair to relax and recover some moisture during the day. Make sure to apply it on frizzy areas and untangle and soften your hair.

Fourth, sleep with your hair bound up in a loose ponytail, or better yet, also use a headband or bandana. You would want to prevent a high strain on your hair that may cause it to have bends that may ruin your style. Make sure you tie your hair loose enough to avoid too much tension.

Fifth, extend your long hair blowout style by spraying a heat protectant to your hair before re-blow-dry. Thanks to the heat protectant, it can renew your blowout while preventing your hair from severe damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Long Hair Blowout

What kind of styling should I use if I have straight hair?

For those with long straight hair, we recommend using a natural bristle brush to achieve a smooth, luminous shine while blow-drying your hair.

How do I add waves and volume to my long hair blowout styles?

Applying a volumizing mousse before blow drying should do the trick. Also, we recommend using a round brush to add wave to hair while blow-drying

Is there anything I should do before blow-drying if I have curly hair?

Since curly hair needs more moisture than finer hair types, we suggest conditioning your hair during the wash before you blow dry. In addition, you may also want to apply a light leave-in conditioner to your hair while still wet. It should sustain your hair moisture for a more extended period of time. 

Enjoy Your Long Hair Blowout Styles

Women with longer hair sometimes have a hard time looking for the perfect date night or party hairstyle. While long hair blowout styles surely come to mind, many would think that the hairstyle can only be done by a hair specialist or hair salon.

If you’ve come this far, I am sure that long hair blowout styles are now never too hard for you to achieve. Choose among the ten best-recommended long hair blowout styles and wear the hairstyle that shows your best angels.

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