New Nordic Hair Volume Review

New Nordic Hair Volume Review: Our Ultimate Verdict

In this modern era, time has become something that we don’t have much of. And one of the things we struggle to do is to consume the necessary vitamins and minerals that will enable healthy hair growth. The good news is that there are products we can use that will provide us with everything we need and more that will give us that lustrous, strong hair without putting in too much effort. The bad news is that a lot of the products on the market don’t do what they claim and in most cases, you are throwing your hard-earned money in the trash when you purchase them. But thanks to honest reviews from people who don’t have any other agenda other than to speak the truth about the effectiveness of certain products, you can make an intelligent decision about anything you buy before making a financial commitment that you end up regretting. With that being said, here is our full New Nordic Hair Volume Review.

New Nordic Hair Volume – What is it?

New Nordic Hair Volume ReviewNew Nordic Hair Volume is a relatively new hair growth vitamin produced by a company based in the United Kingdom called Hairburst Ltd. At present, you can purchase the vitamin and both a chewy gummy and a capsule form. They are both made up of the same ingredients but the gummy version contains a lower volume of ingredients. However, since the capsule version is most popular, that is what we will focus on in this review.

The vitamins are sold in a bottle containing 30 tablets and they cost £24.95. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, one capsule should be taken daily, which implies that they will last for approximately 1 month. The vitamins are available for purchase through the company’s official website, they are also available through third-party sellers such as Holland ; Barret, and Amazon.

New Nordic make a wide range of products; each of them is marketed as a health supplement, and this includes the hair-volume vitamins. Hair supplements for the hair are placed under the nutri-cosmetic umbrella. Although it has not been explicitly stated, New Nordic Hair Volume is for women. We have come to this conclusion because on their website there is no reference to men and it also states that the product is good to use due to hormonal changes after menopause.

The manufacturers have not made any excessive claims about the product, the most they have said is that the product is designed to improve hair volume and growth, it also helps to prevent hair from turning gray prematurely.

New Nordic Hair Volume Ingredients

Copper: Copper is an important nutrient for the healthy development of the body; when combined with iron, it helps the body create red blood cells. Copper helps keep the immune system, nerves, blood vessels, and bones healthy. It also plays a role in absorbing iron into the blood stream. When there is enough copper in the diet, it helps prevent osteoporosis.

Some of the signs of old age are thinning and graying hair. One of the many benefits of copper is that it slows down the aging process. Copper peptide is a copper complex that keeps the skin looking fresher and younger by reducing inflammation. Copper also assists in building collagen, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity; therefore, it is only right to conclude that copper helps reduce wrinkles and improve the firmness of skin. Studies have also found that copper helps stabilize skin protein which improves the overall health of the skin. It is also responsible for the production of melanin, the body uses to protect the skin against harmful UV damage.

The peptides in copper are known to enlarge the size of the hair follicles which prevents the hair from thinning. As mentioned, one of the claims made by New Nordic Hair Volume is that it helps prevent the hair from going gray, this is because the excess melanin also stops the hair from going gray.

Zinc: The body needs zinc for a number of functions, and there are several benefits associated with this mineral. Zinc is essential for a healthy immune system, it plays an important role in the wound healing process, and assists in healthy childhood development. Zinc decreases the risk of diseases related to old-age. A study conducted by Oregon State University found that zinc reduces the risk of inflammatory-related diseases such as arthritis, which are known to affect old people in particular.

Zinc plays a major role in hair tissue repair and growth. It also assists in the effective functioning of oil glands around the follicles. One of the main symptoms of hair loss is zinc deficiency, and research has found that zinc supplements have a positive effect on people suffering from hair loss.

Zinc is good for the skin because the body uses it as an antioxidant. Zinc helps protect the body against free radicals that damage the skin and protects the skins fibroblasts and lipids which are the cells responsible for making collagen, which helps to support the skin. As mentioned, zinc also helps rejuvenate and heal the skin. However, even healthy skin need zinc for the effective functioning of cell membranes and for new cell production. For those who suffer from acne, zinc acts as a powerful remedy because not only does it boost the immune function, it reduces inflammation, which is one of the main culprits for acne.

Biotin: You will also hear Biotin referred to as vitamin H and it is part of the vitamin B family. Biotin has many benefits including keeping the eyes, hair, skin, nervous system, and liver healthy. It is rare for people to suffer from Biotin deficiencies, but when they do, the symptoms include a red rash, scaly skin and hair loss. In such cases, doctors recommend that you increase your intake of biotin. Biotin is also in popular products like Hairfinity and Lipogaine.

Amino Acid: You will often hear amino acids are known as the building blocks of proteins. The body needs these compounds for several critical functions such as the synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones. They also assist in improving mood and boosting athletic performance. Amino acids are required for healthy hair, skin, and nail growth because they are required for the growth and repair of body tissue.

Horsetail: Horsetail is a powerful plant extract that contains the more silica than any other plant. The ingredients in horsetail have an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect on the body. Horsetail is also well-known for to strengthen nails and hair and improve skin conditions. Due to the high levels of silica it contains, horsetail is extremely beneficial for the hair and nails. Its minerals assist in improving brittle nails and it also improves circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Millet: Millet is a grain that was cultivated in Africa thousands of years ago. Milley contains beneficial nutrients such as selenium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, and much more. Millet builds resilience in the hair and assists in maintaining  a healthy scalp.

Millet is high in antioxidants, which help protect the skin against damage from free radicals. It also helps reverse the signs of aging by reducing skin cells. One of the active ingredients in millet is ubiquinone which is known to assist in the reduction of wrinkles. It also contains the amino acids L-proline and L-lysine, which play a role in providing the collagen required for healthy skin.

Apple Extract: Apples are a rich source of minerals and vitamin A, B, and C. They are also known to improve blood circulation, detoxify the body, whiten teeth, build resistance in the body, enhance weight loss, detoxify the liver, assist in the digestive process and boost immunity. Research also suggests that apples may play a role in decreasing your risk of cancer.

The Benefits of New Nordic Hair Volume

There are several benefits associated with taking the New Nordic Hair Volume vitamin; these include the following:

  • Contributes to a healthy scalp
  • Contains all the ingredients required for healthy hair growth
  • Improves the texture and look of skin
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Loaded with powerful vitamins and minerals for overall health

The Side Effects of New Nordic Hair Volume

According to reports, there a few possible side effects associated with the vitamins, these include the following:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Although these side effects are rare, it is essential that if you do experience any of them you stop taking them immediately and book an appointment to see your doctor.

Conclusion of our New Nordic Hair Volume Review

From what we have discovered, it appears that the New Nordic Hair Volume vitamins is well loved amongst many because of its wide range of beneficial ingredients. Although the product does have a few side effects, this is typically normal when it comes to taking any type of health supplement. Therefore, we would not consider these side effects as a negative trait of the vitamins.

If you decide to start taking them, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately, consistency is key, and the longer you take them, the better the results.

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