10 Effortless Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Puffy natural hair ponytail styles are among the statement hair looks that shook the conventional standards of beautiful hair during the peak of the “Black is Beautiful” movement in the 1960s. This hairstyle has existed since men and women began to embrace their naturally curly and kinky hair and rocked different hairstyles showcasing their unique hair types. 

Puffy natural hair ponytail styles may seem simple, but they are far from boring. The combination of length, texture, flow, and volume makes puffy natural hair ponytail styles bold and glamorous. Achieving a puffy ponytail hairstyle is easy, and the styling possibilities are endless. You can wear it on short, medium-length, and long hair. Perk it up and experiment with colors, accessories, and different types of hair extensions. 

If you are someone who wants to embody the unique character of your natural hair, but also wants to have a break from intricate protective hairstyles like African braiding styles, twists, or loc braid styles, explore puffy natural hair ponytail styles. With just a few tweaks and tricks, this hairstyle can elevate your casual everyday look.  

In this article, I will feature ten stunning puffy natural hair ponytail styles that you can fashion anytime and everywhere. I will also include general instructions and care tips to help keep your natural hair healthy. 

Introducing Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Introducing Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

There are two ways to achieve puffy natural hair ponytail styles, the first is with natural hair, and the second is with the use of puffy hair extensions. 

If you have naturally curly and kinky hair, pulling off puffy ponytail styles is effortless, provided you also have sufficient hair length for the look you want to create. For those with straight and wavy hair types and short hair, puffy natural hair ponytail styles are still possible using puffy hair extensions that you can buy on Amazon. 

Whichever category your hair falls into, I guarantee you that puffy natural hair ponytails are viable hairstyles for you. 

Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Classic High Ponytail 

Classic High Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Let your puff be your crowning glory! Gather your damp and moisturized natural hair into a classic bun-like high ponytail with a thin stretchable headband to achieve this sophisticated and elegant vibe. This puffy ponytail strikes a bold hair statement as it attracts focus on your facial features. If you want to look radiant and stand out in any crowd, give this hairstyle a try.

Curly Puffy Ponytail With Headband

Curly Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles With Headband

Puffy natural hair ponytail styles are so versatile that they can ooze play and fun. Suppose you prefer an effortless and casual everyday look to match your cheerful personality, accessorize your curly ponytail with a headband that compliments your hair color and skin tone. The headband is an excellent alternative for the often clean and tight hair finish as it has less tension on the roots and allows your hair to breathe from styling products.

Bubble Puffy Ponytail

Bubble Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


The bubble ponytail is one of the Y2K‘s most trending aesthetic hairstyles. It is flooding red carpet events, fashion runways, and social media platforms. Celebrities, fashion models, and influencers are rocking this hair trend in every conceivable creative way possible. And for those with natural 4c hair, achieving a puffy bubble ponytail is no sweat. It is a fabulous hairstyle that flaunts and tames hair volume at the same time. You can wear high, low, or as many as you like.

To create this look, continuously tie your natural 4c hair downward using elastics or scrunchies. You can also use bubble puffy ponytail hair extensions if you have short hair. Use products for 4c hair to prevent damage.

Curly Puffy Ponytail With Caramel Highlights

Curly Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles With Caramel Highlights

Do you want to look irresistibly hot on your next intimate date? Fashion your curly hair with caramel highlights into a messy puffy ponytail. The key to nailing this look is to tie your curls loosely and to pull out strands of hair from each side to frame your face. And voila, this super chic hairstyle is ready in no time!

Low Puffy Ponytail With Smooth Edges

Low Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


Are you tired of updos? Why not wear your puffy natural hair ponytail styles low for a change? The clean, sleek, and glossy hair finish with wavy edges provides a teasing contrast to the wild, voluminous, puffy curls flowing from the nape. To create this look, you need to use a styling gel, preferably oil-based, to hold and moisturize your hair. If you do not have long and well-defined curls but are dying to wear this hairstyle with edges, you can also grab a low puffy ponytail drawstring hair extension on Amazon.

Pineapple Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail

Pineapple Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Pineapple puffy natural hair ponytail styles were originally created to protect curls from straightening and tangling during sleep. But as it turns out, this hairstyle is too cool to hide in the bedroom. It is an in-between-wash everyday casual hairdo that looks appealing and effortless.

Try this one out if you are too busy to spend too much time on crazy hairstyles. All you need are hair ties and bobby pins to secure the curls. For added flair, you can also wrap it with a bandana.

Side Puffy Ponytail 

Side Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Some days we want to look like we do not care about how our hair looks but in a fashionable way. And I cannot think of a better hairstyle than the side puffy ponytail. If you have long and voluminous natural hair, gather, tie, and let it fall in whichever direction. Then shake the curls to make them look bigger. Just do not forget to moisturize your hair now and then since this hairstyle can be drying to your curls.

Puffy Pigtails

Pigtail Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Do you want to look cute? Well, wearing puffy natural hair pigtails is always an option. Divide your hair into two sections and tie your hair on each side. You can also make it look like afro puffs or accessorize it with clips for a more playful and fun vibe.

Puffy Natural Hair Half-Ponytail

Half Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


For a goddess-like hairstyle, wear a puffy half-ponytail. It is a timeless and classic look that is alluring for almost all occasions. Be it for casual everyday wear, dinner dates, prom, or wedding events.

Sleek Puffy Ponytail

Sleek Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles

Here is a simple puffy natural hair ponytail that never goes out of style. It combines a contrasting sleek top hair finish and a huge unruly ball of coils. The result is a sophisticated and elegant look perfect for casual, professional, and formal wear. You can incorporate some braids if you want to spice it up.

Puffy Natural Hair Ponytail Styles Care Tips

Wear In-Between Wash

Puffy natural hair ponytail styles are best worn in between wash days because they tend to look better as textured hair becomes frizzy, dry, and less defined. Around day three to five, hair becomes easier to style standing and sticking out.

Use Oil-based Gel

If you want a sleek and clean finish for your puffy natural hair ponytail, use an oil-based gel to hold the hair in place. Oil-based gels provide more moisture and keep your hair from drying too much and too fast. 

Moisturize Your Hair

When wearing puffy natural hair ponytail styles, I recommend always carrying a moisturizing hairspray to avoid too much drying and prevent hair from breaking. Remember that this is not a protective hairstyle. Most strands are exposed to heat and humidity, making them more prone to damage. You can spritz diluted leave-in conditioner or hair oil in water. But do not overdo it to avoid this hairstyle from shrinking. 

Puffy Natural Hair Styles FAQs

How to make a puffy natural hair ponytail?

There are countless ways to create puffy natural hair ponytail styles. But the simplest type looks like a single puff on the crown of the head, and it is easy to make. 

Step 1: Dampen your hair using a spray bottle to give your strands some moisture. You only want your hair to be damp and not wet. Otherwise, your hair will shrink, and you won’t be able to achieve the puffy look. 

Step 2: Apply light hair oil to prevent hair from over-drying and hair breakage.

Step 3: Apply an oil-based styling gel around the perimeter of your hair to create a clean pull-back finish.

Step 4: Brush your natural hair upwards to make the curls and coils stand or stick out. 

Step 5: Pull the hair from the perimeter towards the crown using a thin stretchable headband to create a puffy ponytail effect. 

What are the available puffy ponytail hair extensions?

For those who want to achieve puffy ponytail hairstyles but who have straight, wavy, and short hair, you can use different hair extensions. The afro drawstring hair extension is a round-shaped hair extension for a high-ponytail or high-bun hairstyle. There is also an option to choose curly and kinky curly clip ponytail extensions for a puffy low-ponytail hairstyle. If you want an edgy look, you can use pineapple or mohawk high puff ponytail extensions. 

Enjoy Your Puffy Natural Hair Styles

Puffy natural hair ponytail styles are here to stay and slay! It is one of the timeless natural hairstyles that are effortless to make and versatile to wear. Whether you prefer a chic, classic, edgy, playful, bold, or messy look, there are countless ways to fashion a puffy natural hair ponytail. So what are you waiting for? Spice up your go-to puffy ponytail styles with the glam hair inspirations above. 

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