10 Awesome Rope Twist Dreads

Go for the rope twist dreads hairstyle to give your locs more oomph! Rope twist dreads involve twirling and twisting strands of hair together to form a rope-like effect. The result is a fabulous hairstyle with extra texture, volume, and character.

Read to learn more about rope twist dreads. I also featured some incredible style inspirations in this article and answered your frequently asked questions!

Introducing Rope Twist Dreads

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Rope twist dreads is a protective hairstyle that enables you to sustain your twists for a longer duration with minimal maintenance. This hairstyle is very similar to twists but with an improvement in how it can sustain itself and its signature look. 

The twirling and twist techniques to create a rope twist style will give your hair a unique vibe. Once you’re done with your rope twists dreads, unraveling them gives you fully defined twists that still rock in themselves.

Rope twists dreads can also work with any natural hair type. If you have type 1 straight or 2 curly hair, you may need elastics to secure the ends of the dreads. But, for those with type 3 and type 4 hair, your hair can secure the dreads twists by itself without needing to tie its ends.

The length is the only factor to consider when planning to do a rope twist dreads on your hair. Your hair should be long enough to create twists, and the twists must also be long enough to make dreads.

How to make rope twist dreads?

Creating rope twists dreads on your hair is easier than it looks. You may initially feel overwhelmed due to how laborious doing twists and twirls on your whole head, but we promise it is not that hard. It may take some time, but the result is worth it.

Step 1: Wash and Condition

Since you probably will have rope twists dreads for quite some time, it is essential to start with clean strands before doing any styling to your hair. 

Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly to ensure no shampoo is left, as it may irritate your scalp. Though optional, consider using a conditioner or applying hair oil on damp hair to ensure moisture is locked in each strand. Doing this prevents your hair from drying out, which may cause breakage and splits. 

Lastly, leave your hair to dry (but not too dry as it may prevent your hair from clinging to one another when twisting) and detangle it with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Step 2: Sectioning

Before going forth with the sectioning, try to imagine which rope twists dread you want to wear. Each rope twist dreads style has its unique section size and arrangement. Once you have a clear visual image of the type you want to fashion, divide your hair into different sections for your rope twist dreads. 

There is no standard section size; each depends on the rope twist dread you want to create. One thing you have to remember is that each section must be of the same size as all the others. Lastly, secure each area with a hair clip or pin.

Step 3: Twirl and Twist

Start by dividing a section of your hair into two. Start twirling one part from root to tip, then proceed by doing the same to the other part. 

Make sure each part is twirled tightly from root to tip and secured. After, proceed by twisting each twirl with one another, as you would do with classic two-strand twists. 

If you notice that the hair in the section is completely dried out, apply some hair oil or moisturizer to avoid frizz and puffiness on your rope twist dreads. Secure each twist by coiling the tips or using clear elastics.

Step 4: Repeat

Do step 3 with the rest of your hair sections. You now have a rope twist dread that will last for weeks!

Rope Twist Dreads Hairstyle Inspirations

Long Rope Twist Dreads

Long Rope Twist Dreads

A definite classic is the long rope twist dreads. This hairstyle showcases the beauty of your long dreads cleanly and neatly. This hairstyle is the go-to for those who want a more formal look but want to avoid the hassle of repeatedly redoing the style daily. It is an overall style that grooves nicely on all occasions.

Dyed Rope Twist Dreads


Dyed Rope Twist Dreads

Natural hair is fine, but our natural hair color sometimes falls short in expressing our personalities. Consider trying dyed rope twist dreads. Try this with your favorite hair color. You can never go wrong with dyed dreads.

Rope Twist Dreads Ponytail

For a pop icon look, try tying your long rope twist dreads. This hip look is suitable for people of all ages. Depending on your facial frame, it may appear striking or playful, but we’re pretty sure whichever vibe you want to give off, this hairstyle will suit your style.

Short Rope Twist Dreads

Rope twist dreads do not require ultra-long hair. Mid-length hair has that rocker suave that everyone aspires to muster. This hairstyle is best as an everyday hairstyle, especially in casual settings.

Rope Twist Dreads With Bandana

Rope Twist Dreads With Bandana

A simple bandana may do the trick to rock that 90’s street vibe. Rope twist dreads with a bandana is a simple hairstyle that is a homage to the 90’s pop flick that never goes out of style. Though simple, this hairstyle is an astounding testament that sometimes, less is more.

Rope Twist Dreads With Beads


Rope Twist Dreads With Beads

If you want to add a tribal feel to your long rope twist dreads, try incorporating dreads with stylish beads and shells. You can be surprised how simple accessories can add a wow factor to the overall look of your rope twist hairstyle.

dreads rope twist dreads

Thick Rope Twist Dreads

The best thing about thick wicks dreads is that they emphasize the texture of your twisted dreads. This hairstyle is an absolute stunner.

High Bun Rope Twist Dreads

For a slick look, try bunned-up rope twist dreads. This hairstyle emphasizes the texture created by thick rope twist dreads tied up neatly with a top bun. Tying a colorful printed bandana around the bun accentuates your hair in a comfortable and free vibe. Perfect for an everyday hairstyle, especially when you are on the move.

Half-up Half-down Rope Twist Dreads

This half-up half-down hairstyle exudes a cute, sassy look that is perfect for any casual occasion. You can use colorful scrunchies or add clips and accessories for a more girly vibe.

Two-Color Rope Twist Dreads

An ombre is one thing, and rope twist dreads is another, but together in one hairstyle? It doesn’t get better than that. This hairstyle fashions a reverse ombre on your dreads. It gives off a natural gradient from the dark roots to the stark white tips. If there is one hairstyle you should try at least once in your lifetime, this is it.


How long does rope twist dreads last?

We didn’t lie when we said that rope twist dreads is a protective style that lasts long with minimal maintenance. Rope twists dreads can last four to six weeks but may also last for months, depending on how you care for them.

Which type of rope twist dreads last longer?

Based on experience, rope twist dreads with smaller sections last longer than bigger ones.

How do I wash my rope twist dreads?

Start by running warm water over your rope twist dreads until the entire surface is thoroughly soaked. Since the shampoo is too dense to spread and penetrate your dreads evenly, we suggest that you dilute your shampoo with water and use a spray bottle to coat your hair in the shampoo evenly. 

Gently massage your scalp, and wash thoroughly. You may opt to use conditioner to moisturize your hair. Just make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly after. Dry your hair with a fresh towel.

Can I clean my rope twist dreads without washing them with running water?

Definitely yes! Start by applying shampoo to a face towel and dampen it with warm water. Proceed by running the face towel on each dread and the scalp. 

You can try pulling your dreads when you clean the scalp between each section. After that, spray astringent on your scalp to avoid oil build-up, then leave your hair to dry.

How do I avoid hair damage in rope twist dreads?

A few factors contribute to hair damage when fashioning rope twist dreads. The first is breakage due to drying. You can prevent this by regularly moisturizing your hair. We suggest you wash your hair once a week to keep it clean and hydrated. Also, apply hair oil on your dreads whenever it is too dry. 

Second, by too much tension. We suggest you tie your dreads up when doing mobile work such as exercises. Not only does it prevent your dreads from tangling, but it also keeps your hair from running all over your face.

Rock Your Rope Twist Dreads

Rope twist dreads is a great hairstyle. Not only is it easy to do, but it also stays longer than your regular twists. It is also versatile because you can fashion a new style by changing the thickness of rope twist dreads. 

You can choose from countless styles, each with a unique vibe that fits the personality you want people to see. Maintaining these rope twists dreads is also easy. You can wash it or pat it with a clean damp towel. You always have the freedom to choose. Just make sure to regularly moisturize your hair to prevent any damage to your hair.

And once you’re done with your rope twist dreads, untangling it gives you a complete twist of our equally gorgeous hairstyle.

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