Astressin-B for Hair Loss: DS Laboratories Spectral F7 Review

Millions of people suffer from hair loss; for many, the cause is stress. Fortunately, a new treatment, Spectral F7, has shown promising results in combating stress-related hair loss.

DS Laboratories Spectral 7 is a topical hair growth treatment with Astressin-B, a biomimetic peptide. In this article, learn more about this ingredient and whether Spectral F7 is the right treatment. 

Spectral F7 Overview

Who is DS Laboratories?

DS Laboratories is a leading dermatological brand formulated and recommended by top dermatologists like Dr. Antonella Tosti and Dr. Jerry Shapiro. The company’s mission is to create products that improve skin and hair health and appearance by using the latest advancements in technology and science.

To achieve this goal, DS Laboratories relies on its cutting-edge nanosome technology and rigorous scientific testing. As a result, DS Labs has gained a reputation for developing some of the most effective hair and skincare products on the market. 

In addition to its line of skincare solutions, DS Laboratories is also famous for its flagship hair loss products. They offer these as shampoos, conditioners, and topical treatments. And each hair loss product targets different and specific hair concerns, including beard & eyebrows hair loss. 

One of these unique lines of hair loss products is the DS Laboratories Spectral Line. Below, I’ll show each of them to help you better understand if the Spectral F7 with AstressinB is for you. 

DS Laboratories Spectral Topical Treatment Products

The Spectral line is DS Labs comprises different topical treatments specifically designed to target hair loss. These hair loss treatments contain proprietary ingredients, but their main active ingredients are Minoxidil and Nanoxidil

If you’re not new to hair loss products, you may be familiar with Minoxidil. It is one of the few FDA and derma-approve hair growth creams available today.

Nanoxidil is another version of Minoxidil, formulated to produce the same hair growth effect but less side effects. Each of the Spectral products uses Minoxidil and Nanoxidil in their formulation. Below is a short list of their main active ingredients. 

Spectral UHP

  • Main Ingredient: 5% Minoxidil
  • Use: Hair Growth Treatment for Men

Spectral DNC-N

  • Feature: First formulation with Nanoxidil. 
  • Main Ingredients: 5% Nanoxidil
  • Use: Improves hair growth and combat thinning hair

Spectral DNC-S

  • Feature: Premium formula
  • Main Ingredients: 5% Nanoxidil + Melanex® + Saw Palmetto and more
  • Use: Hair growth stimulating + reduces gray hair

Spectral CBD

  • Feature: Powerful botanical benefits
  • Main Ingredients: 100 mg CBD (cannabidiol) + 5% Nanoxidil
  • Use: Improves healthy hair growth, increases hair density, and calms the scalp

Spectral CSF

  • Feature: Premium formula for women
  • Main Ingredients: 5% Nanoxidil + Stem Cell Extract and more
  • Use: Promotes stronger hair and increases hair density 

Spectral RS 

  • Feature: Premium formula for hormonal and menopausal hair loss
  • Main Ingredients: Aminexil®, adenosine, retinol, cutting-edge peptide
  • Use: Anti-Thinning without Minoxidil

Why Use DS Laboratories Spectral F 7? 

As you may have seen, five topical products above mainly use Minoxidil and Nanoxidil to address hair loss. 

While Minoxidil is a relatively safe and effective treatment for hair loss, many users avoid using it because of its initial and sometimes adverse side effects. If you have tried Minoxidil products and want to avoid these side effects, the Spectral F7 is the best product for you.

What is Spectral F7?

DS Laboratories Spectral F7 Review

DS Laboratories Spectral F7 is an advanced hair-boosting agent clinically proven to help reduce hair loss and improve the quality of existing hair. The active ingredient in the product is the potent synthetic peptide known as Astressin-B, which helps curb stress-induced hair loss. The product also contains three other active ingredients with hair-protective, -nourishing, and -regrowing benefits. 

DS Laboratories Spectral F7 leave-on treatment is one of the several Spectral products that don’t have Minoxidil/Nanoxidil in its formula. But this breakthrough formula is the only one suitable for both men & women. Some DS Labs products without Minoxidil, like the Spectral RS, are recommended for women, while the Spectral BRD treats facial hair problems in men. 

Spectral F7 Active Ingredients

To help you better understand how the Spectral F7 works, I’ll discuss its ingredients and how they prevent hair loss in detail.

Astressin-B peptide

Spectral F7’s main action is preventing stress-induced hair loss using the 33 amino acid complex peptide, Astressin-B. Astressin-B is a powerful peptide that works by antagonizing corticotropin-releasing factor or CRF1 receptors. 

CRF-1 is responsible for regulating stress response in the body. When activated, it releases adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which plays a role in releasing other hormones, including cortisol and androgens. 

Cortisol is a hormone that helps the body to respond to stress by increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

When cortisol levels are high, it also suppresses the immune system and other unnecessary bodily functions like hair growth and focuses on the fight or flight response. 

Due to chronic stress, many people get stuck in this fight or flight mode. And this, over time, can cause gradual hair loss leading to balding and alopecia. 

Stress can also cause increased levels of DHT, a more potent form of the sex hormone testosterone. DHT miniaturizes follicles leading to Androgenic Alopecia. 

Because of its cortisol-antagonistic nature, Astressin-B is a potent ingredient as it targets hair loss at its roots. By reducing cortisol production, it can stop hair loss due to stress and DHT formation on the scalp. 

Clinical studies also support the benefits of Astressin-B when injected peripherally in alopecic mice. Reports also show that it can increase the pigmentation of skin and hair.

Copper Peptides 

Copper Tripeptide-1 or GHK-Cu is a copper-binding peptide first isolated from human plasma in 1973. This peptide has numerous established benefits for skin and hair. 

First, GHK-Cu has protective effects against oxidative damage. It can tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. In addition, GHK-Cu is being studied for its regenerative properties, as it may help to promote the growth of new tissue and hair follicles. 

GHK-Cu primarily works by binding to copper ions and promoting collagen production. It also reduces inflammation by inhibiting TGF-β expression, which is one of the causes of balding.  


Lecithin is a mixture of fatty substances that composes our cell membrane. It is hydrophilic and amphiphilic, which means it can attract water and fats. This property makes it a better ingredient than oils, as it can hydrate and protect hair strands simultaneously. 

Because of its chemistry, Lecithin can also easily permeate the skin allowing other ingredients to reach the hair follicles faster and more effectively. For this reason, it has been used in studies as a content-delivery system for Minoxidil to maximize the efficacy of your treatment. 

Proharin B4 

Last but not least is the biomimetic peptide prohairin-ß4. Biomimetic peptides are synthetic compounds that can mimic the structure and function of peptides or parent proteins.  

They can stimulate the stem cells to produce more collagen for softer and younger-looking skin. They can also work like platelet-rich plasma (PRP ), rich in bioactive peptides in promoting hair growth.  

Its synthetic composition makes Prohairin-ß4 a sustainable and stable ingredient unlike PRP therapy which is a very tedious and expensive treatment plan for hair loss.

Full Ingredients List

Aqua, Copper Tripeptide-1, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Propandeiol, Lecithin, Octapeptide-2, Acetyl Tripeptide45 D-Phenylalaynyl Octapeptide-14 Norleucyl Pentapeptide-38 Methyl Leucyl Decapeptide-26 Noreleucyl Glutamyl Methyl Leucyl , Disodium EDTA

Where to Buy

Spectral F7 is available on the official DS Laboratories website. You can also find it on Amazon and a few other online stores.

DS Laboratories provides two product buying options: A one-time purchase for $35.00 or subscribing for automatic shipment and buying the same item for $28.00 (a 20% discount). Considering you are supposed to use Spectral F7 regularly for several months, a subscription is the better option.

Who Should Use Spectral F7 Astressin-B Topical Solution?

Spectral F7 is the only Spectral product without Minoxidil that both men & women of all hair type can use. It’s best for people experiencing mild to moderate hair thinning and loss. Spectral F7 works better with other treatments for people with progressive hair loss.

I suggest you take DS Laboratories hair growth supplements like the Revita Tablets and its amino acids shampoo, Revita Shampoo, for better results. 

Why Should You Choose Spectral F7?

Clinically Proven Ingredients

The Spectral.F7 booster formula is based on cutting-edge science and contains a unique blend of clinically studied ingredients. This powerful combination of ingredients improves overall follicular health. 

In addition to this, Spectral F7 is its fights hair loss at its roots. There are many types of hair loss, like hereditary hair loss and androgenic alopecia, but stress seems to be at the center of it all. Including this treatment as a regular part of your daily routine during the early stage of hair loss can dramatically improve your results.

No Adverse Side Effects

Spectral F7 doesn’t contain Minoxidil and its variants, which usually cause irritation and other adverse side effects. It also has no paraben, sulfate, or other irritating hair product ingredients.

Gentle Water-Based Formula

The Spectral F7 has a light formulation that is easy to apply and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Its texture is pleasant and easy to use, unlike other natural hair growth oils. 

How Fast Does Spectral F7 Work?

Patience is a must when trying out hair growth products. Spectral F7 is a powerful product but is not a magic bullet. 

You must use this product for at least three months to enjoy full results. But that doesn’t mean that you will not see any changes until then, though. 

Most users report a decrease in hair loss within the 1st month of using it. Some experience a subtle increase in hair growth after six weeks of regular use. The good news is you should be able to know whether it works within 6-8 weeks.

I also remind you that results vary from one individual to the next. Some people are bound to see results at a faster rate than others. You might be part of this group or not. Whatever the case, continue using it as directed and stay patient.

That said, here is a brief look at the possible timeline:

Week 1 to 3:  Some people may notice hair shedding during this period. It’s weird and scary, considering you are using something that’s supposed to stop hair loss, but it’s normal.

Week 4 to 8:  The slight hair shedding should stop during this time, so the amount of hair in your comb and bathing water should reduce significantly. Some people may also experience slight hair growth during this period.

Week 8 to 16: Most people start to notice an increase in hair. Continued use of the solution will lead to thicker and fuller hair.

How to Use Spectral F7

Apply six sprays of Spectral F7 twice per day. Rub it evenly, paying more attention to the area experiencing hair thinning.

Spectral F7 should be used daily for the best results. You can pair it with other products like shampoos and conditioners for an even better outcome.

Final Verdict of our Spectral F7 Review

Overall, Spectral F7 is one of the best hair loss topical treatments I’ve seen so far. It targets one of the major causes of hair loss today: STRESS. 

Thanks to its advanced formula, Spectral F7 is highly rated and has no adverse side effects. It may be a bit more expensive than regular hair growth oils. But it’s significantly cheaper than similar treatments like PRP therapy which F7’s revolutionary ingredients mimic.

The only issue with Spectral F7 is that it contains synthetic compounds such as biomimetic peptides. These new ingredients need further testing to prove their long-term safety. 

There are other supplements you can try if you prefer supplements that are vegan and cruelty-free. Check out our Hairfinity Hair Vitamins and Hair La Vie review articles to learn more.

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