Astressin-B for Hair Loss: DS Laboratories Spectral F7 Review

Hair loss is a serious problem affecting millions of people across the world. In the US, a 2014 study estimated that 1 in every 5 Americans experiences hair loss. Men make the biggest percentage. Studies show that approximately 35 million American men experience some type of hair loss, while roughly 21 million women are going through the same problem. Now, bear in mind that these figures are from 2014, and considering that people’s lifestyles keep on getting worse, I’d say that the numbers have increased significantly since then.

Before you even go searching for a hair loss solution, you first need to know what makes your hair fall. Hair loss can be a result of different factors. Hormonal imbalance, stress, poor nutrition, use of certain medications, and supplements are some of the common causes of hair loss. Some of the products used in treating hair loss are formulated to confront all these factors while others are fine-tailored to deal with only a specific cause. Knowing the root cause of your thinning hair helps you make a wiser decision on which product to use.

Spectral F7 is a unique product from DS Laboratories that’s formulated to deal with stress-induced hair loss. The formula also packs additional ingredients that can help in treating hair loss caused by other factors. Here is everything you need to know about Spectral F7 and how it might help get over your hair loss woes.

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What is Spectral F7?

DS Laboratories Spectral F7 Review

Spectral F7 is a hair-boosting product manufactured by a well-known company called DS Laboratories. The company has made quite a name for itself with other best-selling hair products such as Revita Nutraceutical Tablets and Dandrene Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. One of the key reasons behind the success of their products is the research that goes into the whole development cycle. These guys rely on scientific research to determine which ingredients are going into their products. The research helps in making sure that only the useful ingredients are included. It also helps in making sure that the compounds used are safe. DS Laboratories even provide links for the research done on each ingredient that’s added in their formula.

The Spectral F7 is their best-selling hair growth product. It is formulated with a powerful peptide known as Astressin-B, which helps in curbing stress-induced hair loss. They’ve also added several other ingredients, including Proharin-B4, which helps to boost hair regrowth. So, Spectral F7 not only stops hair loss, but it also promotes the growth of stronger and healthier hair.

Spectral F7 is designed for both men and women. The formula is water-based, which makes for neat application. This is so much better than other oily and sticky hair-loss solutions.

Spectral F7 works incredibly well on its own. However, you can also pair it up with other products for even more dramatic results. For instance, you can use Spectral F7 with Minoxidil- or Nanoxidil based products for better and faster results. Experts recommend using Spectral F7 as a standalone treatment if your hair loss is in its early stages. If you are going through progressed thinning, it’s best to use it alongside other treatments. I will encourage you to consult a licensed medical practitioner before combining it with other products.

Spectral F7 Ingredients

Spectral F7 is formulated with just 4 ingredients:

Astressin B

Astressin-B is a 33 amino acid complex that fights stress-related hair loss. The ingredient is a CRF1 receptor antagonist. When used topically or via injections, it helps inhibits the receptors, which cause hair loss when one is stressed. The ingredient has been proven to be effective in various studies. Reports also show that it can increase the pigmentation of hair.

Proharin B4

Proharin-B4 stimulates the hair follicles to grow strong and thick hair. It also revitalizes the hair strands and fights the depigmentation of hair.


Lecithin is part of the cell membrane. It is a fat-like compound that helps in solving issues like dryness of hair and the scalp. It also treats brittle hair and promotes the growth of strong and long hair.

Copper Peptides

Copper Peptides provide anti-inflammatory protection. Inflammation is an auto-immune response that can inhibit hair growth and cause thinning of hair. The copper peptides present in this formula help to keep the response under control. Copper Peptides are also believed to be useful for blocking DHT, a sex hormone known for stimulating hair loss.

Who Should Use Spectral F7?

Spectral F7 can be used by both men and women who are experiencing mild to moderate hair thinning and loss. For the people with advanced hair loss, Spectral F7 works better when used in combination with other treatments.

Why Should You Choose Spectral F7?

Clinically Proven

Not every day do you come across a hair loss product that is actually backed by clinical research. Some manufacturers claim that their products are supported by science, but you will struggle to find the evidence. DS Laboratories use only the ingredients that are studied and proven to be both effective and safe. They have also published links to some of these studies on their official website.

Recommended by Experts

Spectral F7 is recommended by dermatologists and other experts. That’s because the product has passed the thresholds of safety and effectiveness.


No one buys a product without checking out the user reviews first. A glance at the Spectral F7 reviews paints a really good picture. A significant majority of the buyers get value for their money. This means that the product works, and it’s consistent, and that’s more reason people love it.

How Fast Does Spectral F7 Work?

Patience is necessary here, guys. Spectral F7 is a powerful product, but it’s not a magic bullet. According to DS Laboratories, you need to use this product for at least three months to enjoy full results. That doesn’t mean that you will not see any changes until then, though. Most users report a decrease in hair loss within the 1st month of using it. Some experience a subtle increase in hair growth after around 6 weeks of regular use. The good news is you should be able to know whether it works within 6-8 weeks.

healthy hair

I must also remind you that results vary from one individual to the next. Some people are bound to see results at a faster rate than others. You might be part of this group or not. Whatever the case, just make sure you continue using it as directed and stay patient.

That said, here is a brief look at the possible timeline:

Week 1 to 3:  Some people may notice hair shedding during this period. It’s weird and scary considering you are using something that’s supposed to stop hair loss, but it’s actually normal.

Week 4 to 8:  The slight hair shedding should stop during this time, so the amount of hair in your comb and bathing water should reduce significantly. Some people may also experience slight hair growth during this period.

Week 8 to 16: Most people start to notice an increase in hair. Continued use of the solution will lead to thicker and fuller hair.

How to Use Spectral F7

Apply 6 sprays of Spectral F7 twice per day. Rub it evenly paying more attention to the area that’s experiencing hair thinning.

Spectral F7 should be used daily for the best results. You can also pair it with other products like shampoos and conditioners for an even better outcome.

Where to Buy

Spectral F7 is available on the official DS Laboratories website. You can also find it on Amazon and a few other online stores.

DS Laboratories provide two buying options for the product: You can make a one-time purchase for $35.00 or subscribe for automatic shipment and buy the same item for $28.00 (a 20% discount). Considering you are supposed to use Spectral F7 regularly for several months, I’d say a subscription is the better option.

Spectral F7 reviews

Here are some of the testimonials from other users of this spray:

“It works pretty well. I seen growth (baby hairs). I’m just not that consistent as I first was. I buy their shampoo and conditioner as well. Good products” By Tammysvgjourney

“Recommended by beautician for spot hair thinning. Seems to help.” By Mh

“It did not work on me at all. My hairstylist noticed the thinning of my hair and recommended this brand to me. I bought it right away. However, it did not help at all. My hair did not become any thicker, even the baby hair….” By Mingmingli

Final Verdict of our Spectral F7 Review

Spectral F7 is your best option if you are in the market looking for the best hair growth product for stress-related hair loss. The spray features a proven formula with powerful ingredients that will deliver incredible results within a reasonable time. It’s also a good option for the mere fact that it can improve the results of other hair loss products that you could be using.

However, I must say that Spectral F7 is not the best pick for you if your hair loss troubles are caused by something else and not stress. In such a case, you can use Spectral F7 to boost the performance of other better hair loss products instead of using it as a standalone treatment.

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