10 Best Barber Case, Barber Organizer, Storage & Clipper Case

Are you looking for the best barber case? All is well. You landed on the right page. Here, we will review 7 of the most sought-after barber cases in the market. 

But before we go into the details of each barber kit case, it is important to know what to consider in buying the right barber case for you.

What makes a quality barber case?

A good barber case, first and foremost, suits your needs. Each barber kit case have different features. What works for other people may not necessarily work for you. 

Second, it serves its function. It is durable enough to hold your barber tools and accessories.  The interior provides storage and secures each of your items. It allows you to organize and locate your tools at a glance. The exterior has security system that prevents the case from sudden and unintentional opening.

Lastly, it suits your personality and style. Your barber case contributes to your branding. You are comfortable carrying it anytime and everywhere. Be it for professional or personal use.

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How to find the barber case for you?

Unsatisfied customers usually fail to find the best barbering case that answers most, if not all, of their requirements. Be sure to create an essentials list that you can refer to, while selecting a barber kit case. 

Before purchasing, ask yourself the following questions to help you have a clear picture of what you need.

  • How many clippers or tools do I have? 
  • How heavy are they? 
  • Will I need a small, medium or large barber case? 
  • Is it primarily for organizing my workstation? 
  • Do I need it for frequent travel to clients? 
  • Am I looking for something durable or light weight? 
  • Does the design reflect my personality and style?
  • Is the price within my budget?

If you are looking for hairstyling tools to add to your collection, check out our review on the best detachable clippers and razor blades

After narrowing down your needs, look for the best barbering case features listed below. Make sure that they match your answers above. 

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Layout
  • Locks
  • Design and Color
  • Price

10 Best Barber Cases

Now that we have established what makes a quality barber case and how you can find one, let us take a look at the review of the 7 best barbering case.

Best Professional Barber Case

Ver Beauty Professional Barber Case

Ver Beauty Professional Barber Case, Stylist Tool Box Organizer & Traveling Case, Black Matte, Large

The Ver Beauty Professional Barber Case, Stylist Tool Box Organizer and Traveling Case is perfect for organizing, storing, displaying and travelling. This barber tool box is made from aluminum and steel.  It has a black matte finish. The dimensions are 23 x 15 x 5 inches and it weighs 8 pounds. 

Pros: It is made with high quality materials. The construction has an aluminum finish and the corners are made of steel. It has enough interior space with many straps and storage for clippers, tools and accessories. The layout allows you to organize and see all your barber essentials at once. It has a number lock security system that keeps your things safe and protected. The case has a professional design with an adjustable shoulder strap. It is easy to clean. 

Cons: If you have few clippers, accessories and tools, this barber tool case might be too large for you. It is also a bit pricey. 

Bottomline: This barber carrying case is definitely for professional use. It makes a good impression on clients on top of its quality material, lock system, and layout.

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Best Aluminum Barber Tool Case

Vestil CASE-1814

Vestil CASE-1814 Rugged Textured Carrying Case with Rounded Corners. 18" Length, 14" Width, 6" Height


The Vestil CASE-1814 is made from aluminum. The exterior has a rugged texture finish and rounded corners. It has plastic molded handles. The interior has adjustable wall panels. As well as a removable interior panel with 4 sleeves and 13 pouches for tool storage. This case comes with a shoulder strap that attaches to D-hooks on the sides. It can carry a maximum weight of 18 pounds. The barber carrying case dimensions are 18 x 14 x 16 inches and it weighs 1 pound. It is silver with black hardware accessories. 

Pros: This barber equipment case is one of the most budget-friendly. It fits many clippers, tools and accessories. The Vestil-CASE-1814 is lightweight and perfect for hand carry and travel. 

Cons: Some clients complain about the quality of the foam walls of the interiors. But for its price, many are satisfied that the barber tool box serves its function. 

Bottomline: This is probably the best product if you have a limited budget. It is versatile, lightweight and spacious.

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Best Gold Barber Case

Vincent Master Barber Case

Vincent Master Barber Case Large (Gold)

The Vincent Master Barber Case is produced by the Vincent Store, and it’s one of the best barber cases for travel and tools protection. This barber tool case has a leather finishing and has elevated storage spaces and built-in wall pockets.

The Vincent Master Barber Case comes in four colors: gold, black, silver, and red. It also has four different sizes to choose from. Listed below are your options. 

  • Large: (Dimensions) 21 X 18 X 9 inches; (Weight) 10 pounds
  • Medium: (Dimensions) 17 x 8 x 15.5 inches; (Weight) 8 pounds
  • Small: (Dimensions) 11.5 x 4 x 10 inches; (Weight) 3 pounds
  • Junior: (Dimensions) 16.25 x 10.25 x 5.25 inches; (Weight) 6.45 pounds 

Pros: It looks professional, elegant and stylish. The finishing is durable and beautiful. This barbers case has superb quality. Clippers, tools and accessories fit in the compartments and are easily accessible. The Vincent Master Barber Case has a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Cons: The Vincent Master Barber Case Collection is expensive. 

Bottomline: If you have the budget and you are looking for a professional, elegant and stylish barber case, this professional barber suitcase suits you.

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Best Barber Travel Case

SunRise Apostoli Barber Case

SunRise Apostoli Barber Case Professional Clippers Travel Organizer Box, Black Matte, SC4102PPAB

The SunRise Apostoli Barber Case serves as a travel organizer for professional clippers. It is made from high-quality aluminum. This portable barber case contains multiple built-in straps and removable compartments for storage and organization of clippers, tools and accessories. It has a number lock security system to ensure that your belongings are safe. The SunRise Apostoli barber travel case dimensions are  22 x 13 x 4.25 inches. It has black matte finish. 

Pros: This professional barbers case looks classy. It is durable and it serves its function well. You can fit and organize many barber tools along with their chords. 

Cons: Although this barber tool box is not the most expensive you can find in the market, it is still pricey. Some clients complain about the number lock system not working properly. 

Bottomline: This barber equipment case delivers what you expect from a quality barber case and for its price.

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Large Professional Stylist Case

JustCase C4104 Barber Stylist Lock

JustCase C4104 Barber Stylist Lock Attached Carrying Portable Travel Case Organizer Storage Display, Black Leatherette, 1 Count (C4104PVAB)

The JustCase C4104 Barber Stylist Lock has a unique vintage leatherette finish with removable shoulder strap for transport. This barber equipment case contains portable storage organizers for clippers, tools and accessories. It has a number lock security system. The barber carrying case dimensions are as follows: 19.75 x 12.5 x 4.75 inches. 

Pros: It offers an alternative vintage style. The product has all the essential features of a quality barber case. 

Cons: Other than it being costly, there are no other complaints with this barber tool box. 

Bottomline: You get what you see in this barber tool case. The case provides enough storage for organizing. It is suitable for transport. If vintage is your style, this barber case works for you.

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Best Barbering Case with Lock

HairArt Barber Case

HairArt Barber Case, Barber Kit Tool Case, Tools Not Included (Gold and Black)

The HairArt Barber Case has a black and gold frame finish. It can fit up to 5 clippers or trimmers. This contains storage for blades and trimmer comb attachments. It has 9 elastic straps for your other tools and accessories. This barber case has a  digit combination lock. The barbers case dimensions are as follows 22 x 10.75 x 4 inches. 

Pros: This barber tool case is elegant, sturdy and functional. This case is an asset for professional barbers. 

Cons:  it definitely leans on the expensive price of a barber case. 

Bottomline: This is one of the well-loved barber cases in the market for its features, durability and functionality. For those who want to establish professionalism to clients, this barber equipment case makes a good impression.

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Best Barber Suitcase

Vincent Master Case Travel 

Vincent Master Case Travel Stylist Barber Case Nostalgic Series (Vintage Red)

The Vincent Master Barber Case Travel Stylist Nostalgic Series is the highlight of the Vincent Store, the industry-leading clipper case for travel and tools protection. Just like the Vincent Master Case above, this barber carrying case has a leather finish. It has elevated and detachable storage spaces and built-in wall pockets.

What sets this product apart from other Vincent Master Barber Cases are the size, design and style. There are four different designs in the nostalgic series: Adventure, American Flag, Vintage White and the one on the photo, Vintage Red. The barber equipment case dimensions are as follows: 21.5 x 17 x 7.8 inches. It weighs 16.58 Pounds

Pros: This barber equipment case was designed to stand-out. It serves as perfect storage for your clipper, tools and accessories. The elevating compartments make this barber tool box handy while working. It allows you to get our tools easily. The design and style is bold and beautiful. 

Cons: This is the most expensive barber carrying case on this list. But the majority of the clients are satisfied with the purchase. 

Bottomline: If you have the budget, this barber tool case surely is a great buy.

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Bst Barber Bag

Hairstylist & Barber Backpack

Barber Bags Organizer for Clippers and Supplies, Portable Clipper Bags and Cases for Men, Hairstylist Clipper Backpack for Barber Tools Storage Traveling Bag Case

Looking for a more versatile and trendy barber case, then this barber bag/backpack is the one for you. This is a great affordable gift for your barber friend as well. It has a dedicated space for every barbering tool like razors, scissors, trimmers, brushes, and aprons.

This barber bag may not be as strong as the expensive barber suitcases. But it is guaranteed pressure-resistant and allows you to expand and carry a lot of essential barbering tools.

Pro: Cheap. Barber backpacks are easier to carry compared to barber suitcases.

Con: This portable barber bag lacks protection for high-end barber tools

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Best Small Barber Case

CASEMATIX Hair Clipper Barber Case

CASEMATIX Hair Clipper Barber Case Holds Clippers, Hair Buzzers, Trimmers, T Finisher Liner - Travel Case For Clippers, Stylist and Hair Cutting Supplies

If you already have a barber bag or backpack, and want extra protection for your precious clippers/razors, then this small barber case is the one for you. It’s cheap and allows you to carry 2 electric tools and their accessories.

This barber case may be tiny but it is equipped with a hard shell made from EVA to protect your tolls from impacts and drops. It also has a padded divider and zipper that further protects the items inside your case.

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Best Barber Clipper Case

CASEMATIX Barber Case for Clipper

CASEMATIX Barber Case for Clipper Guard Blade Holder, Trimmer, Finisher - Case for Barbers Compatible with Detachable Clippers Metal Guards and Hair Cutting Accessories in Custom Blade Case

Casematix offers some of the best clipper cases for clippers and supplies! All of them are portable and small but this version is the largest and can carry up to 3 clippers. They also have clipper cases for just 1 or 2 clippers. And you can also get a separate case for blades and accessories.

This clipper case for multiple clippers measures 16.5” x 11.5” x 3.8” and is perfect for travel. It is made from shock-resistant composite plastic. The foam can also be customized to cater to your needs.

Pros: This professional clipper case has an easy-open latch and long-lasting hinges. As of now, Casematix is the only brand that sells barber cases for clippers.

Cons: The foam on this barber carrying case for clippers may not be enough to protect your tools from damage.

FAQs on Barber Cases

Why do you need a barber case?

A barber case serves as storage and organizing space for your barber essentials. It protects your tools from accidental damage and prevents them from getting lost. This also allows you to take all your barber things with you every time you travel or go to your clients. 

What do you put in your barber case?

The most basic contents of a barber case are hair clippers, haircutting shears, comb, brush, razor blades and shaving blades. Usually, barbers own multiple types of each item. 

What to consider in buying a barber case?

Make an inventory of your barber tools and accessories. This enables you to know what type of barber case you need.

Check the barber case features before buying. Look for the barbers case material, dimensions, weight, layout, locks, design and color and price.

How do you store barber tools?

Before you store your barber tools in your barber case, make sure you clean, sanitize, and dry them first. Wipe your tools with clean cloth to remove the hairs. Clean them with water and sanitize them with barbicide. Dry them completely before placing them inside your barber case to prevent them from rusting. For best practices, read and follow the care instructions of each of your barber tools.

Invest in Good Barber Case

It is time to organize your clippers, trimmers, scissors and blades in one place. Your barber case prevents you from losing your things. It protects your tools and accessories from damage or breakage. You eliminate the unnecessary packing and unpacking time every time you travel. This allows you to set aside the hassle and focus more on your services. Investing in a quality barber case makes your work easier and helps you build a professional image for your clients

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