Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Review: Does It Work for Hair Loss?

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins pulled one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the beauty industry. Celebrities like the Kardashians have advertised these gummies online. Since then, the vitamins have been sold and used across the world. A quick Instagram search is enough to show you the huge following behind the vitamins.

If social media is anything to go by, your order for the Sugar Bear Vitamins is long overdue. But is it possible that all the buzz around the gummies results from incredible marketing techniques and not necessarily their effectiveness in delivering strong, thick, and shiny hair?

In today’s review, I’ll take you through the formula of these vitamins to determine if they work. I’ll also lay down some of the gummies’ possible benefits and side effects. This should help you make a wiser decision on whether you should try out these cute little gummy bears.

What are SugarBear Hair Vitamins?

SugarBear Hair VitaminsSugarbear Hair Vitamins are multi-vitamin supplements that stop hair thinning and promote hair loss. The dietary supplement is the flagship product of a company known as Sugar Bear Hair. Besides these hair vitamins, they manufacture other products, including sleep aids.

The Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins are formulated with natural ingredients. What I love about the formula is that most popular ingredients that solve various hair-related issues are included here. They contain biotin and Vitamins B6, A, C, and D. These gummies smell and taste good, making using them an effortless experience.

In addition to promoting healthy hair growth, the vitamins will also boost the health of your nails!

The gummies are dairy, gluten, and soy-free. They are vegetarian Sugar Bears that anyone can use. The marketing may be centered around women, but it works just as brilliantly in men.

Sugar Bear Hair Ingredients

Here are the ingredients present in the Sugar Bear formula and the role they play in promoting healthy hair:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A or Palmitate supports hair growth in two ways. First, it has antioxidant properties. This protects cells against oxidative stress. Every day you step out of the house, you expose your hair to pollutants and other harmful compounds. Some of the hair products you use leave harmful residues on your scalp. The food you eat can also introduce harmful free radicals. These radicals are known to attack hair follicles, causing stunted hair growth. They can even cause hair loss. Vitamin A protects your scalp and the hair follicles against these radicals.

Vitamin A is also known to increase blood circulation. This is helpful for your hair because it allows your scalp and hair follicles to have a constant supply of nutrients in the blood.

You can get Vitamin A from kale, sweet potatoes, and carrots. However, getting the desired amount to make an impact through dieting can be a problem, and that’s why its addition in the Sugar Bear Hair formula is vital.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 works alongside Vitamin A to promote blood and oxygen supply to the scalp and hair follicles. Some reports claim that Vitamin B6 can help fight DHT if taken with Zinc. DHT is a notorious sex hormone known to cause male pattern baldness. However, further research is required to determine how helpful Vitamin B6 is in blocking DHT.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 supports the production of red blood cells. An increase in the red blood cells increases the oxygen supply to different body parts, including the hair follicles and scalp. When nourishing your scalp and hair follicles, they support stronger and healthier hair. They can also make your hair grow at a faster rate.

The fact that Vitamin B12 increases the supply of oxygen to different tissues in the body also means that you will enjoy an increase in vitality.

Vitamin B9

Also known as Folic Acid, Vitamin B9 stimulates cell division, helping produce healthy hair. It also fixes damaged DNA, which could be causing hair thinning and loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes the production of a protein known as collagen. Collagen is crucial for healthy hair, skin, nails, and other tissues in the body. An increase in collagen supports the growth of stronger, fuller, and healthier hair.

Vitamin C also provides antioxidant protection to the scalp, hair follicles, and other parts of the body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to hair thinning. This vitamin supports the creation of new hair follicles, which facilitates more hair growth.

Vitamin E

When Vitamin E and Vitamin C are used together, they improve the elasticity of your hair. They also strengthen the hair and give it a healthy and shiny look. Vitamin E also increases oxygen supply to the scalp and hair follicles.

As a bonus, using Vitamin E will reverse signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines.


Biotin is a popular form of B-Vitamins found in many hair, nail, and skincare supplements. It promotes the formation of Keratin, which forms part of the hair structure.

Biotin also increases the secretion of fatty acids. This helps fight brittle hair, dandruff, dryness, and scaly skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for hair is a popular moisturizer making it a valuable asset to anyone struggling with dry, itchy skin and scalp. It also helps in preventing hair breakage and loss. Coconut oil can also stimulate the growth of new hair.


Iodine deficiency leads to hypothyroidism, which is known to cause various health issues, including hair loss. Its inclusion here is to ensure that your thyroid is functioning optimally, and by doing so, it prevents hair loss.

In addition to the above ingredients, Sugar Bear Hair contains Zinc, Choline, Inositol Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, and Carnauba Wax. Natural flavors and colorings are also present in the formula.

How to Use Sugar Bear Hair?

The recommended dose of Sugar Bear Hair is 2 gummies per day. Do not take more than that.

One bottle of Sugar Bear Hair contains 60 gummies, so following the dosage guideline allows you to use the bottle for a whole month.

Where to Buy?

Sugar Bear Hair is available on Amazon. You can buy a single bottle or save more cash by buying a 2-month supply.

  • One-month supply – $29.98
  • Two-month supply – $59.98
  • Three-month supply – $87.99
[amazon box=”B019ZZB3O2″ description_items=”2″ title_length=”50″/]

What Benefits Should You Expect?

  • Reduced hair shedding
  • Fewer split ends
  • Less dandruff
  • Stronger, fuller, and shinier hair
  • Moisturized scalp
  • Healthy nails


What are the Possible Side Effects of Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins?

Sugar Bear Hair is a safe vegan supplement formulated using friendly but effective ingredients. The risk of side effects is hence very low. However, you should go through the label to ensure there’s nothing used that you could be sensitive or allergic to.

Several users have reported acne breakouts after using Sugar Bear Hair. This is especially common in people whose skin is prone to pimples and acne.

That said, anyone with a medical condition should avoid using Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins unless a licensed physician clears them. Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult a health practitioner before using these gummies.

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Reviews

Sugar Bear Hair is a very popular supplement with lots of reviews online. So many women and men share their before and after results, which are very encouraging. Here are some of the testimonials (both good and bad).

“(To be blunt, I’m black.) And my fellow sistas are probably searching through these comments looking for someone to say whether or not this product works for US. Ladies, I do believe this works! I’ve been taking it for 3 months now, and my hairdresser tells me every appointment that my hair is growing 🙂 Just purchased the 3 month supply. I should have some inches by the wintertime, haha!” By Lex

“My hair was falling out in clumps and getting super thin in the front. On the recommendation of my hairstylist, I ordered SugarBearHair. I have tons of new hair growth. So pleased, and they taste amazing. I have trouble limiting myself to the recommended dose!” By Cyferguson

“I was very excited to try this product. I had always hear such great reviews about them. They had a great taste, and I did see a difference in the strength of my hair. However, it made my skin break out like crazy. The bad skin side effect just was not worth the small differences in my hair. I would recommend finding a better product.” By Megan Kish

Final Verdict

Celebrity endorsements alone are never enough to convince buyers that a product works. However, when you have a product with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 after over 9,000 reviews, it becomes clear that vitamins walk the talk. That’s what Sugar Bear Hair is.

The supplement has produced incredible results in both men and women worldwide, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t do the same for you. For the people whose skin is prone to acne breakout, I’ll advise you to use these gummies carefully. Stop using them right away if they cause a severe breakout. That said, the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins are worth a shot!

Interested in laser hair growth treatments? You might be interested in our IRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review: Pro’s & Con’s article. If Sugar Bear isn’t for you, try other hair-loss vitamins like Zhou Hairfluence, BioSil Collagen Supplements, or Seanu.

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