The Best Hair Growth Products For Trichotillomania

If you’ve suffered from trichotillomania, a “hair-pulling” disorder, there’s no need to feel shame. It is actually a common problem that usually begins in the preteens, has been seen as early as one year of age, and in many adults over 50 years old. You’re not alone! There’s hope for you to replenish the hair you’ve lost and help you deal with the emotional recovery ahead.

best-hair-growth-products-for-trichotillomaniaNaturally regrowing your hair while you deal with  is a far better solution than the embarrassment that comes from wearing hats, wigs, hair clips, or scarves. Or, even going to other uncomfortable methods such as tattoos of covering up with sprays or make-up.

Because social alienation is common with the disorder, people experience deprivation from being with others, except close family members that know about the condition. This creates a lot of anxiety and interferes with the normal development of a person.

Fortunately, the health industry is working efficiently to help those that suffer from trichotillomania and other disorders that interfere with normal hair growth. As you may already know, this condition damages hair follicles from the repetitive pulling of hair, affecting the regrowth of hair.

Two products show to help hair follicles remain strong and are known to be some of the best hair growth products for trichotillomania. A nonsteroidal antiandrogenic medication called RU58841 and a dietary supplement called Folexin, which are both leading the industry in hair regrowth. We’ll review both to help you determine if they are beneficial for you as you recover the hair you’ve lost from hair pulling and get back into living a more fulfilling life.


Why is RU58841 Beneficial For Hair Follicles?

RU58841One of the best medications in the hair loss industry is RU58841 because compared to other medications, it does not cause dangerous side effects. Since it is a nonsteroidal antiandrogenic medication, you should consult your doctor before taking it to make sure it doesn’t interact with any existing conditions or medications.

Hair follicles are often weakened by a hormone called DHT. By blocking DHT receptors, RU58841 helps hair follicles remain healthy. DHT actually shrinks hair follicles and causes them to stop regrowing hair. When dealing with a hair-pulling disorder, you want to make sure that your hormones are not causing additional issues with your hair follicles, which are already damaged from the condition.

Since RU58841 works only on the scalp via a topical application, you’ll be free from the harmful symptoms encountered with hormone therapy or medications that go into your bloodstream. You’ll start to see changes fairly quickly as your hair follicles regrow new hair.

Not only will you see new hair growth, but you’ll notice that the hair grows thick and shiny. It improves the overall health of your hair. Besides the medication that is composed of a raw powder, you’ll see ingredients that help carry the medication to make it possible to be easily applied to the scalp. It is an effective way to deal with spots on your scalp that are missing hair.

Folexin For a Healthy Hair Growth Cycle

Another effective product for correcting missing hair works by providing nourishment to the hair follicles. Folexin is full of vital compounds that give your body the nourishment it needs to perform at its best.

The two main ingredients are Fo-Ti and biotin. Fo-Ti is a Chinese plant that has been used by the Chinese people for centuries. It has proven to have anti-aging benefits including hair loss and hair graying. The unique components of the Fo-Ti plant have healing properties that give hair follicles a chance to regenerate and work properly.

Biotin is found in many foods as vitamin H, it is part of many hair loss products. Those who suffer from trichotillomania have found it to be a very effective solution in helping hair follicles regenerate. It also promotes overall health that results in having a healthy hair growth cycle consistently, even after the hair follicles are healed.

This product makes your hair grow thicker, fuller, and with lots of shine. You’ll see the difference in the quality of your hair when it grows back, along with providing your current hair vital nutrients to improve its state.

Hope For Trichotillomania Survivors

Surviving trichotillomania is a matter of not only having a positive self-image but feeling at ease. Your inner and outer self work synergistically to produce feelings of wellness and harmony.

By dealing with your hair loss and finding a natural way to regrow your hair, you’ll be on your way to having a healthy outlook on life. The two products reviewed above not only support you through your hair regrow process but also support the quality of your future hair to ensure it is well maintained. The road to health is made much easier with the support from innovative products that are bringing a lot of comfort to those looking to improve their hair.

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