Trendy Aesthetic Hairstyles For 2022

Hair is an extension of your personality and it’s nice to wear something that is pleasing to the eye. Maybe you’re in a rut with your hair and just want some aesthetic hairstyles ideas.

It’s always nice to add new looks into your routine and change things up. I have tried to choose some simple aesthetic hairstyles so you can either do them on yourself, or if you’re a hairstylist, teach it back to your guests. Either way check out my aesthetic hairstyles guide.

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Middle Parted Aesthetic Hairstyle

Middle parts are all over the runway for 2022 and it’s easy to see why. Giving balance, symmetry to a look and simplistic edge, pairs with straight, curly, low buns or a pony, this look can be rocked with many looks. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it had to be number one on the list.

Money Piece Braids

Those two little tendril braids around the face can really set off a look. The aesthetic of the hairstyle is a little boho, a little 90s. The look just adds a done element to hair worn loose and down, or a statement to hair worn up.

Check out my how-to tutorial for a double braid with bangs and hair extensions ✨

Natural Aesthetic Hairstyles

Natural almost frizzy hair is a hairstyle of its own. Semi-brushed out and fluffy is a statement look and it’s on-trend. The look adds width and volume which is beautiful if you have this hair type naturally.

Hair Clips Aesthetic Hairstyle

Double Snap Hair Clips

Snap clips are still popular to wear in whatever hairstyle you like this season. They add a fun aesthetic to hairstyles. Were taken back to the 90s and the clips are bold bright and, in your face, so maybe add an aesthetic accessory to your hairstyle.

The Bixie Hair Cut

This one works well for all and we love it. The bixie is a cross between bob and pixie cut. Set to be a big trend for 2022. Worn with texture and style can be super aesthetically pleasing. This look generally works for all ages genders and hair types – no wonder we love it.

Skinny Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs are an aesthetic hairstyle because they can complement your features. The width and length of your aesthetic bangs determine this. Skinny bangs that aren’t super heavy are very popular now. Think soft, gentle bangs. The nice thing about skinny bangs is there is not a huge commitment to cut in.

Aesthetic Headscarf Hairstyles

Well, as you can tell we love an accessory. The look is great for lazy days, where you probably ready for a hair wash but have limited time in the morning. Aesthetic head scarfs compliment most mid-long hairstyles. The runways have been graced with silky colorful accessories and were all for it.

Cornrows Easy Aesthetic Hairstyle

Classic Cornrows

Cornrows have to be one of the easiest aesthetic hairstyles to wear for 2022. The look may not be the easiest to create on yourself, but once in, it’s in. The style is worn in simple straight lines and is a timeless classic.

90s Bob Hairstyle

The 90s bob hairstyle is very chic. The aesthetic of the hairstyle is that it is one length, cute and sits between the jawline or below the ears. It has a simplistic classy element worn smooth, but can also rock the grungy 90s vibe worn airdried or textured.

Sleek Low Bun Hair Style

High-end gloss easy aesthetic hairstyle. This look has an almost expensive feel to it and is very easy to recreate. Use a glossy pomade to slick down the hair and a bristled brush to smooth it out. Tie in the neck, twist the hair into a bun, and voila – we have our easy aesthetic hair done.

Shaggy Layers Hair Cut

Shags were one of the aesthetic hairstyles that emerged over the last couple of years and the cool thing about them is they are so easy to style. Taking the shaggy layered look, and let them go natural if you have a wave in your hair. 2022 is still seeing shag variations and we can all see why.

Super Sleek Aesthetic Hairstyle

Water like gloss on long sleek hair, there’s nothing more classic. Use a smoothing serum to skinny the hair and gloss it down. Irons are your best friend for this look – just make sure you use heat protection.

Aesthetic Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are the most versatile fringe. Worn in different styles makes them fun and also aesthetically complements your face. Classily they are parted in the middle and I particularly like that they sit around the cheek bone, highlighting those features.

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Gentle Waves

Soft nonchalant waves on long lengths with a skinny feel graced the runways for 2022. Flicky natural texture with an effortless look. The aesthetic of this hairstyle is simplistic, undone, and as it is. Pretty on long hair types giving the skinny long hair feel.

Millennial Spiked Buns

Spiky Bun

Y2k spiky slick buns were a simple look that is a unique aesthetic hairstyle. It also shows the fun side of your personality and can be achieved using classic wet look hair gels. This is a nostalgic look and probably for the quirky hairstyle wearer.

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons tied around ponies and worn as a bow or tailing off loose are in fashion this year. Wearing them adds a nice aesthetic to your hairstyle and finishes off a look. We like the preppy cute vibe they give off.

Short Heavy Bangs

These bangs look super cool and have a nice aesthetic. The length of the bangs adds height to the face an opens up the face. Showing off the brows and the eyes, paired with either a bob or long hair works well. It’s no wonder this look falls under our aesthetic hairstyles.

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