10 Gorgeous Wet and Wavy Hair Styles

Wet and wavy hair styles, again, are having their moment. It has been around since the 1950s on men with their pomade-hold slick brush up, but it wasn’t until later that women were introduced to the wet hair styles. And it wasn’t until recent decades that wet hair styles exploded in countless ways from the classic neat and slick.

Although the neat and slick hairstyles are something to die for, there is something about the wet and wavy hair styles that makes them so alluring. The combination of curls, length, volume, fresh-from-the-water effect, and glossy finish gives off an irresistible goddess vibe.

In this article, I will feature ten gorgeous wet and wavy hair styles you can explore. Do not worry if you do not have naturally curly hair because I will also teach how every hair type can achieve this look in simple and easy steps. So next time you are out for a formal gathering, an intimate date, or when you go clubbing, you can, and definitely should, try voguing with the wet and wavy hair styles.

Introducing Wet and Wavy Hair Styles

Introducing Wet and Wavy Hair Styles

Wet and wavy hair styles can be classified into two different categories, the first is with natural hair and the second with curly hair extensions. Natural hair can be straight, wavy, or curly. Whatever your hair type, wet and wavy hairstyles can always be achieved as long as you have sufficient length for your hair.

However, artificial hair integrations or kinky curly clip in extensions make it easier for most women to rock wet and wavy hair styles. Curly hair extensions may come in wig caps or pinned curly hair extensions. Whichever category you may fall into, achieving a wet and wavy hairstyle is always within your reach.

Wet and Wavy Hair Styles To Try

Water Wave

Water Wave

This hairstyle fashions a middle parted edge and long flowing wavy hair. It is so fabulous that it almost looks like a glorious waterfall of hair falling in a perfect ripple-like effect on both sides of the face and smoothly dissipates in the layered tips of the hair. If this is not perfection, we don’t know what is.

Wet and Wavy Hair in Ponytail

Wet and Wavy Hair in Ponytail

A high ponytail on wet and wavy hair style creates a slick top hair as the bottom layer of hair dazzles in a uniform motion towards the hair tips. This hairstyle creates a clean look up front as it highlights your facial structure while being complemented beautifully by the waves created by the unbonded hair.

Side-Swept With Braids Wet and Wavy Hair

Side-swept Shoulder Length

Are you looking for a perfect date night or party with the girls’ look? A side-swept hairstyle on shoulder-length hair gives a mysteriously alluring vibe, with a part of your hair covering just a side of your face. The flirty look this hairstyle brings is an absolute head-turner for everyone at the party.

High Ponytail Half-up with Bandana

High Ponytail Half-up with Bandana

A high ponytail half-up gives a fresh look to anyone who wears it. It provides the same clarity to your facial features as the usual tight high ponytail, but offers a little more character with half-down as it allows more volume to your hair. Adding a bandana to this look, although it hides the neatly tied part of your hair, brings an additional fresh radiance to the overall look.

Double Top Knot Up Half Wet and Wavy Down

Shoulder Bob Side-knots

Want to be extra chic on your girls’ night out? Then try adding side knots to your shoulder bob. This crazy hair styles look is playful and wonderfully glorious at the same time. The blend of the bob and top knot gives a tassel-like feature that is not only frisky but also has an approachable vibe: teasing and enticing, a true head-turner look.

Caramel Ombre Wet and Wavy Hairstyle

Caramel Ombre Wet and Wavy Hairstyle

Caramel ombre gives an additional layer of style to your usual wet and wavy hairstyle. Caramel color is perfect for plenty of skin tones, and using it as a sort of highlight, gives an extra dimension to the flow of your wavy hair. Caramel ombre works well not just with the water wave hairstyle but with other wet and wavy hairstyles as well.

Top-Braid Shoulder Length

Top-Braid Shoulder Length

So youtube tried grooming your wet and wavy hairstyle with natural edging, ponytail, and bandana, but have you tried mixing braids with your curls? A top-braid on shoulder length perfectly balances the two parts of your hairstyle. The top braids complement the shoulder-length wavy wet hair and can be worn on almost every occasion.

Side-swept Bob with Caramel Highlights

Side-swept Bob with Caramel Highlights

A bob is a timeless classic in women’s hairstyles, and we dare say it is perfect with a wet and wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle gives all that is good with a bob cut but highlights the waviness of your hair with a certain crisp that the highlights bring. This alluring look is perfect for almost all occasions, be it your everyday casual look, during events, or even in professional settings.

Auburn Body Waves

Auburn Large Waves

Auburn hair color brings out the warmth, and sometimes fiery, aura with everyone who wears it. On large slick waves, it almost looks like a smooth fire that instantly illuminates the room. This body wave hair style is so glamorous in itself that it won’t even matter what your mood may be, and indeed, you will definitely be the highlight in any crowd.

One-side Waterfall with Caramel Highlights

One-side Waterfall with Caramel Highlights

One waterfall with caramel highlights combines two elements in one. The natural water-like flow of the one-sided waterfall with the soft fire-like caramel highlights gives a glamorous radiance to behold. This wet and wavy hairstyle is truly one of a kind.

How to Create Wet and Wavy Hair Styles?

Wet and wavy hair styles follow a simple and satisfying process to make. However, if you have straight hair, you may need just a teeny bit of extra step to it. All you need to do is set your wet hair into any twist until they drys out. Once dry, untangle them, and voila, you’re ready to join the club of creating that wet and wavy hairstyle.

Step 1: Dampen your curly hair with water to introduce moisture into them. Note that your hair should be damp, not dripping wet; with just the right amount of moisture, you make your hair look wet. Untangle with your fingers or use a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2: Retain the wet look by applying gel to all strands.

Step 3: Use a setting gel or hairspray to keep the parts of your hair intact. Apply it at the base of the hair as edge control, where you need to maintain the flow structure of your wet hairstyle.

Step 4: Do finishing touches by combing your wavy hair with your fingers to achieve the desired flow and volume.

FAQS on Wet and Wavy Hair Styles

How wet is too wet?

Although you want to retain a wet look to your hair, too much moisture may make it harder for the gel to coat your hair correctly. As a rule of thumb, 60% moisture is best for any hair type. However, if your hair is under-moisturized, your hairstyle may look just a wee bit dry and may be prone to hair damage. Yikes!

Which hair products should I use to make wet and wavy hair styles?

A combination of leave-on conditioner or cream and hair gel is our go-to for the wet and wavy hairstyle. Conditioner and cream give additional shine to your hair, while gel retains moisture and makes your hair more manageable. You can also add a mousse for wavy hair to get a lasting hold.

A word of advice though, too much of a good thing can also be bad. Too much cream or conditioner can make your hair look greasy than wet, and too much gel may stiffen your hair and even leave clumps of hardened gel. So take just what you need, and you’ll be alright.

How do I style my wet and wavy hair style? 

Before going all in and applying your hair products, we suggest parting your hair as a first step. It lets you visualize where hair will flow using the chosen edges. Part your hair in the middle, at the side, or just a brush-up, this way, you will never have to do a total redo to your hair.

Another tip is to apply your hair product in small sections rather than cover your full hair with gel or moisturizer. Massage your hair products from the base of your hair and slowly work your way towards the tips. It will enable you to apply an even amount of products to your hair and avoid accidental entanglement of hair strands during application.


Wet and wavy hair styles have now reached the status of the timeless classic. Its evolution from a male-dominant style to an empowering hairstyle for women has attracted famous women figures around the globe. It has graced countless women with strength, confidence, and sassiness in all settings, and we’re equally glad that women’s wet and wavy hair styles are here to stay.

We have given you the hows and whats of wet and wavy hair styles, so try one of these hairstyles and let others rave for your rocking look!

If you need a style that is more straight, try long hair blowout styles or feathered haircuts for long hair.

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