7 Best Hairstyles with Edges + Styling Guide

Looking for some hairstyle with edges inspiration? Maybe you’re bored with your look, or you want to try simple or crazy hairstyles with edges trend. You’ve landed in the right place for all your hair inspiration needs.

Best Gels to Get the Best Hairstyles with Edges

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What Is the ‘Hairstyles with Edges’ Trend?

Hairstyles with Edges

The origins of laying baby hair date back to the 1920s. When finger waves and vintage sets were in fashion. The black iconic performer Josephine Baker was an advocate of the edges trend in the 20s, and we have seen the hairstyle depicted in the 20s-style cartoon Betty Boop too.

The beauty standard in the 20s was influenced by racial oppression. Black women with afro hair types slicked away their natural texture, hiding the natural beauty of curly hair types to fit in with the fashion developing over the ages.

Fast forward to the 90s and the looks trended again this time being a celebrated choice of an aesthetic hairstyle. Fast forward to this year and we’re seeing people of all races and genders wearing edges and celebrated universally.

Hair Gel to Lay Edges

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So, it’s definitely an art form and takes a little practice, but my advice as a hairdresser is to find the right product for your hair type. Some gels are not thick enough to force a strong curl in a shape and keep it in place.

If your hair is super curly, look for a thicker, quick-drying gel to manipulate those edges and dry before the curl starts to spring back. Also covering the edges with a breathable fabric while it dries helps keep strong curls in control. For a looser to straight texture classic gel is a great edge control option.

How to Lay Edges – The Technique

For tight curls use a bristly brush and plenty of product for edge control. scrape the ends of the brush in the product and work in a sweeping motion, smoothing down fuzzy edges, back into the hair. For looser curls/straighter hair types, you need to manipulate movement in the hair. A fine-toothed comb works well with plenty of wet gel. Use your fingers to hold the root while you force the hair in the direction you want.

Check out this video below to see how I used a gel and a comb to manipulate my fine wavy/fluffy texture. I used a classic gel to lay edges called MITCH steady grip.

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Natural Hair Styles with Edges

Sculpting edges and natural hairstyles are a cool way of adding a sculpted finish to a natural look. Keeping natural texture makes it easy to style because you’re not slicking away all the hair. Laying edges with natural hair gives a polished finish to the look, and overall adds a little glamour.

Cute edges with braids

Cute edges with braids

Want to just get all that hair away from your face? Had enough of it blowing in your way or just having to check your hairstyle with edges still looks ok through the day? Maybe these cute edges with braids look is the game-changer for you. This is an easy quick crazy hair style for black hair! Braid the hair with a gel product to keep it neat and lay your edges.

Slick hairstyles with edges 

Slick hairstyles with edges

Maybe you like that fierce snatched look, and styling your hair tight while laying an edge flat gives you that baddie hairstyle with edges. Take a look at the image above. Neat, tight sexy, and fierce, what more do you want from a hairstyle with edges.

Cute hairstyle with edges white girl

Cute hairstyle with edges white girl

With this fashionable look, white people are looking for cool-edged hairstyles. The looks have been gracing catwalks and crossing into wet-look hairstyles. I think unless you’re sculpting an arty edge look like my video above, go for something subtle, a little gel, and a soft neatened edge.

Ponytail Hairstyles With Edges

Ponytail Hairstyles With Edges

Whip your hair with a long pony and crafted edges. This look keeps things up and neat while having some loose hair for a swoosh. Also adding length with a clip-on ponytail can be a good option for this look giving you extra options to glow up your hairstyle with edges. Pair this with a puffy natural hair ponytail style and it will definitely elevate your look.

Hairstyles for curly hair with edges

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If you want to lay edges on your curls, but still show off your curly locks, maybe a half-up half-down hairstyle with edges is for you. The edges can control those fluffy baby hairs that curly readers get. While still keeping your beautiful natural curls intact.

Wavy Edges Hairstyles

Wavy Edges Hairstyles

Sculpt your edges with S bends and waves. This look works well with 3c curly hair types that want edges to work with hair that just wants to bend. Creating micro S shapes adds an arty effect, and what better way to lay those edges than to work with rather than against the wave in your hair. You can also add edges on your wet and wavy hairstyle.

Edges on one side Hairstyle

Edges on one side HairstyleGo for something a little interesting and add a styled side with a side part with a sculpted edge. Tucking the hair behind the ear looks pretty epic too. Showing off your hairstyle with edges and adding a little off-center to your look.

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