RU58841 Review: Best Medicine For Hair Growth Without Side Effects?

Medicine For Hair Loss Without Side Effects Featured Image

Losing hair can be extremely devastating. The failed attempts to restore hair or cover up bald spots can be frustrating. There are over-the-counter, prescribed medications and new drugs like RU58841, Minoxidil, and Finasteride that may cause more harm than good because of their side effects. So, what’s the best medicine …

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Hair Growth Gel Review: 10 Best Hair Gel for Hair Growth

hair growth gel

Hair growth gel is one of the best go-to products when you need to style your hair in a particular way. While hair gel itself is nothing new, hair growth gel is an upgrade to the original hair gel formula that allows you to both style and nourish your hair. …

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Where To Donate Hair: 5 Helpful Hair Organizations

Where To Donate Hair

Because of the pandemic, hair donation has become more popular today. As barbershops and hair salons are forced to shut down, people resort to cutting their hair at home. But thanks to hair donation advocates and influencers, more people realize that their trimmed hair doesn’t need to go to waste. …

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Viviscal Review 2022: Does Viviscal Extra Strength Work?

Viviscal Review - Does Viviscal Extra Strength Work

Viviscal Extra Strength is a well-known hair growth formula today.  But it’s not the only hair loss supplement available on the market. So, what sets it apart? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Viviscal Extra Strength, Viviscal’s most popular hair growth formula. We’ll examine the ingredients, possible …

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Revita Tablets Review: Does It Work for Hair Loss?


There are a number of prescription drugs & medications today that promise effective hair growth results. The only problem is, that they often come with a host of unpleasant side effects. As a result, many people are turning to natural supplements in the hope of finding a more gentle solution. …

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Hairfinity Review: Hairfinity Vitamins Benefits, Side Effects, & Results

Hairfinity Pills

Hairfinity managed to capture the headlines through its super-aggressive marketing. The company probably spent a lot of money on celebrities, including the Kardashians, who posted the Hairfinity pills on social media. That’s a great job from the marketing department, but do the pills really work? Let’s find out in our …

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