Trending Magic Shaving Powder: Is It Worth The Hype?

The Magic Shaving Powder is trending on TikTok. People of all genders show off how it “magically” removes unwanted hair, leaving their faces and bodies soft and smooth.

In this article, I will answer what this Magic Shaving Powder is, how it works, who can use it, how long it lasts, and where to buy it. I will also tell you what I like and do not like and the possible risks and side effects of this product. Ready? Let’s start.

What is Magic Shaving Powder?

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Simply put, the Magic Shaving Powder is a powder you mix with water to form a creamy paste and apply to your beard area. It acts as a chemical depilatory that dissolves unwanted men’s facial hair. 

The American brand Softsheen and Carson introduced the Magic Shaving Powder in the market in 1901. This company creates products that cater to the needs of people of color. 

The Magic Shaving Powder was initially formulated to help Black and African-American men groom their beards while reducing the risk of cuts, nicks, ingrown hair, and dark spots from shaving. Today, men and women use this product to remove unwanted hair on their faces, arms, armpits, and legs. 

The Magic Shaving Powder comes in four variants:

  • Extra Strength Razorless Shaving Powder
  • Regular Strength Razorless Shaving Powder
  • Fragrant Razorless Shaving Powder
  • Skin Conditioning Razorless Shaving Powder

How does Magic Shaving Powder work?

The Magic Shaving Powder contains Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxide, and Barium Sulfide. Together, these active ingredients dissolve the sulfur bonds of the hair’s keratin structure, causing the hair strands to fall out. This product leaves hairless, smooth, soft skin for up to four days.

It also contains cornstarch to make the texture creamy when combined with water and fragrances to neutralize the foul odor of breaking down sulfur bonds in the hair keratin. 

Who can use Magic Shaving Powder?

The Magic Shaving Powder is specifically formulated for removing Black men’s coarse and textured facial hair. 

That said, men and women are also safe using the Magic Shaving Powder to remove unwanted hair on their faces, armpits, arms, and legs, provided they follow the directions carefully.

Who can benefit most from using Magic Shaving Powder?

Dermatologist Dr. Gray explains that the Magic Shaving Powder is an excellent hair removal option for men and women, especially Black men, who suffer from ingrown hair, bumps, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation because of shaving. 

When you shave, the tip of the hair becomes pointed. If the hair texture is curly, it bends as it grows. The sharp end pierces and extends into the skin’s surface, causing ingrown hair, irritation, inflammation, and discoloration. Use a good electric shaver for ingrown hair along with the Magic Shaving Powder for better results.

Magic Shaving Powder is a great alternative to remove facial and body hair as the skin heals from the skin concerns due to shaving.

Who should avoid using Magic Shaving Powder?

The Magic Shaving Powder dissolves the keratin bonds of the hair, as well as the skin. People with sunburn, acne, eczema, and rosacea should avoid using this product to prevent worsening of skin concerns.

Men and women should also refrain from using the Magic Shaving Powder on their intimate areas because the skin down there is thinner and more susceptible to irritation. If you are looking for hair removal options for pubic regions, you can check my Venus Pubic Hair Razor Reviews or our list of the best pubic hair trimmers.

How to use the Magic Shaving Powder?

Patch Test

Do a patch test before using the Magic Shave Powder to ensure this product does not react negatively to your skin.

  1. Wait 36 hours after shaving, waxing, or using depilatory cream before doing the patch test.
  2. Mix half a teaspoon of Magic Shaving Powder with half a teaspoon of cool water.
  3. Apply the mixture to a small section of the beard area.
  4. Leave the mixture for no longer than five minutes. 
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Wait for 24 hours and observe the skin. You can proceed using the product if there are no signs of redness and irritation. 


How to use Magic Shaving Powder

  1. Mix two teaspoons of Magic Shaving Powder with equal amounts of cool water. The texture should be creamy. 
  2. Apply the mixture onto the skin area where you want to remove hair.
  3. Set a timer. Leave the mixture for five to seven minutes. Stay within the specified time. 
  4. Wipe the mixture with a clean cloth. 
  5. Rinse the beard area thoroughly. Do not wash the area with soap afterward.
  6. Wait another 24 hours to redo the procedure if you notice remaining hair. 

Important Reminders

  1. Use the Magic Shave Powder only on clean skin. Wash your face three to four hours before using the product to ensure your skin is clean but not too dry. 
  2. Please do not use the Magic Shave Powder on sweaty skin because it can cause skin irritation.
  3. A tingling sensation is normal, but a burning sensation is not. If you feel burning, wipe the product off and rinse thoroughly. 
  4. Avoid using the Magic Shave powder if you have sunburn, acne, eczema, and rosacea.
  5. Refrain from using the Magic Shave Powder on your intimate areas.

How long does it last?

One 4.5-ounce can of Magic Shave Powder, more or less, lasts ten to fifteen uses if you are only going to apply it to the beard area or armpits. On the other hand, it can last up to five uses if you use it on your arms and legs. 

It only takes four to seven minutes to remove unwanted hair and about three to four days before the hair grows back. 

Where to buy?

The Magic Shaving Powder is available on Amazon. 

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What do I like about Magic Shaving Powder?


The Magic Shave Powder is a pain-free hair removal method. It does not hurt like waxing nor causes nicks, cuts, bumps, and burns like shaving.

Reduce the chance of ingrown hair

The main advantage of using the Magic Shave Powder instead of shaving is it reduces the risk of Pseudofolliculitis barbae or ingrown hair, which usually comes with skin inflammation, irritation, and discoloration. 

Excellent user reviews

The Magic Shave Powder effectively removes hair, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. It is one of the main reasons many users endorse this product. 


What makes Magic Shaving Powder attractive to many users is its affordability. 

What do I not like about Magic Shaving Powder?

Contains irritants

As I said earlier, the formula contains chemical compounds that break not only the hair keratin but also the skin keratin. In addition to these active ingredients, it has fragrances that can irritate the skin. 

Prone to user error 

Unlike other depilatory creams and lotions, the Magic Shave Powder is more prone to user error because each individual must concoct their own powder and water mixture. Make sure to follow the directions carefully. Otherwise, you can produce a higher or lower concentration which can affect the results. 

It can be a bit messy

Once the mixture dries on the skin, it starts to break and fall off, which can be messy. 

It feels dry on the skin

Some users reported that their skin felt dry after rinsing the mixture. I highly recommend using a moisturizer after to replenish the lost moisture and restore the protective skin barrier. 

Possible Risks and Side Effects

Using the Magic Shave Powder comes with the risk of contact dermatitis ranging from redness, rashes, bumps, acne breakout, itching, hyperpigmentation, and irritation. 

These skin conditions can happen when the Magic Shave Powder is improperly mixed with water and allowed to stay on the skin longer than the prescribed duration. It can also occur when applied on sensitive skin, damaged skin barrier, or with pre-existing skin concerns. 

Final Verdict

The Magic Shaving Powder is a chemical depilatory that activates when mixed with water. It turns into a creamy paste that dissolves unwanted facial and body hair within five to seven minutes and lasts up to four days.

I highly recommend Magic Shave Powder for men and women who suffer from ingrown hair, inflammation, irritation, and skin discoloration because of shaving. It is a pain-free, nick-free, and cut-free hair removal option.

To achieve the best results, doing a patch test and following the directions for use is crucial. Otherwise, you risk using the wrong concentration, leading to unsatisfactory results and skin irritation.

People with pre-existing skin concerns like sunburn, acne, eczema, and rosacea should avoid using this product. The Magic Shaving Powder contains ingredients that break down hair and skin keratin bonds. It can damage the protective skin barrier and irritate the skin further.

While many users use this product to remove pubic hair, dermatologists advise you to observe proper precautions or refrain from using this product on your intimate areas.

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