The Best Electric Shaver For Women’s Pubic Hair

best electric razor for women's pubic hair

What’s the best electric shaver for women’s pubic hair? In this article, I’ll review 10 of the best electric razor for women’s pubic area and give you some of the best shaving tips! Women’s Pubic Hair Shaving Guide Your waxing appointment might have been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. You …

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Best Epilator for Men: 7 Products for Removing Manly Hair

Epilator for men

Using an epilator for men will solve all your manly hair problems better than a tweezer, razor, or even the best electric razor. If you want to ace your hair grooming skills without tweezing for days or going to the salon, then you’ll need an epilator. In this article, we …

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Waterproof Electric Razor Guide + 8 Waterproof Shaver Review

water proof shaver

There are a lot of things that can be done between showers, like shaving using a waterproof electric razor or singing your heart out (we’re guilty of this!). But as highly hygienic individuals, we use our extra shower time to shave unwanted body hair to achieve that soft and smooth …

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10 Best Barber Case, Organizer, Storage & Clipper Case

Best Barber Case

In order to be a successful barber, you need the right tools. And while you can find all of the necessary tools in a standard barber kit, it can be difficult to lug everything around with you from job to job. That’s where a barber case comes in handy. Best …

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Top 10 Best Barber Apron for Professional Hairstylists & Barbers


A barber apron is one of the most important barber accessories. It serves as a protective barrier against hair trimmings, water, hair coloring formulas, shampoos, conditioners and treatment chemicals. Barber aprons also help professional hairstylists to become efficient at what they do. Usually, it has built-in pockets for scissors, combs, …

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Can You Put Nair On Your Balls? + Nair Hair Remover Review

can you put nair on your balls

Can you put Nair on your balls? That is a question that’s been frequently asked for years when talking about the men’s body hair remover. And it’s quite an important question because we men have been tending to our ball hair since time immemorial. In this article, I will serve …

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Best Body Groomers for Men

Best MultiGroomers and BodyGroomers for Men

The trend of removing body hair has led to an increased demand for machines and tools equipped to remove hair less painfully. The outcome is multifunctional shaving machines, also known as Bodygroomers. The market for Body groomers (or Multi groomers) for men has increased as the fashion in the 2010s …

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15 Essential Barbers Accessories, Equipment and Tools


For everyone who is asking what are the essential barbers accessories, equipment, and tools, we heard you! Whether you are going to open your own barber shop or you are looking for gift ideas for your barber, we got you. In this article, we will talk about the must-haves in …

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9 Best Electric Razor For Teenage Girl, Tween, First Time Girl Shavers

Best Electric Razor For Teenage Girl, Tween, First Time Girl Shavers

It’s no secret that most teenage girls are obsessed with their appearance. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve their looks, and shaving is one of the most popular methods. Electric razors can be an excellent solution for this problem, as they provide a close shave without the risk of …

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Silk’n Infinity Review: The Best Permanent Hair Removal Device?


When removing unwanted hair in our bodies, there is the age-old battle between electric shavers vs. epilators. Another option is the use of barber face wax. But these methods entail a lifelong commitment to hair removal regimens. These are both time-consuming and costly. The great is thing that there are …

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Andis Master Cordless Review: The No. 1 Best-Selling Clipper


We understand your eagerness to read reviews on Andis Master Cordless. Without a doubt, it is the new standard when it comes to hair clippers. Every barber, including you for sure, has heard about it. And all legitimate barber shops definitely have it.  We are very excited to finally feature …

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