Shaver Oil Review: Lubricating Oil for Razors & Clippers

electric razor oil

You will know if it is time to get that shaver oil for electric shaver and razor! You need to lubricate your electric razor, trimmers and hair clippers when your shavers are shaky, loud, and slacking. Yes, you read it right, it is not too big a problem. You do …

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Manscaped VS Meridian: A Battle For The Best Manhood Care

manscaped vs meridian

As an adult, I give importance to personal care and grooming. Basic facial and body grooming does not only help me look better, but it also contribute to personal hygiene. This concept also applies to our manly parts. I can think of many good electric shaver brands for myself, but …

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7 Best Barber Backpack for Clippers and Barber Tools

Best Barber Backpack

Everyone needs a way to carry the tools of their trade, and for barbers, this carrying method is the barber backpack. If you’re looking for one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll review 7 of the best barber backpacks and give you their pros and cons.  …

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Best Electric Razor on a budget

Best Electric Razor Under 50 Finding the Best Budget Electric Razor for Daily Use

One of the best benefits of an electric razor is it saves you precious time. But if you’re one of the people who want to buy one but doesn’t have the budget, what are your best choices? Sit tight, and we’ll give you the best budget electric shavers to help …

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10 Best Shaving Cream for Electric Razor & Wet Shaving

best shaving cream

Although shaving may be down the list of priorities this year, with many sporting “quarantine beards”, as things ramp up again in the US and worldwide – it may be time to get rid of your newest friend. This is our list of the best shaving cream for electric razor …

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Gamma Clippers: 3 High Quality Clippers You Should Try

Gamma Clippers - 3 High Quality Clippers You Should Try

Are you looking for a great set of clippers to help you get started in barbering? If so, then Gamma Detachable clippers may be worth a space in your toolbox. In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the best Gamma clipper models and discuss what makes them …

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Synthetic, Badger or Boar Shaving Brush? 5 Best Shaving Brushes

Synthetic, Badger Or Boar Shaving Brush - 5 Best Shaving Brushes

A shaving brush is an essential part of every successful wet shave. They facilitate a super close shave while keeping the whole experience comfortable and smooth. And if you need to decide whether to buy a shaving brush with synthetic bristles or a boar shaving brush, then you’ve come to …

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Top 10 Men’s Eyebrow Trimmers You Shouldn’t Miss!

men's eyebrow trimmers

Men’s eyebrow trimmers may not be the newest product or concept out there. But, it’s getting its well-deserved update with the electric version. Trimming eyebrows is becoming a mainstay part of men’s hygiene, and it’s a great phenomenon to take part in! In this article, you’ll get to know about …

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