9 Best Electric Razor For Teenage Girl and First Time Girl Shavers

It’s no secret that most teenage girls are obsessed with their appearance. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve their looks, and shaving is one of the most popular methods.

Electric razors can be an excellent solution for this problem, as they provide a close shave without the risk of razor bumps and cuts. However, with so many different electric razors on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

Luckily for you, in this article, I’ll introduce you to the best electric razor for teenage girls or first-time girl shavers. I’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision. So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a teenage girl or a teenage girl looking for a better way to shave, keep reading!

shaving1 Electric Razor For Teenage Girl

Best Electric Razors for Teenagers

1. Panasonic Close Curves ES220P Electric Razor


Why we picked it

Panasonic electric razors are some of the best on the market, and the Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P is no exception. It’s my top choice for teenage girls because of its numerous features, power, and reliability.

First of all, it boasts three ultra-sharp blades that provide a precise and quick shave. But for those with sensitive skin, worry not, as thanks to the hypoallergenic blades and foil, the ES2207P guarantees a comfortable shave free from razor burn and skin irritation.

Despite being a foil shaver, the Panasonic ES2207P comes with a flexible pivoting head. This feature makes it easy to maneuver around the curves of the body. It also offers an option to lift the front blade as a pop-up trimmer. This trimmer is perfect for dealing with unwanted hair in hard-to-reach areas like the legs, underarms, and bikini areas. This is one of the best razors for first time shavers girls can use.

The Panasonic Electric Razor is the perfect solution for the busy teen on the go, as it can be used wet or dry. Waterproof and washable, it is easy to keep clean and comes with a brush to make the job easier. It has rechargeable batteries that provide up to 20 minutes of shaving time or ten shaves per charge.

✓ Flexible heads
✓ Rechargeable
✓ It comes with a charger and cleaning brush

✓ Efficient
✓ Versatile
✓ Great Value
☓ Short battery life
☓ The head is too bulky for narrow areas
☓ Long charging time

Bottomline: The Panasonic Electric Razor is a great choice for teenage girls who need a powerful, efficient, and versatile razor. It is waterproof and rechargeable, making it easy to use and maintain. However, this razor may be too bulky if you mainly need a bikini trimmer. But overall, the Panasonic Electric Razor is a great choice for teenage girls who need a high-quality and reliable razor for daily use.

2. Brori Electric Razor


Why we picked it

Brori electric razors offer some of the most innovative and reliable electric shavers for teens. The company has been manufacturing personal care appliances since 2012, and its products are known for their affordability yet cutting-edge design. One of these products is the Brori 3in1 Electric Razor for women. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one razor that can handle everything from your eyebrows to your bikini line, the Brori Electric Razor is a great option. This 3-in-1 razor has three interchangeable heads, including an eyebrow trimmer, a 3D facial hair remover, and a bikini trimmer.

The eyebrow trimmer is ideal for shaping and sculpting brows, while the 3D facial hair remover can easily remove unwanted hair from the forehead, chin, lip, and cheek areas. And if you’re looking to tidy up your bikini line, the bikini trimmer head does a great job of trimming and shaping without causing any irritation.

Regarding other features, this razor is suitable for wet & dry use, making it versatile. On the other hand, the USB rechargeable feature means it’s easy to keep powered up. The power indicator is also a handy feature, and the rotating ON/OFF switch helps to avoid accidentally turning it off or on.

✓ 3 in 1 
✓ Comes with power indicator
✓ USB rechargeable

✓ Waterproof
✓ Easy to use
✓ Light and compact
☓ Not durable
☓ Heads clog when wet

Bottomline: If you’re looking for an affordable and innovative electric razor, the Brori Electric Razor is a great waterproof electric razor. It includes three-in-one features for bikini, face, and eyebrow trimming, as well as a power display and USB charging. However, some users have found that it’s not as durable as other electric razors on the market and don’t work well on wet skin. And since it is from China, the 1-year warranty may be difficult to claim.

3. Panasonic ES-WR50-P Hair Trimmer


Why we picked it

The Panasonic ES-WR50-P Hair Trimmer for Women is a deceptively light device with impressive shaving power. Powered by two AAA batteries, this electric razor for teenage girl can give up to 40 minutes of shaving time, which is more than enough for a quick touch-up or a full body trim.

The hypoallergenic stainless steel blade reduces the chance of irritation even on the most sensitive skin. Rounded tips ensure the blades are comfortable and safe while cutting very close to the base of your body hair.

Best of all, the pivoting heads flex as you shave, allowing the razor to follow the body’s natural contours. This feature makes it one of the best razors for shaving armpits, although your teen can use it in any area equally well.

✓ Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
✓ Micro-thin blades have rounded tips for comfort and safety while sticking closely to the skin
✓ Pivoting head follows the body’s contours

✓ Cordless and light
✓ Portable
✓ Powerful motor
☓ Replacement blades are hard to find

Bottomline: Panasonic makes many fine electric razor for teenage girl, and this is one of them. Simple, light, and undoubtedly effective, the Panasonic ES-WR50-P is definitely one of my favorite electric shavers on this list.

4. Remington WSF481OUS Electric Razor


Why we picked it

The Remington WSF481OUS is a round shaver explicitly built to fit comfortably in your palm. Its ergonomic design, 3-blade shaver, and angled head allow this electric razor to cut hairs in hard-to-reach places.

What makes the Remington WSF481OUS stand out is its dual trimmer function. These dual trimmers allow the electric razor to cut quickly and neatly, trimming the hair with minimal passes. On the other hand, the hypoallergenic blades guarantee safety and comfort even on sensitive skin and tricky areas, making this one of the best electric shavers for armpits.

One common complaint about the Remington WSF481OUS is that it doesn’t shave all the way down. I recommend using this razor for quick touch-ups. Then use a safety razor to complete the job if you’re going for a completely hairless look.

✓ Dual trimmers for general use and bikini line
✓ Three blade shaver captures hair at any angle
✓ Hypoallergenic foil

Quiet despite its size

Very quick shaves

Suitable for dry and wet shaving


Not very good at thorough shaves

Bottomline: While effective, the Remington WSF481OUS will still leave stubble behind. This electric shaver works better with a safety razor.

5. Wahl Pure Confidence Razor


Why we picked it

The Wahl Pure Confidence is an electric razor for teenage girl that comes with many accessories. It has three heads – a detailer head for eyebrows and other areas, a trimmer head for fine trimming, and a rotary facial shaver. A 5-position guide comb for the trimming head allows you to get uniform length wherever you trim.

Where the Wahl Pure Confidence stands out is in the rotary shaver. This nifty device offers quick, fine shaves that are sure to give a close shave and perfectly remove any unsightly facial hair. It’s also safe and straightforward to use, making it an excellent choice for teens.

✓ It comes with an eyebrow detailing head, a rotary facial shaver, and a trimmer head
✓ 5-position guide comb for trimming and even lengths

✓ Small and portable
✓ Guide comb helps with styling
✓ Rotary shaver is perfect for facial hair removal
✓ Portable
☓ Feels flimsy
☓ Not waterproof

Bottomline:  The Wahl Pure Confidence electric razor for teenage girl comes with just enough features to not make it overbearing to new shavers. The rotary head is beneficial; it’s perfect for thorough and safe facial hair removal.

6. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Hair Remover


Why we picked it

The Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover offers a quick, painless way to get that smooth look and feel, even when you’re on the go. Thanks to its rotary razor, it thoroughly cuts hair as close to the skin as possible.

A palm-perfect design fits snugly in the palm of your hand and makes it easy to pass the razor over your legs, increasing the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover’s safety and efficiency. At the same time, its blades are hypoallergenic and are safe for sensitive skin.

I strongly suggest not using this shaver on the underarms or pubic area. That’s because the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover uses more powerful cuts to get rid of leg hair, and this can and most likely will cause injuries if used on other parts of the body.

✓ Palm perfect design that fits snugly in your hands
✓ Rotary razors for more efficient shaving

✓ It gives very close shaves for perfect smoothness
✓ Easy to clean
☓ Razor heads need to be replaced every 3-6 months
☓ Pricey

Bottomline: This is one of the best electric shavers for women’s legs. It is a very effective and thorough product that deserves a place in your arsenal of hair removal tools.

7. Philips Beauty SatinShave Electric Razor


Why we picked it

The Philips Beauty SatinShave Essential’s relatively low engine power makes it perfect for teens who’ve decided to start shaving their legs.

An onboard safe shaving system helps mitigate the speed and power of shaving, preventing untrained hands from causing accidental wounding. A hypoallergenic single foil shaving head moves with the body’s contours, ensuring comfortable, smooth, and thorough shaves while protecting from irritation or razor burn.

✓ Hypoallergenic single foil shaving head
✓ Protective cap for protecting foil

✓ Compact & portable
✓ Wet and dry shaves
✓ Affordable
☓ Loud
☓ Burns through batteries quickly
☓ No replacement foil is available

Bottomline: While the Philips Beauty SatinShave Essential is undoubtedly an effective product, there are no replacement foils available. Fortunately, a low-cost curbs this, but if you’re looking for more heavy-duty leg shavers, I suggest you pick other razors on this list instead.

8. Remington WPG4020US Smooth and Silky Body & Bikini Kit


Why we picked it

The Remington WPG4020US has multiple attachments that make it ideal for grooming the general body area and the bikini line. An angled foil shaver cuts close to the skin while aligning itself with the body’s natural contours. Combined with the length comb and the exfoliator, the Remington WPG4020US allows you to trim your body and bikini area however you like.

✓ Body/bikini trimmer
✓ Comes with an exfoliator for easy scrubbing
✓ Angled foil shaver for extra close shaves
✓ Attachable length comb

✓ Portable
✓ Comes with a travel bag for accessories
☓ The bikini trimmer may be challenging to use for first timers
☓ Drains batteries quickly

Bottomline: While customers have reported that the Remington WPG4020US needs some time to get used to, it’s still a very efficient pubic hair shaver. The added exfoliator is a unique feature; it helps maintain healthy skin and prevents other skin-related shaving problems.

9. CLIO Palmperfect Electric Shaver


Why we picked it

“Simple yet effective” best describes the CLIO Palmperfect Electric Shaver. This handy tool is sharp enough to trim any wayward hairs and safe enough that even pre-teens can use it without the worry of self-injury. At the same time, its hypoallergenic stainless steel blade ensures that the CLIO Palmperfect Electric Shaver won’t upset sensitive skin.

A soft, ergonomic rubber grip allows for easy handling, especially for pre-teens who are just learning to shave. Dual clipper blades cut quickly and closely, reducing the number of passes needed. It’s cordless too, which makes it ideal for shaving in the shower.

✓ Hypoallergenic stainless steel blade
✓ Dual clipper blades
✓ Ergonomic grip

✓ Light and portable
✓ Affordable
☓ Very rough with dry shaves

Bottomline: The CLIO Palmperfect Electric Shaver is an excellent tool for first-time shaver girl who is new to the shaving scene. Its frills-free design and function have enough safety features that even novice shavers may find easy to use.

Buyer's Guide

Electric Razor Vs. Manual Razor

Electric razors have many advantages over manual razors. For one, they are much easier to use and more suitable for dry shaving. You don’t have to worry about shaving cream, water, or any other mess with traditional shaving.

An excellent electric razor will also give you a clean shave faster and more efficiently while minimizing the risk of nicks and cuts, perfect for first-time teen shavers. Electric razors are also more convenient than manual razors as you can take them with you when you travel. Finally, they are more environmentally friendly than manual razors because they don’t require the use of disposables (such as razor blades).

Of course, electric razors do have their drawbacks. They can be more expensive than manual or disposable razors and require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition. And with improper care, electric razor blades may become dull, which can cause skin tugging and ingrown hairs.

Additionally, you don’t need gels or creams when shaving with electric razors, so if you prefer those products, you’ll need to stick with a manual razor. However, for many people, the benefits of electric razors outweigh the drawbacks – and they’re certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a new shaving solution!

shaving3 Electric Razor For Teenage Girl

Electric Razors with Body Trimmers

There are two main types of shavers on the market today: rotary and foil. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential.

Foil shavers are known for being quick and easy to use. They work well on straight lines, making them great for those who want a smoother and closer shave. However, they usually shave on a straight line and may not work well on contours.

On the other hand, rotary shavers are known for being more versatile. They work well on straight lines and contours, making them ideal for shaving fast-growing hair. However, they are less precise, don’t provide the closest shave, and may take longer to clean.

Electric Razors with Body Trimmers

Today, most electric razors come with various head attachments for trimming other body hairs, such as the bikini line or underarms. If you are someone who has unwanted facial hair like the upper lip or ears, find electric razors like the Panasonic ES-WR50-P  that come with underarm trimmer heads.

Here are some alternatives that remove body hair

Shaving is a rite of passage for many teenage girls. However, finding the right razor can be a challenge. Electric razors are a popular option but can be expensive and difficult to use. Fortunately, below are several alternatives that remove body hair.

  • Waxing. Waxing is one of the most common solutions for removing body hair for long periods. While waxing provides roughly 3-4 weeks of hairless smoothness, it’s also moderately painful and requires some hair regrowth to be fully effective.
  • Epilators. Epilators are another alternative solution to body hair. By tearing your hair follicles out, epilators provide quick and convenient hair removal with long-lasting results. However, epilators are painful as they pull your hair out from the roots.
  • Depilatory cream. This is a great way to remove body hair without any muss or fuss. Depilatory creams are pain-free, inexpensive, and easy to use. However, they often carry a faint chemical scent and can cause allergic reactions due to their chemical components. In addition, these creams tend to increase hair follicle growth resulting in thicker hair after a few weeks.
  • Laser hair removal. This can potentially solve your hair removal problems for months to years, depending on the intensity of your treatment. Laser removal can also target any place on your body and clean it of all hairs. However, you’ll need multiple sessions to see results. Laser treatment is expensive and doesn’t work well on dark skin, dark hair, or light blonde hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shaving your body hair is much safer and less traumatizing for teenage girls than plucking and waxing. I started shaving when I began to grow underarm hairs. Usually, it starts around the age of 10 or earlier, depending on your or your child’s growth spurt.

But when to start – or start at all – is entirely up to you! Ensure you instruct your child on properly using a razor or an electric shave.

Every person in your family should ideally have their own razor. Razor blades can spread infections such as warts or fungal infections.

There’s no definitive rule to this. The best rule of thumb is to shave when it’s convenient for you.

Yes, you can. However, since underarm skin is sensitive, make sure to shave slowly and gently.

Moisture can make it difficult to shave with an electric razor, so ensure skin is dry before shaving your armpits. Hold the shaver against your skin and move it in small, circular motions. Be sure to go over each area several times to ensure a close shave. When you’re finished, rinse your underarms with cold water to soothe the skin and apply lotion to hydrate.

The best way to go about this is to use a depilatory cream. These creams break down hairs using acids, leaving your body smooth and hairless without using a razor.

Yes, you can use the same razor for your armpits and legs. Rinse the blade well after each use and replace blunted blades regularly.

Like shaving body hair, this is entirely up to you. If you feel like you need to shave, then go ahead. At the same time, if you don’t feel the need for it, then feel free not to.

Yes, she can! It’s the most straightforward way to remove facial hair, though some practice will be needed.

Yes, she can! Just like using it for a mustache, care should be taken when using a razor to shave your face.


Among all these electric razor for teenage girl, the one that stands out the most is the Panasonic Electric Razor. Its shaving efficiency, safety features, and affordable price tag make it hard to beat. However, the  Brori Electric Shaver for Women comes in a very close second place.

For more inexperienced shavers, we recommend the Panasonic ES-WR50-P  for its lightweight and high functionality and the CLIO Palmperfect Electric Shaver’s simple and effective design that’s perfect for first-time girl shavers.

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