Silk’n Infinity Review: The Best Permanent Hair Removal Device?

When removing unwanted hair in our bodies, there is the age-old battle between electric shavers vs. epilators. Another option is the use of barber face wax. But these methods entail a lifelong commitment to hair removal regimens. These are both time-consuming and costly.

The great is thing that there are permanent hair removal solutions available today. In this article, we will talk about Silk’n Infinity, a home hair removal device that provides long-term results. We will tell you how it works, its features, who can use it, how to use it, and where to buy it. Lastly, we will also answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Our goal is to help you get all the information that you need to help you decide if you would give this product a try.

What is Silk’n Infinity?

The Silk’n Infinity is one of the best hair removal home devices for all genders. It can be used to eliminate unwanted hair on the face, chest, arms, legs, underarms, bikini lines, and other parts of the body. It facilitates pain-free, irritation-free, and mess-free hair removal for good. 

How does it work?

The Silk’n Infinity uses Home Pulse Light (HPL) Technology. This converts light to heat that wipes out the hair roots and hair follicles. Over time, the hair gets thinner and dies. Leaving the areas of the skin unable to grow hair after. 

This device also features eHPL galvanic energy that opens the pores. It targets stubborn hairs underneath. This also stimulates blood circulation in the skin, making it toner, smoother and softer. 


  • Infinite pulses. No need to replace the cartridge.
  • Home Pulse Light (HPL) Technology to wipe out hair follicles
  • eHPL Galvanic Energy opens the pores, supports permanent hair growth reduction, and rejuvenates skin
  • Five power settings for customized treatment
  • Quartz bulb for fast pulses and quick reloading

Who can use Silk’n Infinity?

The Silk’n Infinity is suitable for all genders. This product can be used to remove unwanted hair on the face, chest, arms, legs, underarms, bikini lines, and other parts of the body. If you don’t think the usual electric razors for teen girls are for you, then try Silk’n Infinity.

That said, do note that this device is not suitable for all skin tones. The HPL technology distinguishes the contrast between skin tone and hair color. This is most effective for people with light skin tones and dark hair. It also works perfectly for those with light to medium skin tones but, unfortunately, not for those with dark skin complexion. 


How to use Silk’n Infinity?

Read the Silk’n Infinity Manual before use for complete instructions and safety precautions. That said, the product is very simple and easy to use. Just follow the six steps listed below. 

Step 1: Shave, Clean, and Dry

Shave the part of your body that you want to treat. Make sure that the area is clean and dry before you do the treatment. Do not wax or pluck your hair. This is important for HPL technology to work on the hair roots. Also, cover your birthmarks, moles, freckles, and tattoos to avoid burning.

Step 2: Turn on the power

Plug the device into the electric outlet. Then press the power button to turn on.

Step 3: Set the intensity 

Press the button once more to select your preferred intensity level. Refer to the user’s manual for the right intensity level according to hair color and skin tone.

Step 4: Treatment

Hold the large button found in front of the device and place the sensor against the skin. 

Step 5: Pulse and Glide

After each flash, move or pulse and glide the device to the next surface area. 

Step 6: Turn off the power

Press the power button to turn off the device after use. Keep it in a safe place and away from children’s reach. 

Results and Expectations

The usual hair growth cycle lasts about 18 to 24 months. In this case, you will need to administer multiple Silk’n Infinity treatments to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. The duration and efficacy of hair removal treatment vary from person to person and on the body part, hair color, and how the Silk’n Infinity device is used. That said, you may expect to see the following every two weeks of the treatment schedule. 


Week 1

The first Silk’n Infinity treatment is considered as the first week. After this, you will observe slower hair growth. Continue with the journey to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Week 3

The second Silk’n Infinity treatment will happen in the third week. After this, you will observe finer hair strands. Continue with the journey.

Week 5

The third Silk’n Infinity treatment will occur in the fifth week. During this time, you will begin to notice hairless patches. You may now increase the intensity depending on your needs. There is already progress in your journey to hairless skin. 

Week 7

The fourth Silk’n Infinity treatment will happen in the seventh week. This time, there will be an increase in hairless patches. You can opt to do the treatment every week or continue with the current two-week schedule. What is important is you do not stop the treatment.

Week 9

The fifth Silk’n Infinity treatment will occur in the ninth week. During this time, there is already a reduction of hair growth. Continue with the journey towards permanent unwanted hair removal. 

Week 11

The sixth Silk’n Infinity treatment will happen in the eleventh week. By this time, there is a significant reduction of hair growth. You are almost there.

Week 13

The seventh Silk’n Infinity treatment will occur on the thirteenth week. You will observe very little to no hair growth. The treatment is almost over. Push for one more. 

Week 15

Finally, the eighth Silk’n Infinity treatment will happen in the fifteenth week. At last, you reached the goal of permanently removing unwanted hair. After this, you will only do maintenance treatments. Well done!

Where to buy Silk’n Infinity?

You can buy the Silk’n Infinity Permanent Laser Hair Removal on Amazon. 

Silk'n Infinity - At Home Permanent Hair Removal...
  • PAINLESS & EASY TO USE: At home system can be used with any skin type and on the face, legs, arms, upper lip and bikini line.

What do we like about Silk’n Infinity?

Silk’n Infinity has plenty of wonderful features and benefits. We listed what we liked about this equipment below. 


This device offers a painless method of hair removal. It uses HPL technology that converts light to heat in order to zap hair follicles. This product works by distinguishing the color contrast of the skin and hair. 


As we mentioned earlier, this device uses HPL and eHPL technology, contains a quartz bulb, and has five power settings and an infinite number of pulses. 

Permanent results

The Silk’n Infinity delivers long-term to permanent results. 

Easy to use

This device is simple and easy to use. Just follow the instructions provided above. Also, this device can be used at home. 

What do we not like about Silk’n Infinity?

For honest and transparent product assessment, we also listed some of the things that we do not like about the device.

Requires multiple treatment

This device delivers permanent results, but it also requires long-term use. It would take you around 15 weeks or 8 treatments to completely eliminate unwanted hair. 

Not for all skin tones

This hair removal device is not meant for dark skin tones. The HPL technology cannot distinguish the color contrast between the skin and hair. Because of this, it’s best for those with darker skin tones to use good electric razors.


This hair removal device is expensive. But for many, this is cheaper compared to a lifetime of hair removal services. 

Possible risks and side effects

We listed below some possible risks and side effects that you should know.

  • Possible skin irritation after treatment
  • Potential burns and blisters if the device is not used properly
  • Temporary skin hyper-pigmentation
  • Rare chance of skin sensitivity, scarring, or bruising
  • Required use of SPF to protect against sun damage after treatment


Is Silk’n Infinity FDA approved?

Yes. The Silk’n Infinity is FDA-approved, as well as other Silk’n hair removal devices.

Does Silk’n Infinity hair removal hurt?

No. The Silk’n Infinity is a pain-free hair removal device. It has five power settings that can be customized according to comfort level. You will only feel a very slight heat and tingling sensation.

Can I use Silk’n Infinity every day?

No. The Silk’n Infinity can only be used once every two weeks. Read the instructions manual for complete and comprehensive directions and safety precautions.

How long before I permanently get rid of unwanted hair with Silk’n Infinity?

Results vary from person to person. That said, you can expect to see permanent results after eight treatments or around 15 weeks. 

Can I use Silk’n Infinity on my face?

Yes. You can use the Silk’n Infinity on your face. But you may only use it from the cheeks below. This is to avoid damaging the eyes.

Final Verdict

Suppose you want to permanently remove unwanted hairs and stop using an electric shaver for women’s legs. In that case, the Silk’n Infinity is one of the best options available for you. This device offers a pain-free, irritation-free, and mess-free hair removal method for all genders of light to medium skin tones. 

This product has home pulse light technology, infinite pulses, five power settings, and a quartz bulb. It is simple and easy to use, and it delivers effective long-term results. Just follow the user manual properly for safety. 

The Silk’n Infinity is expensive. But if you have the budget, this hair removal device can help you achieve hair-free, smooth, and soft skin.

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