Shaver Oil Review: Lubricating Oil for Razors & Clippers

You will know if it is time to get that shaver oil for electric shaver and razor! You need to lubricate your electric razor, trimmers, and hair clippers when your shavers are shaky, loud, and slacking. Yes, you read it right, it is not too big a problem. You do not need to dread getting a replacement. It is simply oiling time. 

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Proper care and maintenance of your razors, clippers, trimmers, and body groomers save you a lot of money for the costs of the replacement due to untimely breakage. To prolong the life of your shaving equipment, lubricate with an electric razor oil should come every after cleaning. This prevents blades and foils from rusting, reduces friction, decreases heat, eliminates noise, boosts efficiency, and keeps your razors sharp. 

In this article, we will review the best electric oil razor in the market today. But before we go to the product review in detail, let us first learn what makes a great oil for your electric razor and shavers.

What is an Electric Shaver Lubricant Oil?

Lubricant refers to any product—usually oil-based—that reduces friction. Most machines require some sort of lubricant to allow for optimal operation, and electric razors are no different in that regard. Since your electric razor’s gears and other components grind against each other while in use, they’ll need some sort of lubricant. Shaver oil or razor lubricant refers to machine oil or grease that’s specifically made for use on electric razors.

Importance of Lubricating Oil for Electric Razor and Shaver

As electric razors are made of a lot of moving parts, regular use will degrade these components until they eventually break down. By applying razor oil to your electric razor, you can vastly extend the life of your electric razor as well as get rid of other mechanical problems, like motor noise.

Electric Shaver Lubricant Oil Benefits

Firstly, razor oils are slick and slippery. They apply this property wherever they’re placed. For your electric razor, it’s important to keep the blade and foils lubricated to ensure that they glide smoothly and cut cleanly. This not only gives better shaves but also reduces how many times you need to replace the razor’s blades.

Razor oils also reduce friction and the heat generated by said friction. This leads to a longer lifespan for your razor’s moving parts – particularly its motor. Razor oil smooths the gears and leads them to not grind against each other as strongly, leading to a quieter motor.

What Oil to Use on Electric Razor and Shaver

A great electric razor oil for your hair clippers and electric shavers possesses the following qualities:

  1. It can work with low temperatures and endure high temperatures.
  2. The oil is thin or has low viscosity. Thus, it doesn’t cause oil build-up in between blades and foils.
  3. It is scalp and skin-friendly. The oil must be non-toxic to avoid any possible irritation. 

Electric Razor Oil Substitute

If you don’t have any razor oil, you can make do with some other oily substances. But don’t grab the nearest oil just yet – some of these can damage your electric razor if used improperly.

Mineral Oil for Electric Razor

Mineral oils can work as an electric razor lubricant, but they’re very specific. For best results, you should use highly refined, light mineral oils. Heavier mineral oils stick to a razor’s moving parts for a very long time, which actually damages the parts in the long run. It’s very important to choose low-viscosity, thin oils if you’re substituting mineral oil for razor oil.

Baby Oil for Electric Shaver

Baby oil is in the same spot as mineral oil. Baby oil is essentially refined mineral oil with added fragrance, so it functions like mineral oil. It also has the same drawbacks — if you use a non-viscous baby oil for razor maintenance, you’ll end up with more problems than you started. As it’s a healthcare product, baby oil has the added problem of being more expensive — so we recommend you use it only as an absolute last resort.

Coconut Oil for Hair Clippers

Coconut oil is derived from pressed coconut. This is a natural oil that’s great at many things – but razor maintenance isn’t one of them. Coconut oil is not very stable with regard to its viscosity, which can lead to a gummy, gunky mess. It’s also more sensitive to heat than other oils, defeating the purpose of lubricating in the first place.

Grease for Hair Clippers

Grease, specifically machine grease, is formulated for use with machines. This kind of emergency lubricant will serve well in a pinch – but it’s still better to have a dedicated electric razor oil on hand.

Can I Use Olive Oil On My Electric Razor or Hair Clippers?

Olive oil is very heavy and highly viscous. We do not recommend using olive oil at all as a razor oil substitute. Because of its weight, olive oil tends to stick around and leave quite a bit of residue.

Best Oil for Electric Shaver and Razor

Now that we know why we should lubricate our shavers and what makes a great electric razor oil, let us now go to the best products in the market. We hope we can help you choose from our selection below. 

Wahl Shaver Oil and Hair Clipper Blade Oil

Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil 4 oz. #3310-300

The Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil is formulated to lubricate hair clipper blades for better performance and longer blade life.

Pros: This product lubricates well and has an anti-rust formula. It has a leak-proof packaging that allows precise and easy blade oil application. The price of this product is affordable and reasonable.

Cons: This product is specifically designed for Wahl products but clients use it on other brands as well.

Bottomline: The Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil is a well-loved product for it serves its function. It gained a loyal following and many claimed that this product allows them to execute a smooth shave.

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Premium Lubricating White Oil 8oz

(8oz) Premium Lubricating White Oil for Hair Clippers Electric Shaver Oil Lubricant, Hair Clipper Blade Oil, Hair Clipper Oil, Beard Trimmer Oil, and Straight Razor Lubricant with Anti-Rust Protection

The Premium Lubricating White Oil is a food-grade lubricating electric razor oil. It can be used on hair clippers, hair clipper blades, beard trimmers, straight razors, and scissors.

Pros: This product protects shaving and trimming equipment from rust. It guarantees to improve your shaver’s performance. This provides long-lasting lubrication and does not irritate the scalp and skin.

Cons: The product does its job well. There are no cons to this electric shaver oil.

Bottomline: The Premium Lubricating White Shaver Oil according to users, delivers more than what is expected for its price. This product allows smoother and cleaner shave while remaining gentle on the skin and scalp. 

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PlanetSafe AIM Hair Clippers & Electric Razors Lubricant Oil

PlanetSafe AIM Hair Clippers & Electric Razors Lubricant Oil - Extreme Duty, Non-Toxic, Odorless, Best Blade Performance - Scientifically Formulated Oil for Hair Clippers, Electric Razors & Trimmers

The PlanetSafe AIM Razor and Electric Trimmer Oil is a safe and non-toxic shaver oil for electric razors, clippers, trimmers, and razors.

Pros: This product is scientifically formulated to clean as it lubricates and to reduce heat as well as friction. It lubricates metal surfaces but prevents oil build-up. This protects clippers, trimmers, and razors from rusting and prolongs their lifespan. It keeps blades sharp and protected. This product has a human, animal, and environment-safe formula that is trusted by professionals. 

Cons: There are hardly any cons for this product.

Bottomline: The PlanetSafe AIM Hair Clippers and Electric Razors Lubricant Oil is an all-purpose professional electric razor oil with rust-proof, dust-proof, water-proof, and life-proof properties. This product prides itself for providing a safe and non-toxic lubrication for clippers, trimmers, and razors while safeguarding the welfare of the planet. 

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Best Oil for Electric Hair Clippers

Andis Lubricating Oil for Electric Clippers

Andis Clippers Clipper Oil 4 oz

The Andis Clipper Oil is a lubricating and anti-rust electric razor oil that works for both electric and manual meta-cutting and shaving tools and equipment.

Pros: You only need a few drops of this product to transform your shaving experience and prolong the life of your shaving and cutting tools and equipment. Many users are satisfied with its anti-rust and machine-boosting formula. The oil is light and odorless. It is also very affordable and comes in generous quantities.

Cons: Very few users complain about the bottle design. While the nozzle allows easy oil application, the cap screw does not provide an airtight lock to prevent oil from spilling. But others were fine with this. 

Bottomline: The Andis Clipper Oil is a reliable product with the right price. It serves its purpose well. This is best used before, during and after shaving. Most users are satisfied with this product. 

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Oster Premium Blade Lubricating Oil for Clippers and Blades

Oster Blade Lube Premium Lubricating Oil for Clippers and Blades Hair Clippers Trimmers And Groomers (Pack of 2 - 4oz per bottle)

The Oster Premium Blade Lubricating Oil is an electric razor oil for professional use. It is a non-detergent oil that satisfies FDA purity standards. 

Pros: This product is a highly refined mineral oil that penetrates the blades and foils. It has a great bottle oil dispenser. This oil is versatile. It can be used on different brands. Many users are satisfied with its quality as well as price.

Cons: There are no cons to this product.

Bottomline:  The Oster Premium Blade Lubricating Oil is a popular low-viscosity mineral oil for blades, clippers, trimmers, and groomers. The users claimed that this product protects and prolongs their tools and equipment. This enhances their shaving experience for a very great and reasonable price for two lube bottles.

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Philips Norelco Razor Lubricant Spray

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This Philips shaver oil and cleaning oil is dispersed from an aerosol container. It keeps blades sharp, smooth and slippery for swift, light, and easy cuts. While Philips Shaver Oil is ideal for use with Philips’ Norelco series of razors, this cleaning oil works just fine with any other razor on the market. It’s also compatible with both regular and electrical razors. Ideal for removing dirt, gunk, hair, and other blockage, Philips’ Shaver Oil will be an essential companion and necessary accessory to any razor. For ideal use, apply this lubricant once a week.

A word of caution regarding this oil, however – it’s easy to confuse Philips’ AL80 oil with HQ110 oil. Be sure you’re buying the oil you want.

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Braun Razor Oil

Braun Electric Shaver 7002000 Lubricating Appliance Oil approx. 7ml (1 x 7ml Bottle)

Braun Shaver and Braun Appliance Oil both service Braun electric shavers. They come in small bottles of approximately 7ml each. While the oil works wonderfully on Braun products, many customers have expressed annoyance with the bottles having the appearance of only being half-full. This is due to Braun not filling these bottles up to the brim in case of accidental spillage.

On the plus side, the oil is very slick, so you will only need small amounts to lubricate your Braun electric shavers. With that in mind, this oil for Braun Shaver is a great deal for a very efficient razor oil.

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Oster Electric Clipper Grease

Oster Gear Lube Electric Clipper Grease - 1.25 oz (3 Pack)

Oster Electric Clipper Grease is a good, budget product that can easily meet your electric razor’s upkeep and maintenance needs. Oster Electric Clipper Grease uses lithium soap petroleum grease for oiling electric razor motors. This shaver oil is highly resistant to both water and high temperatures and is used widely in mechanical maintenance. 

Oster Electric Clipper Grease is meant for use with Oster razors, but it works well with any electric razor. This product is reasonably priced for the amount of oil it provides. Some happy customers have also noted that just a small amount of Oster grease was enough to keep their razors running for a full year.

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ESC Premium Lubricating White Oil 

ESC Premium lubricating white oil for electric shavers, hair clippers and appliances for lubrication and anti-rust. Maintenance for all shaver, straight razor, and clipper brands. 100ml

The ESC Premium Lubricating White Oil is an odorless, quick-drying, long-lasting, and low-viscosity oil for electric and manual shavers and clippers.

Pros: This product is one of Amazon’s top choices for electric razor oil. It functions as a lubricant and an anti-rust formula. This is 100% safe mineral oil. It does not contain any fragrance or any additive harmful substances. The ESC Premium Lubricating White Oil can last up to 3 to 5 years. 

Cons: This product serves its purpose well. There are no cons for this product.

Bottomline: The ESC Premium Lubricating White Shaver Oil is a versatile electric razor oil that works perfectly for different brands and all types of barber tools and equipment like scissors, straight razor, hair clippers, and electric shavers.

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How to Apply Oil to Electric Shaver or Razor

Rotary Shaver

Each hair-shaving equipment has its own instructions. But generally, you should follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Clean your electric razor and hair clippers.
  2. Apply electric razor oil on the blades.
  3. Turn on the equipment for 30 seconds and then turn off. This will distribute the oil evenly.
  4. Wipe off excess shaver oil with a cloth from the electric razor and hair clipper.

How to Oil Foil Shaver?

Lubricating a foil shaver works the same as lubricating your rotary shavers. Remember that you need to oil the blades and turn on the shaver to make sure that the shaver oil is distributed evenly. Wipe off excess oil and store it in a clear dry place.

FAQs on Oil for Electric Shaver

What type of oil should you use for an electric razor?

Use low-viscosity or thin shaver oils for your electric razor and hair clippers. You may choose from the electric razor blade oil selection above. Mineral oil and baby oil are also good alternatives.

What kinds of oil should you avoid for your electric razor?

As a general rule, avoid high-viscosity or thick oils for they clog up electric razors or hair clippers. Examples of thick oil that you should not use are coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, beard oil, and sewing oil. Use a shaving cream for electric razors instead.

Why should you oil your electric razor and hair clippers?

Lubricating your electric razor and hair clippers with electric razor oil prolongs their lifespan. This protects the razor’s parts from wearing because of too much friction and rusting because of moisture. It allows your razors and clippers to function quietly and well. 

How often should you oil your electric razor?

You should oil your electric razor and hair clippers every after use. When you use an electric razor and hair clippers, especially on a wet shave, the shaver oil gets washed out. Lubricate your equipment after use to prevent rust, wear and tear. 

How to lubricate an electric shaver properly?

Make sure that your shaver is dry before applying oil as the oil can trap moisture in and cause blades to rust. In addition, you need to oil each blade and pop up the trimmer and turn on the shaver to distribute the lubrication oil evenly across the blades.

How often do oil clippers?

It is recommended to oil your clippers every after-use as well. That’s because the shaver oil gets washed out after each use. Lubricant oil can also prolong your hair clippers as it prevents rusting and damage.

Best Oil for Electric Shaver: Final Words

Whether you own your own hair clipper, trimmer or groomer for personal or professional use, you will need an electric razor oil to go with it. It is a cheap and easy maintenance for your expensive tools and equipment. Cleaning, drying, and lubricating them every after-use will enhance your shaving experience and save you a lot of money. 

In case you haven’t bought one, it is high time that you invest in an electric shaver oil. You are guaranteed to prolong the lifespan of your shaving equipment. Oiling prevents them from untimely wear and tear due to excessive heat and friction. It also keeps them from rusting. Lubricating your tools and equipment boosts their performance and allows you to achieve a smooth and clean shave.

You are going to oil your clippers, trimmers, groomers, and razors as often as you use them. Thus, you should always have an electric razor blade oil on hand.

To get a cleaner shave, invest in good barber shaving creams or just use a barber’s face wax.

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